Who Betrayed Jose Mourinho? Reason Behind the Press conference Explained


Who Betrayed Jose Mourinho? Reason Behind the Press conference Explained


Jose Mourinho believed that the efforts of the team were betrayed by one unprofessional player. I regret that one unprofessional player’s attitude undermined the team’s efforts. Because mistakes are a part of the game, you didn’t see me discussing Roger Ibanez in that manner versus Lazio. His attitude was also never an issue.

Who betrayed Jose Mourinho?

What disappoints me is his disrespectful attitude toward his comrades. I had 16 players on the field tonight, and I thought 15 of them had a positive attitude. I informed the other that he wasn’t always like this. We now hope to finish this part of the season with three points. “He needs to find himself a new club in January.” Mourinho declined to identify the player, but the Corriere Della Sport believes it is Dutch full-back Karsdorp. He replaced Zeki Celik and struggled to defend as Armand Laurienté escaped to set up Pinamonti. He also lost several challenges and misdirected crosses. Karsdorp, who originally joined Roma from Feyenoord in 2017 for €16 million, is bound to the club until June 2025.

The real reason behind the press conference 

Jose Mourinho’s onslaught on his players following Chelsea’s loss to Leicester City is said to have been motivated by a mole inside the Chelsea camp. Mourinho stated,    “I feel like my job was betrayed. Reading the game for my guys is one of my best abilities. “One theory is that I did such a great job last season getting the guys to a level that wasn’t their level, and now they can’t maintain it,” the coach said. The Times asserts that Mourinho’s rage was not exclusively motivated by the 2-1 loss suffered on Monday night at the King Power Stadium. According to the article, Mourinho thinks his starting lineup for last week’s Champions League match against Porto was leaked.

Will Mourinho will be fired

However, it is alleged that Mourinho was “astonished” to learn via a contact at his old team that Porto was aware of his preparations before the game. It’s unlikely that Fabregas caused the leak. After a disappointing start to the season following the Premier League title last year, Mourinho’s position at Stamford Bridge is in jeopardy. According to Express Sport, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich will fire Mourinho if his team loses to Sunderland on Saturday.

Who Betrayed Jose Mourinho? Reason Behind the Press conference Explained

Furious Jose Mourinho vows to sell Roma, player

An irate After accusing a player from Roma of “betraying” his teammates, Jose Mourinho has threatened to move him in January. Wednesday night’s Serie A match between the Giallorossi and Sassuolo’s ended in a 1-1 draw. Tammy Abraham, who hasn’t scored much lately, gave Mourinho’s team the lead with a beautiful second-half header, but the hosts were able to tie the score thanks to Andrea Pinamonti goal in the waning seconds. Ahead of their weekend meeting against Torino at the Studio Olympics, Roma’s final game before the World Cup, they now sit sixth in the table as a result of the outcome.

In his post-game press conference, former Chelsea, Spurs, and Manchester United manager Mourinho expressed general satisfaction with the performance of his team. But the Portuguese were unreserved in his criticism of one player, whom he would not name, calling him “unprofessional” and announcing that he would be offloaded in the upcoming transfer window. “I’m sorry that the team’s efforts were undermined by the attitude of one unprofessional player. It was a team that wanted to win against a difficult opponent,” remarked Mourinho.

He betrayed everyone else. I didn’t discuss [Roger] Ibanez versus Lazio in that manner due to his excellent attitude. His error is expected in the game. What displeases me, though, is his improper attitude and lack of respect for his comrades.

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Roma’s heart is broken. Moments after Tammy Abraham appeared to have scored the game-winning goal, Andrea Pinamonti of Sassuolo scores the equaliser.

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Was Jose’s betrayal quotes a charge or another deft move by Mourinho?

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The strategy used by Jose Mourinho versus Chelsea was a breach of the Spurs’ ethos. No bravery. Avoid it. bafflingly pessimistic and devoid of even the slightest hint of optimism. He was fortunate that no fans were present to see it.

Sillett, Joe

You’ve got to give Paul Pogba credit. He fought José Mourinho because he wanted nights like this at Stamford Bridge even though he recognized that Mourinho’s style of play and philosophy was a betrayal of the Manchester United jersey. You’ve made all of us Reds proud, Paul. 


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