How did rapper Hurricane G die? Hip hop artist cause of death explained


How did rapper Hurricane G die? Hip hop artist cause of death explained


Hurricane G, a pioneering rapper, passed suddenly on Sunday, and the hip-hop scene is in mourning. Let’s look at what happened to him and rapper Hurricane G cause of death

How did rapper Hurricane G die?

My heart has become brittle today. Erick Sermon of EPMD described her as “a legend in her own right in the Hip-hop community” in a post on Instagram. “One of my good friends… my oldest daughter’s mother passed away tonight.”

After performing on Redman’s 1992 hit single “Tonight’s da Night,” Hurricane G, real name Gloria Rodriguez, gained popularity in the mid-1990s. She then recorded “Dare Iz a Darkside” by Redman in 1994 and worked with Xzibit on the song “At the Speed of Life” before releasing her debut album, All Woman, in 1997. Rapping in both English and Spanish, the performer was of Puerto Rican heritage.


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The sermon stated that “She paved the path.” “She appeared in every Hip-hop magazine at the time alongside all the top females.

Her absence will be felt all throughout the world. This is just unbelievable. Pray for us. Lovely blessings. She was as real as they come, a gorgeous person, and a fantastic mother.


Hurricane G cause of death

Although there has been no confirmation of a cause of death, Hurricane G’s daughter Lexus announced in May that her mother had lung cancer.

She wrote, “My mum has stage 4 lung cancer.” I’m not sure how many of you comprehend what that implies, but even after 30 years of existence, I’m still processing it on my own. Never in my life have I sobbed so much, and never have I felt so removed from reality.

The creator of Hurricane G’s debut album paid homage to the “very funny person” on Facebook on Sunday night. Domingo Padilla commented, “I have so many hilarious stories from working with Hurricane G on her album All Woman.

We used a Tascam 388 to record that album at my Ozone Park Queens apartment, and I took the entire reel machine to 78/88 Studios to transfer the music on 2-inch reels.

Although Gloria was a funny and nice lady, she should be avoided when angry, LOL. When I drove Gloria home, we got into a fight over why she did what she did, and Gloria kept it straight with me, saying, “Domingo that bi**h don’t fool me, she is a 2 face.”

“Domingo, you got that funky ass fire for me or what motherfucker?” she would say to him over the phone, according to Padilla, who was “going to miss chatting to her on the phone.”

Hurricane G’s demise followed unsubstantiated claims of the passing of another hip-hop musician, “Jersey legend” MC Tame One of the Artifacts fame. Redman’s cousin Tame also became well-known in the 1990s, but she had trouble making money.


Tributes to Hurricane G

On Facebook on Sunday night, the producer of Hurricane G’s debut album paid tribute to the “really funny person.”

“I have so many crazy stories from working with Hurricane G on her album All Woman,” Domingo Padilla wrote.

“We recorded that album in my apartment in Ozone Park Queens on a Tascam 388 and I took the whole reel machine to 78/88 studios and dumped the music to 2-inch reels…

“Gloria was a really kind-hearted, funny person but when she was mad stay out of her way… LOL. I saw her make a famous radio personality cry in a studio and when I drove Gloria home we argued about why she did that and she kept it real with me she said ‘Domingo that bi**h don’t fool me she is a 2 face.’”

Padilla said he was “gonna miss speaking to her on the phone and hear her say ‘Domingo you got that funky ass fire for me or what motherfucker.’”

Hurricane G’s death came almost immediately after unconfirmed reports that another hip-hop artist, “Jersey legend” rapper Tame One of Artifacts fame, also passed away. Tame, who is a cousin of Redman, also found fame in the 1990s but struggled to secure commercial success.

Shyla said,

She was a Sweetheart for Sure !! Down to Earth .. I hated How they played her at H.O.L.A Records, Them dudes was Jerks

Tamara said,

Oh wow sorry to hear may she R.I.P. she had a good flow wish we could’ve gotten more of her music.

Hip tweeted,

R.I.P. to Gloria Rodríguez, better known by her stage name Hurricane G, was an American rapper of Puerto Rican descent. Her 1997 single release “Somebody Else” charted at #10 by Billboard Magazine on Hot Rap Singles, and at #54 on their Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart. #hurricaneg

Mary tweeted,

Fun facts about Puerto Rican rapper (Gloria Rodriguez) known as Hurricane G. She was born in Brooklyn, New York City. She was the Hit Squad’s first female rapper. She is also the intro to Redman ”Tonight’s Da Night) and baby mother of Erick Sermon from EPMD name (Lexus). Hurricane G passed away Sunday November 6 ❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾prayers going out

Teflo posted,

R.I.P. to Rapper Hurricane G. Born Gloria Rodriguez, Hurricane G was a rapper of Puerto Rican Heritage who released her music in the mid to late 90’s. Her passing was confirmed by her Daughter’s father, Rapper/Producer Erick Sermon. No cause of death was given.


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