Online classes – Are they really effective?

2020, The first word that pops up in your head when you hear the year – COVID 19 . Followed by Pandemic, Lockdown, Corona virus and also Mask. Another term that gained immense popularity especially to the college and school students this year would be Online classes. Colloquially called zoom classes , teams or google meet classes whatever your teacher’s go would have been. But are online classes effective ? As to answer this one Lets see the pros and cons of Online classes first.




COVID-19 pandemic forced lockdowns in many countries. Wide establishments stopped functioning. World economy rolled over. The major concern to  everyone was education. Luckily due to the technological advancements of the 21st century online classes  came into play .Many influential universities accepted and adapted to internet based teaching.






Internet based teaching has yielded favorable effects in some individuals.

  • Tremendously comfortable than traditional methods of teaching.
  • Adaptation time to the environment is minimal to zero.
  • Ability to record and repeat the classes.
  • Travel to institutions is down markedly thereby reducing road traffic.
  • Wide decrease in disease spread (including COVID 19). 
  • More environmental friendly methods of teaching.




Even though online methods of teaching are necessary , they pose a lot of concerns compared to traditional teaching.

   “The whole process depend on the nobility and self-discipline of the individual for the best effects.”

Many students find difficulties in adapting to the newer methods of learning.

  • A good to best connection is needed.
  • Distraction into social media in background.
  • Bad diet control and sedentary lifestyle leading to obesity.
  • Increased distractions.
  • Continuous classes cause eye strain and related problems.
  • Increased risk of Diabetes mellitus and peptic ulcer.



The main aspect of any medical course is practical and clinical postings. Clinical Postings are crucial for any individual pursuing medicine since it is through these the professionals gain actual experience. Internet based teaching doesn’t help in clinical postings or gaining actual experience required for a doctor . Further the students lose the professional stigma needed. All these can be achieved by only interacting with actual patients which is not provided in online medical classes.



Newer technologies like AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) and VIRTUAL REALITY(VR) is available only in select few universities. Which is highly inadequate compared to the number of students who can actually benefit form them. Further exposure to medical procedures is highly unlikely.




“We are not there yet”.

Even though online classes provide help to most other courses during this lockdown , the justice done to Medical courses is very less. In conclusion online medical classes has its bane outnumbering its boon. So as far now if someone asks, Are online classes effective? Answer is No.

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