Who is Ryan Waller? Arizona Muder Case Victim Dies From Injuries Explained

Ryan Waller is the unfortunate Arizona Murder case victim who passed away as a result of the Christmas Day break-in, shooting, and murder of his fiancée. Let’s see Who Ryan Waller is and the story behind the Arizona Murder Case in detail.

Who is Ryan Waller?

According to his obituary, Ryan Thomas Waller was born on February 12, 1988.

There isn’t much information available regarding Waller’s past, although when he was younger, the victim-turned-suspect had a passion for playing the guitar.

Waller’s father, Donald Thomas Waller, often known as Don, reportedly remarked that Waller was the kind of youngster who could rap along to his song as soon as he heard it.

He also enjoyed technology. Waller, who was originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, had been living in Phoenix, Arizona, both at the time of his passing and possibly long before.

On the day of shooting

On December 23, 2006, somewhere in the afternoon, it happened. When Ritchie Carver, Larry Carver’s son, and Waller Carver arrived at Waller’s door seeking retribution for what has been assumed to have been an altercation that had occurred in the past.

Ryan and his girlfriend were sitting in the living room or in their own room.

They shared a home with Alicia and another roommate, Heather, and Ryan. Alicia had left the house that day, though. The house, which is located at the end of a cul-de-sac, had been rented by Ryan and Heather.

What happened to Ryan Waller eye?

When the burglars attempted to enter his home, Ryan quickly sought to close the door. Richie, one of the robbers, reaches inside and shoots Ryan twice in the head.

At that point, Ryan dropped to the ground, and Richie and his father, Larry, believed Ryan was dead. Then, because they didn’t want any witnesses who would lead to their arrest, they shot his girlfriend, Heather Quan.

Who called the police?

According to the police, Ryan’s father reported a case regarding his son not responding to him and phoned them.

When the police arrived at the scene of the incident, they discovered Heather Quan dead and Ryan Waller with an eye wound.

Police arrival

When the police arrived on the scene, it appeared that Ryan was the murderer.

The police began questioning him rather than taking Ryan to the hospital because they believed Ryan had killed Heather Quan, Ryan’s girlfriend.

Ryan statement 

Ryan stated that robbers shot him and Heather after breaking into their home. He continued, “The robbers fled since they assumed the couple was dead, but I managed to survive the gunfire.”

The authorities initially didn’t accept Ryan’s account since they couldn’t comprehend how he managed to survive the headshot, but eventually, they started to believe him.

The other story of Waller

According to the authorities, the gunshots actually took place some time on Christmas Day 2006 in the afternoon. However, Don, Ryan’s father, said that he had repeatedly contacted his son and his girlfriend to remind them of the upcoming Christmas dinner.

Don and his wife (Waller’s mother) drove to their son’s house after receiving no reaction from their son. They rang the doorbell and peeked from the outside, but no one answered. Later, they made a police call.

Police showed up after Alicia had returned home late that day. Ryan and Heather’s room was not answered when the police knocked.

Through vertical blinds, the cops eventually discovered the dead. They quickly handcuffed the hurt Ryan and led him to their vehicle.

Don and his wife were not able to meet their son because of the cops. In addition, they skipped taking their son to the hospital.

Horrible interrogation phase

After being taken into custody, Ryan would spend four hours in the patrol cars without receiving any medical care. Ryan was brought to the questioning station the following day at around five in the morning.

While still hurt and in pain, Waller was questioned by detective Paul Dalton. Ryan said little during the interrogation other than that he wanted to sleep.

Then, the police inquired about Ritchie and other other topics. Ryan reportedly refused to reveal that he had killed Heather despite the detective’s attempts to get him to do so.

Critical condition 

Ryan didn’t get hospital treatment until after several hours of interrogation. Later, the police notified Don that Waller, Don’s son, was in critical condition.

According to what the physicians allegedly told Don, Ryan’s acute infection was caused by the absence of prompt medical assistance.

It took 35 days for Waller to heal in the hospital. Ryan lost a portion of his brain during the recovery process. Ryan’s left eye was permanently lost, and even after leaving the hospital, he experienced seizures for several years.

The suspect who shot Ryan and his girlfriend 

The cops detained Ritchie almost a week after Ryan Waller left the hospital.Ritchie’s mother handed his father, Larry, in the following week.
Ritchie, Larry’s son, had his sentence handed out first.

Lee, Carver’s son, was found guilty five years before his father was, in 2008. He was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

The suspect who shot Ryan, Ritchie Carver.

Charges against Suspect

Ritchie was found guilty by the police of felony murder, burglary, assault with great bodily injury, and misconduct with a weapon.

Due to his wife’s refusal to testify against him under the pretext of their marital relationship, the court was initially unable to indict Larry.

Later, Ritchie’s mother was required to appear in court as a result of Heather’s family’s efforts to get the aforementioned privilege removed from the law.

Larry was re-indicted by the court for First Degree Murder, Attempted First Degree Murder, Burglary, and Aggravated Assault in November 2011.

Court final judgement

When a Maricopa County Jury found Larry Lloyd Carver guilty on multiple counts in connection with the 2006 murder of Heather M. Quan, the case reached its conclusion.

The jury also determined that Carver was responsible for her lover Ryan T. Waller’s attempted murder.

On January 25, 2013, Carver was sentenced to a potential life sentence in prison following a ten-day trial. Some claim there was no parole.

Why Ryan and his girlfriend were shot?

Many theories exist as to why Larry and his son attempted to kill Waller and his girlfriend Heather. As was previously indicated, one of the causes was that Richie and Ryan had previously engaged in physical conflict.

When Waller and Larry’s son were roommates in the past, they had a feud that lasted for a while. Some claim Ritchie made advances toward Heather that Ryan found offensive.

Rumor stories

On the other hand, there were rumors that Ritchie and Waller engaged in a gun-toting altercation. Ritchie and Eric appeared to have had issues as well; Ritchie’s ex-roommate and Eric were the former occupant of the home Ryan and Heather were residing in.

Some claim that Ritchie was merely envious of Ryan’s nice possessions.

Criticism on Police

Ryan’s family was devastated by their son’s passing. His tragic tale brought his case to the attention of the country.

People began to criticize the police since they could have transported him to the hospital much earlier but chose to question him instead.

Heather’s law

Ryan’s parents have not filed any lawsuits, according to reports. They did, however, discuss the specifics of his case in a video that was uploaded to YouTube.

The terrible passing of Ryan prompted Arizona to pass Heather’s law.

Ryan Waller cause of death

Ryan Waller’s brain was being slowly penetrated by the bullet that had entered his eye and traveled to his brain. He thus has permanent blindness and convulsions.

Seizures brought on by his wounds were listed as the death’s cause when it was made public.

We wish him eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, friends. May he rest in peace.


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