Who is Amy Greenwood? Skelmersdale mum died of asthma attack

A young mother who had asthma passed away after having an attack while lying in bed, despite her family’s valiant attempts to save her.Let’s see who Amy Greenwood is and how Amy Greenwood died of Asthma attack in detail.

How did Amy Greenwood die?

A young mother who had “debilitating” asthma passed away in bed despite family members’ best efforts to revive her.

Amy Greenwood, 22, a lifelong sufferer of severe asthma, was transported to the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan on Wednesday night. On Friday, October 21, she passed away there.

Amy Greenwood cause of death 

Amy Greenwood had ‘debilitating’ asthma, nevertheless, and on Wednesday, October 19, The Manchester Evening News claimed that she suffered a sudden asthma attack.

As they awaited the arrival of the paramedics, her family urgently tried to keep her alive as she was being rushed to the hospital.

Amy later passed away on Friday, October 21 despite the best efforts of medical staff at Wigan’s Royal Albert Edward Infirmary.

Who is Amy Greenwood?

Amy is a native of Skelmersdale. She had recently moved into a new house with her fiancé Keagan Boylan, their two children Bailey, 4, and Orla, 8, and was eagerly anticipating their June 2023 wedding.

There are no information available about Amy Greenwood at the moment.We will keep you updated soon.

“Her Worst Nightmare”

According to Amy Greenwood’s father, Paul Greenwood, this asthma attack at home was “her worst nightmare” come true because his eldest daughter had feared going to the stores alone in case an attack occurred.

“It is just a shock,” Paul remarked.

“On Wednesday she was a bit wheezy. I was at a game at the time and she rang me because Orla had just started crawling. She had a shower and when she was on Facetime to my wife she said she was feeling better and went to bed.”

Amy afterwards had an asthma attack that was fatal.

”There was HOPE”

After the asthma attack at home in bed, there was still a chance that she would live, according to Paul. While we waited for the paramedics, we all gave her CPR.

Amy’s heart rate returned, but in spite of her best efforts, she was put on life support equipment.

“They blue lighted them to Wigan. A sister later told us the family needed to come to see her – we still felt there was some hope.”

“They [Wigan Infirmary] looked after her really well. We cannot fault them.”

“Their care was second to none. With asthma, everyone thinks you take a puff on a blue inhaler and you are fine.”

“It is much more than that. It is the research into it and so much more behind the scenes that we need to look into.”

“Asthma is so debilitating”

Amy’s father Paul continued by saying that even something as straightforward as dropping her kids off at school could occasionally be challenging for Amy.

He acknowledged that she had always worried about having an attack and had been happy to learn she would be stopping the steroids, which she did not like because of the adverse effects.

Speaking on behalf of the family

She was a “loving” and “caring” woman, as well as a “adoring mother,” who would look out for everyone, according to Paul, who was speaking on behalf of the family.

For the family, Asthma and Lung UK is a significant charity that they want to raise money and support for.

Raising Fund

Amy’s mother Joanne completed the London Marathon last year to raise money for the organisation, and Amy’s brother James, age 20, will do the same thing the following year.

It has already raised more money than the £7,000 it had hoped to. The family has been overwhelmed by the community’s support.

They believe that some of the money will go to their preferred charity, but they haven’t made up their minds about what to do with the rest of it just yet.

Raising Awareness 

After Amy Greenwood had a fatal asthma attack, her family is now trying to spread the word about how serious this condition is.

The family is now trying to spread the word about how serious this ailment is and that the myth that “one puff of a blue inhaler and you’re fine” is untrue.

Something that the family learned firsthand due to Amy’s several severe asthma attacks throughout her life.

Further Research

The family is motivated to raise money and awareness after Amy’s passing because they want to see further research into cutting-edge therapies for people with severe asthma, like Amy.

Family friend Julia Hale created a GoFundMe campaign in honour of the family to assist them with “whatever they need.”

“Amy led a full life”

Amy “led a full life” despite this trauma, Paul remarked. He said that although she had asthma “always,” it did not fully prevent her from leading a normal life.

Tributes to Amy Greenwood 

Tributes have flooded in for Amy, the mother of Bailey, 4, and Orla, 8 months, after the family recounted their heartbreaking loss to raise awareness of the condition.

Lynsey Unsworth wrote,

“This is so so sad, my thoughts are with her family. As an asthmatic, I too always get an itchy chin when my chest is bad, I’ve never actually realised it is linked until reading this, well done to the family for using their tragic loss to raise awareness.”

Sandra Jones wrote,

“Amy was the most beautiful, gentle person you could ever meet, and the best mummy. She was deeply loved by her whole family and all who knew her..”

Christel Jones wrote,

”Such a beautiful young mum too young to die. Condolences to all her loving family and friends. God bless her little children.”

We wish her eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones,family,friends,and admirers.May she rest in peace.


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