How did Syazlin Zainal die? Malaysian actress cause of death explained


How did Syazlin Zainal die? Oh My Hantaran actress cause of death explained


On Thursday night, Syazlin Zainal, an actress from the Oh My Hantaran play, passed away at the age of 26. Let’s Find out how she perished and Syazlin Zainal cause of death.

How did Syazlin Zainal die?

Oh, My Hantaran drama actress Syazlin Zainal reportedly died at the age of 26 this afternoon. The sad news was shared by his friends and cousins ​​through social media a while ago.

According to his friend’s sharing on Instagram, Zeatyalia will not reveal the cause of death of the owner of the full name Syazlin Suhaizan Zainal. “I will not share any statement (especially to the media) about the cause of her death to respect the privacy of Syazlin’s family. “I lost a friend today and don’t know how to explain how I feel right now.

“My head is very wired to understand this. Donate al-Fatihah for Syazlin Zainal,” he wrote in InstaStory. The shocking news was also shared by Syazlin’s cousin, Trisya Azahar via Twitter who expressed her regret for not being able to see the deceased for the last time. “Please pray for my cousin, Syazlin Zainal. May Alin rest in peace there and in heaven for you. We just connected to meet. Al-Fatihah,” said Trisya.

Syazlin Zainal cause of death

Syazlin is understood to have died in Johor, however, the cause of death is still under investigation. Meanwhile, many artists’ friends also expressed their condolences and commented on the Instagram of the artist who is also known through the Sitik Tok drama.

“Allahuakbar,” said Nadia Brian shortly. “Al Fatihah. We will miss you, Alin (nickname). Rest to your heart’s content,” wrote Anna Jobling. “Innalillahiwainalillahirojiun. Go too early,” said Scha Elinnea. Syazlin has also starred in several dramas such as Deferred Fate, Potong, Dia Yang Ku Jadikan Suami, and Ada Yang Ngiktu.- KOSMO!

As confirmed by her cousin, Syazlin is no more. She passed away due to internal illnesses, but the actual illness has not been revealed to the public. Once got enough data we will update this page soon.


Oh, My Hantaran Drama: (Syazlin Zainal as Syikin)

Oh, My Hantaran is a 2021 Malaysian television drama series directed by Shuhaimi Luna. This drama series stars Noki K-Clique and Elisya Sandha. This series starts airing on Slot Diandra, (TV9) starting December 29, 2021, replacing Mr. Millennium.

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Story background 

It tells the story of Mira (Elisya Sandha), the dream girl of the village who is in love with Mail (Noki K-Clique), a young man from the village who respects his elders very much. However, their relationship is not approved by Mira’s father, Mr. Sabri (Rosli Rahman Adam). Mail is a hard worker and works with Pak Hassan who is considered a father.

Mr. Sabri expects Mira, his only child, to marry Rizal (MK K-Clique), who is the son of the village chief. Rizal has a university degree and in fact, he will inherit the land and business of his father’s village. Rizal was a village gangster who was feared by the village youth but he always behaved well in front of the elders.

Mr. Sabri set a condition for Mail to provide a remittance of RM51,000 within a month if he wanted to marry Mira. For the sake of love, Mail is trying to collect that amount of money in a short period. Rizal who started liking Mira in his school days has vowed to have Mira by any means.

In a dead end looking for a way, Mail’s mother finally told Mail to meet his biological father, Malek in Kuala Lumpur. Unexpectedly, Malek asks Mail to get his money back from the debtors.

Mail will be rewarded based on the collection amount. Start Mail’s challenge as a debt collector is to find money quickly. Mail did not want to lose Mira and he had to keep the activities a secret from Mira’s knowledge. Will Mail succeed and find happiness with Mira? What about Rizal who does not give up to win Mira’s heart?

You can read more about Syazlin Zainal here.

Who was Syazlin Zainal?

  • Syazlin Zainal, now 26 years old, was born in Kuantan, Malaysia, on November 14, 1996.
  • She is a well-known Instagram personality.
  • She is 49 kilograms in weight.
  • She stands 157 cm tall.
  • Her brown eyes are dark.
  • She used to study for a degree in fashion design at UiTM Shah Alam but she stopped for some personal reasons. So after that, she found out to continue hustling by working as an actress, content creator & model at the same time.

Zainal’s Instagram account:

Zainal’s YouTube page link:


Zainal’s Career

She started as a YouTuber by producing content for her own Youtube Channel on beauty and lifestyle. Then she received her first modeling job offer from a Malaysian company named Losravelda.

She then began acting when she played the role of Elina in Drama 7 Petang, her first web drama, at the age of 23. Also, she currently appears in Tele Ada Yang Ngikut, drama Potong, drama SiTiktok, and other projects.

Condolences to Syazlin Zainal

The news of her passing has also spread to other Malaysian celebs. On her most recent Instagram post, numerous people took the time to offer their condolences.

Fira tweeted,

Salam takziah, Trisyerz  the news broke my heart. I pray that her soul be blessed and placed among the believers. Stay strong for your family and may you be given peace throughout this grievous time, love you

Fakira said,

May we know why alin dah tak ada ? This is such a shocking news !  can someone explain why & how can ? I got so many questions

Nabila Razali remarked

“Inalillahiwainalillahirojiun… Gone too quickly, Alin,” 

Author Shalma Eliana said,

Ya Allah, al-în. I miss you, Al-fatihah. 

Anna Jobling said,

”Al-Fatihah.Alin, you will be missed by all. Rest well. 



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