How did Domino ‘Domeng’ Magbanua die? Cause of death Explained


How did Domino 'Domeng' Magbanua die? Cause of death Explained

Domino “Domeng” Magbanua, a pro player from League of Legends Wild Rift has passed away. Let’s see what happened to him and Domeng cause of death

How did Domino ‘Domeng’ Magbanua die?

We are devastated to share the news of Domeng’s passing. He passed away Sunday. Domeng’s friends shared this news on their official FaceBook pages.



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Domeng’s cause of death

It’s unclear from the online reports if Domeng committed suicide or died naturally. Because it was discovered through her friend’s message that he had been suffering from severe depression in the days leading up to his death.

#WildRift #depressionawareness

Not sure what happened but this is the translation:
When you dreamed of being a pro player, we all pushed you and I am proud because my friend is now in the pro scene, I told you several times that you won’t be defeated by your problems, I thought I will see you tomorrow, we miss you dom, we didn’t Expecting something like this what you did, may you have peace of mind, we love you Domino Magbanua

Other information regarding his death has not yet been revealed. Once there is sufficient information, we will update the page. We’ll soon post more details about Domeng’s cause of death.

How do People react to Domeng’s death?

Louie said,

Rest and peace pre Domino Magbanua kahilidlaw man magpangayaw sang una pustahanay LoL, ligad tuig lang last ta kitaay rest well brother 

Jared said,

(National Center for Mental Health Crisis Hotline) please if you have a problem don’t take it personally. Mental Health is important in sports

Supremo said,

It was such an honor to play against you on the rift. You were such an inspiration to many including myself, a bar setter for the caliber of Filipino junglers. May you rest in peace idol, salamat sa pag momotivate saken sa mga chats mo, isa kang alamat.

Farewell Domino “Domeng” Magbanua, pag papatuloy namen pangarap mo

Rey said,

First Soraka Mein, now Domeng. Hey, what a sad year in the WR Ph community

Ester said,

For those who were bashers when they were alive, when you feel guilty and change, that adds pressure to what people are going through

Rohai said,

F RIP SUMMONER… it’s a shame you’re still strong

Jamai said,

Depression is really hard to fight. We thought that the people around us were happy when we were together, but it turns out that they are surrounded by so much sadness.



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