How did Bad Kitty motorcycle rider die? Cause of death Explained



How did Bad Kitty motorcycle rider die? Cause of death Explained

A fatal motorbike accident claimed the life of Badkittytime’s riding partner, Max Wrist. Learn more about how Bad Kitty motorcycle rider die and Badkittytime cause of death in detail

What happened to Badkittytime?


Badkittytime is no longer with us. Badkittytime passed away on Thursday as a result of numerous wounds she received in a car accident.

Following a fatal motorbike accident in the early morning hours of yesterday, November 10, 2022, Badkittytime was officially pronounced dead at the hospital. “I love you so much, cat. You were my soul mate and my eternal companion. You constantly inspired me to do and be better. You raised my daughters as your own and treated them with affection. Without you, I’m not even sure how to go on.

In so many ways, you gave me the strength I never thought I possessed. I’m still in disbelief, and I’m mad and heartbroken. All I want is for you back. I keep praying I’ll wake up and realize this was all a dream,” says a post on the official Badkittytime Facebook page.


There aren’t enough words to express how I feel for you and your family, so please accept my virtual hugs and love. In paradise, ride
Poor Kitty. So sorry again. We enjoyed pursuing her and observing her. My sympathies. Wow. So surprising and challenging to read.

Today, the world lost an amazing and inspirational individual. Respect to you, rabbit, and your family, and rest in peace, Kitty. I’m sorry that this happened.

Funeral plans for Badkittytime will be made public by the family.


Badkittytime cause of death

The latter group appears to include this rider, who exhibits unsafe behavior to increase his or her YouTube following. The rider, who goes by the name Max Wrist, can be seen performing a wheelie while traveling at over 100 mph (160 km/h) while passing multiple cars on a two-lane road with oncoming traffic in the opening scene of the film.

And while the whole of the video is undoubtedly nauseating, the spine-tingling horror picks up at the 3:46 mark. The incident appears to have caused Wrist’s camera to stop recording, but his riding partner recorded the aftermath. Wrist and the vintage Mini are both traveling quickly as they approach a sharp left-hand turn.

The Mini driver completely ignores the already-in-progress daredevil stunt as he moves to the right, perhaps in response to the camera bike approaching from the left. As he jinks to the left once more, the driver of the Mini seems to have only recently become aware of this.

Slow motion makes it appear as though the Mini and motorcycle are in imminent danger of colliding. Due to the close call, the biker, unfortunately, crashes into the barrier before landing on the shore.

The Mini driver’s wrist is then thrown up and over, sending his bike into the oncoming lane, allowing him to avoid being struck a second time.

A few broken bones were the only injuries the rider had from the collision, which also rendered him unconscious. He really didn’t deserve to avoid being thrown off the cliff, to be honest. Maybe the YouTuber and others who might try to imitate his riding technique can learn from this because it could have been much worse for everyone involved.


RIP messages to BadKitty

Ash tweeted,

Damn it! DAMN IT! Kitty, you beautiful, beautiful human being, I can’t believe you’re gone. All my love to Bunny and the family, ride free, sisterXX

Moto said,

I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I recently discovered Kitty a few months back and she instantly became an idol for me. A wild, fearless transwoman in the moto community. I am so heart broken to hear about this 💔

David said,

I am so gutted, loved watching your videos. I can’t believe how rubbish things have been for you over the last 4 weeks then the final straw. Ride high and RIP

Mikel said,

My heart is broken, the world has lost a truly amazing person 😭 my thoughts and prayers are with you much love

Shane said,

This is really hard to read. I am so sorry to hear this and will definitely be sending prayers, vibes, whatever you believe in your way. So sorry again. She will be missed. Liter Plus



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  1. They all know risk and consequences-Good or Bad yet that’s what drives the soul/the passion/the desire-nobody can understand that more fully than those that go down hard and not come back up-Ride on and Rock on my sister on two wheels-You won the game more than you lost-it is was it is and destiny has reached it limits-much ❤️ And respect for your passion -because many people have none and die lonely wondering the what if’s.


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