How did Larry Gallagher die? Minnesota Baseball umpire cause of death explained


Larry Gallagher cause of death

Larry Gallagher, a longtime high school, college, and Town Ball umpire in Minnesota, died at the age of 82. Let’s see how the Minnesota umpire died and Larry Gallagher cause of death in detail.

How did Minnesota umpire Larry Gallagher die?

The Minnesota Baseball Association and the Minnesota State High School League held a memorial service for Gallagher on Sunday. Pulmonary fibrosis is the Larry Gallagher cause of death.

Minnesota Baseball Association tweeted,

“Minnesota amateur Baseball mourns the loss of Larry Gallagher. Larry was a husband, father, friend, mentor, and sports official. There will never be another Larry. Larry, you gave far more than you received. You are a legend. Rest easy,”

Larry Gallagher cause of death

Minnesota amateur Baseball umpire Larry Gallagher passed away at the age of 82. After having a heart attack in September, Gallagher was later given the diagnosis with pulmonary fibrosis. 

His health condition became worse in the last month and the fundraiser raised money for his treatment in Gofundme last month. His health condition was described by the fundraiser as follows:

On September 17, 2022, Larry had a heart attack. He underwent surgery, and his heart received two stints. He was eventually diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. His lungs are only 60% efficient. He stayed for a while in the cardiac unit at North Memorial in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. Currently, Larry is receiving treatment at Northridge Rehab Center in New Hope, Minnesota. Eight hours a day, Larry uses bi-pap breathing equipment to remove the carbon dioxide from his lungs, allowing him to breathe more comfortably.

Later, the fundraiser confirmed his death by sharing his demise news, and the message reads, “This evening we received a message from Larry’s family informing us of Larry’s passing. Larry was more to us as a father, husband, teacher, mentor, official, coach, and friend than we can put into words. We’re all better people for knowing him.”

“When arrangements are made, we will forward them on.” “Rest easy Larry.”

Larry Gallagher cause of death was pulmonary fibrosis.

Larry about his experience as a coach:

At age 79, he ended his career in baseball after working virtually innumerable games. In his past interview, he said,

“For my total contribution to sports, as a coach, as a player, as an umpire, as a manager — I did all those things,” he said.

“Well, I know it’s over 5,000. “That I know,” he added.

His 59-year-old wife supported him throughout his career and praised him for his patience. He’s witnessed a lot. When his granddaughter’s basketball team one day lacked a referee, he left the stands to fill in. He kept up with his duties as a longtime coach at Tartan High School and keeps up with his student-athletes on Facebook.

“I’ve got probably 500 kids from Tartan on Facebook that are friends, and some of them I taught and they came back and taught at Tartan,” Larry said.

“They’ve gone from fun to too serious, I think, where you can’t play all of them, you can only play one,” he said. While recalling his past experiences, he said, “You’ve got to be strong with your voice, but only at the right time. Some umpires at a young age don’t say enough, they’re so timid,”

Who is Larry Gallagher?

Gallagher has been inducted into many Halls of Fame, including the Northwest Umpires Association, Columbia Heights High School, the Minnesota Baseball Association for Class A Baseball, and the Minnesota State High School League. The Minnesota Twins presented him with the Play Ball! Terry Ryan Award in recognition of his contributions to baseball.

Gallagher has won the Honorary Member Award from the Minneapolis Officials Association for basketball and football as well as the Angelo Guiliani Award from the Minnesota State High School Coaches Association.Larry is survived by his wife Barb and his two children.

Larry Gallagher career:

Larry Gallagher is an Umpire at Northwest Association of Umpires, Ltd. in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. He worked as an Umpire, Past President, Fall Baseball Umpire Coordinator, past assignment secretary for 1 season, Past BOD, and Past Secretary/Treasurer.

Larry worked as a Fall Umpire coordinator. He also worked as a college umpire in 1962 and a high school umpire in 1961. I have been a member of NW Umpires since 1964 and was a founding member and BOD with Gopher State Officials back in the 1960s. He was a member of MOA basketball & football official from 1961 to 2012. He was a sports coach in Teacher & coach NSP-Maplewood-Oakdale School District. He coached 5 different sports at different times and lengths: football for 13 years, basketball for 16 years, baseball for 12 years, volleyball for 22 years, and wrestling for 10 years.

In 2018, when Larry was 78 years old, he was honored for completing his 63rd season as an umpire since he first began calling games at the age of 15.

Gallagher was a regular on the field for high school, college, Town Ball, and even American Legion baseball games during his career. At the age of 78, the Town Ball umpire is still calling the shots. Larry Gallagher may be found officiating baseball games pretty much every summer night.

Gallagher said in an interview, “I think there’s a masochistic personality in all umpires they don’t care what other people think, we know we did a good job, I think any official is the keeper of the game and they make sure it’s fair for everyone, and that the behaviors do justice to the game.”

Tributes to Larry Gallagher

Joule Hazzard-Valento posted,

Goodbye Mr. Larry Gallagher. You were an amazing coach and teacher. I pray that you are now in peace. Special condolences to your family, and thank you for including everyone and keeping us in the loop, despite their own pain. God bless 🙌


Minnesota baseball lost a legend tonight and we lost a dear friend. If you’ve been around HS baseball in Mn for any amount of time, you probably recognize Larry Gallagher. And if you ever shared a field with him, he earned your respect. RIP Larry

Andre Lanoue posted,

We lost a great friend and mentor this evening. Cheers to a life well lived Larry Gallagher and thank you for making everyone you came in contact with better for knowing you.

Rest easy, my friend.

Mike Max posted,

This one is tough. Larry Gallagher umpired for about 65 years and taught many of us how to do it. I umpired with him, he umpired my games, he and my father played baseball in college. He left us today but anyone who knows him can testify, he set a standard and worked hard for the game. We will all miss you Larry, thanks for everything. We all you a debt.

Erik Pittman posted,

Rest easy Larry Gallagher. I’ll never forget our time on and off the field together including this state tournament game in St. Cloud.


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