Hrithik Roshan’s birthday: 5 wonderful moments with his ex-wife Sussanne and children that went viral

Hrithik Roshan's birthday 5 wonderful moments with Sussanne

Yes, we’re talking about Bollywood’s heartthrob Hrithik Roshan, who is recognized for his hard work, talent, and beautiful looks. Nothing but Hrithik’s Greek God features are enough to make admirers drool when it comes to him. He is one of the performers that has amassed a large fan base throughout the world as a result of his outstanding performances. Hrithik has given us an incredible collection of movies to binge-watch, ranging from ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ to ‘Bang Bang.’ While Hrithik keeps making news because of his career, he is frequently in the limelight when it comes to his family. Hrithik Roshan’s divorce from ex-wife Sussanne Khan is still one of Bollywood’s most talked-about divorce cases. 

When the pair formally announced their breakup, the superstar’s fans were saddened; nonetheless, the ex-couple remains friends and is frequently seen attending family events. Hridaan Roshan and Hrehaan Roshan are the names of the ex-two couple’s children. Here’s a look at five wonderful moments of Hrithik with his family that went viral when the actor turned a year older.

Family time with Sussanne and children

Family time with Sussanne and children

Sussanne Khan recently moved back in with the War actor during lockdown so that they could spend more time with their boys. “When COVID-19 was designated a pandemic and it became clear that a lockdown would be necessary, Hrithik and I agreed that remaining together in the same house would be the more rational and soulful option for our boys and for us.” Early on, we realized that the days ahead would require us to refocus our resources on bringing peace to one another. “We started our lockdown journey with that concept in mind, and a load of love,” Sussanne had added. Hrithik also sent a lovely message to thank his ex-wife.

Acknowledgment to Sussanne

Hrithik uploaded photos from his trip with his boys and Sussanne in 2018. Along with it, the ‘Krrish’ actor wrote a touching letter as Sussanne documented a precious moment with children. “This is Sussanne, my dearest friend (and ex-wife), capturing a special moment with me and our children.” It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It teaches our children a narrative. That it is yet possible to be together in a world divided by boundaries and opinions. And that you may have varied desires as individuals while remaining unified,” Hrithik added.

Movie Date with Sussanne and children

Movie Date with Sussanne and children

Hrithik spends a lot of time with his boys and ex-girlfriend Sussanne. The family enjoys watching movies together and is regularly photographed by our paparazzi. Hrithik uploaded a photo from his movie date with his family in December 2020, which piqued the interest of his admirers.

Get-togethers with all members

Get-togethers with all members

Despite their split, the former couple has remained friendly and is frequently seen together at family gatherings. Sussane, Hridaan, and Hrehaan all gathered together to celebrate Hrithik’s father and filmmaker Rakesh Roshan’s 71st birthday. “This Sunday was Dad’s 71st birthday,” Hrithik said in a post. We, his family, with all of our quirks, ended up having a fantastic time. That line, in my opinion, conveys a lot. “I feel we’re all developing,” says the narrator. The gorgeous family photo went viral on the internet.

Appreciation posts

Their separation had no effect on their love for each other. Sussanne recently gave her admirers a sneak peek inside her home’s decor over the Christmas season. “Wow Sussane,” Hrithik said in the comments section after she posted the peek. “It appears to be fantastic.” Isn’t it just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?


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