How did Carlos Pacheco die? Spanish artist cause of death Explained

Spanish artist Carlos Pacheco, a prominent comic book creator who contributed to numerous Marvel comics, died at the age of 60. Let’s see who Carlos Pacheco is and Carlos Pacheco cause of death in detail.

How did Carlos Pacheco die?

Carlos Pacheco, a great comic book artist who contributed to numerous series at both DC and Marvel, passed suddenly on November 9, 2022, at the age of 60. His cause of death has piqued the interest of fans.

Carlos Pacheco passed away in the Lnea de la Concepción Hospital in Cadiz. One week away from turning 61.

Carlos Pacheco cause of death

After experiencing paralysis in his right leg and following spinal surgery, the artist revealed earlier this year that he would take a break from creating comics.

He later admitted to having Lou Gehrig’s illness, often known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS. There is currently no known cure for ALS, a progressive neurodegenerative condition that destroys nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.

After a battle with ALS, renowned comic book artist Carlos Pacheco passed away.

More information on Carlos Pacheco cause of death will be added soon.

Who was Carlos Pacheco?

Carlos Pacheco Perujo was a Spanish comic book penciler who lived from November 14, 1961, to November 9, 2022. He first earned popularity in Europe by creating covers for Planeta De Agostini.

Later, he worked for Marvel UK, the Marvel Comics division with offices in England, and won praise for his contributions to the Spider-Man magazine Dark Guard. He then started working for American-based Marvel and DC Comics, where he was one of the first Spanish-born artists to have a significant impact there.

His well-known works

He became well-known for his work on Captain America, the Fantastic Four, the JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice, the X-Men: Legacy, the Fantastic Four, and Avengers Forever.

He contributed to several well-known storylines that were written by the Big Two, including “Final Crisis” at DC in 2009 and “Age of Ultron” at Marvel in 2013.

Collaboration works

In addition to the creator-owned fantasy series Arrowsmith through WildStorm in 2003, which reimagines World War I in a universe with magic and dragons, he collaborated once again on Avengers Forever with writer Kurt Busiek.

The series got favorable reviews, and in 2022 Pacheco and Busiek created a follow-up, Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines, which was as well-received and was one of Pacheco’s last published works.

Carlo’s Deleted Facebook post

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Carlos stated,”[This diagnosis] It doesn’t make me feel less fortunate because I lived the life I lived, the experiences I’ve had, the accomplishments I’ve had, and the people I’ve been fortunate to meet.”

Carlos’ original statement was in Spanish. “In fact, it was a life beyond my wildest childhood dreams. Thanks to everyone who was here. Let’s continue as always! “


Pacheco won the Best Spanish Creator award from the comics news publication Dolmen in 1996.

At the Granada Comic Fair in 2001, Pacheco was given the Best Spanish Cartoonist prize. He was given a comparable honor in 2004 during Estepona Fantasy and Horror Film Week.

He and author Kurt Busiek’s work on the comic book series Arrowsmith earned them an Eisner Award nomination in the same year. He received the inaugural Andaluca del Cómic Award at the 2010 Granada International Comic Fair.

He received the Medal of the Campo de Gibraltar from the Commonwealth in 2011. He received the Province of Cádiz Medal in 2016.


Wizard named Pacheco the Newcomer of the Year in the same year. From 1997 through 2001, while he held the top slot on the list of the Top Ten Artists, that magazine included him.

For his accomplishments in the town and nation of his origin, Pacheco received praise. Pacheco was named Hijo Predilecto (Spanish for “Predilect Son” or “Favorite Son”) in 2001 by the mayor of San Roque, the town where he was born.  A San Roque street was named in his honor that same year.

Marvel Mourn the loss

On the day of his passing, Marvel Comics tweeted a tribute to Pacheco that read: “We lament the passing of Carlos Pacheco, a beloved member of the Marvel family and a comic book writer.”

“His work on Marvel’s Avengers Forever, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Excalibur, Captain America, and other classic stories will be remembered. His loved ones are in our prayers.”

Nation Mourn the loss

The mayor of Pacheco’s hometown of San Roque, Juan Carlos Ruiz Boi, proclaimed two days of national mourning. The flags at government buildings were flown at half-staff.

Ruiz Boi also chose to build a funeral chapel in the Palacio de Los Gobernadores’ plenary chamber so that the general public may pay their respects after conferring with Pacheco’s family.

Carlos Pacheco Final work

Carlos Pacheco reconnected with Busiek earlier this year for the Image film Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines. But after disclosing his ALS diagnosis on social media, it would be among his final pieces of work.

A Damage Control cover that Pacheco claimed to be his final composition was made public.

Carlos tweets about his Own Obituary

Additionally, he tweeted a passage from Blood, Sweat, and Tears’ song “And When I Die” that may serve as his own obituary:

Tributes to Carlos Pacheco

Fans and colleagues of Carlos Pacheco instantly shared their condolences and memories of Carlos Pacheco as news of him passing spread.

Celebrities tweets,

Tony S Daniel tweets,

“RIP to my dear friend #CarlosPacheco – friends for over 20 years. He was kind, generous, and loved his son. Love you brother and thank you for what you did for me. And I promise I’ll let you pay the next check at dinner when I see you again. Someplace nice.”

Pete Woods is not Elon Musk (Parody) tweets,

“In the middle of an endless stream of Jim Lee clones I saw this image in a Marvel preview book and it changed my life. Carlos Pacheco was one of the greatest and I’ll miss him.”

robliefeld tweets,

“I was hoping it was not so but his son confirmed it and I’m so very saddened by the loss of Carlos Pacheco. His immense talent brightened every comic he illustrated. Such a beautiful and kind man. Rest In Peace, Carlos. Gone way too soon.”

Fans tweets,

James Griffin tweeted,

“Thank you so much for all the joy you’ve bought to your fans, Carlos!”

Lewis LaRosa tweeted,

“Carlos Pacheco became one of my very favorites as soon as I saw it in Starjammers. I couldn’t get over his organic shape language, I never will. Even better was finding out how incredibly kind one of my art heroes was. Wish I’d thanked him again for his incredible work. RIP”

J. David Clarke tweeted,

“Didn’t know he had passed, so sorry to hear it. Love his run on FF, Avengers Forever, etc.”

We wish him eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, friends, and admirers. May he rest in peace.


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