How did Steve Guthrie die? Marshall County Chief Deputy cause of death Explained

Medical issues that started roughly two weeks ago caused Chief Deputy Steve Guthrie of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office to pass away. The death was confirmed by the sheriff’s office on Wednesday night. Let’s see How did Steve Guthrie die and Steve Guthrie cause of death in detail.

How did Steve Guthrie die?

Chief Deputy Steve Guthrie, a member of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, reportedly started having health problems two weeks before he passed away, leaving friends, family, and other loved ones in sorrow and pain.

Sheriff Phil Sims reported that Chief Deputy Steve Guthrie of Marshall County passed away on Wednesday in the afternoon. Marshall County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Steve Guthrie passed away due to some medical conditions.

Steve Guthrie cause of death

Guthrie’s wife, Tammy, posted on social media that Steve Guthrie was hospitalized on Saturday, October 22, due to pancreatitis and gallstones. He was scheduled to have his gallbladder removed, according to her, but at about 5:15 a.m. on October 26 he had a cardiac arrest.

She wrote on Facebook ,”After about 10 minutes of CPR, God sent him back to us.”

Medical tests

“[Doctors] believe he coded due to a combination of pain meds and his sleep apnea but aren’t sure until further tests are done.”

She stated that the exams were scheduled for October 27. Only immediate family members were permitted to visit Steve Guthrie on that particular day, according to Tammy.

On October 28, Steve was moved to the hospital in Huntsville.

The most recent Tammy update was sent on Friday, November 4. Her husband had experienced “severe anoxic brain damage in several areas,” she claimed.

she wrote ,“He is currently non-responsive ,All movement that we’ve seen to date have been reflex movements from his brain stem.”


Many establishments in Marshall County, including Jefferson’s and Hardee’s, have changed their signage to read “PRAY FOR STEVE” as a result of Chief Deputy Guthrie’s hospitalization.

On Saturday and Sunday evenings, numerous prayer vigils for Guthrie were also conducted.

“The kindness and abundance of prayers from friends, family, and the community are overwhelming!” Tammy wrote.

“I can’t wait for him to open his eyes and see the many posts with so many people praying and all of the businesses that are supporting him by asking for prayers on their billboards.”

she concluded it,“ Just know that [the entire family is] extremely grateful and blessed to have such loving and caring friends, family, and community!”

“All I ask is for everyone to please keep those prayers going up.”

Who was Steve Guthrie?

Guthrie had nearly 20 years of service with the organization. Guthrie has spent a substantial period working for the company.

Guthrie retired soon after leaving the company after nearly twenty years of service. In the end, these issues did contribute to the fact that he passed away.

Steve was a man of many virtues and a man of sterling character. That Steve’s death snatched him away is very cruel. There will surely be a huge vacuum left by Steve’s death.

More information about Steve Guthrie will be updated soon.

Tributes to Steve Guthrie

In honor of Steve’s life, tributes are pouring in from all directions. Social media is blazing with tributes to Steve as his friends and family remember him. The deceased is regarded as being a good, sympathetic, and selfless person.

Between family and friends, a chasm will take longer to heal.People’s recollections of Steve’s passing will undoubtedly last forever.

Funerals and Burial arrangements

Numerous people came on Saturday night to pray for Chief Deputy Steve Guthrie of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office.

At 7 p.m. on Saturday, a large group of Albertville Sheriff’s Office deputies, police officers from nearby police departments, and Guthrie’s friends and family gathered at Hosanna Fellowship church on Rose Road.

Guthrie’s wife Tammy and daughter Taylor spoke to the audience over the phone while it was being live-streamed on Facebook.

We wish him eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, friends, and admirers. May he rest in peace.


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