How did Kgotso Locknut Ofaletse Mento die? Cause of death Explained


How did Kgotso Locknut Ofaletse Mento die? Cause of death Explained

Kgotso Locknut Ofaletse (Mento) one of the best players of the Ratholo football club has passed away. Let’s see what happened to him and Locknut Ofaletse cause of death in detail.

What happened to Kgotso MENTO Ofaletse?

Ratholo Community announced the passing news of a beloved member Ofaletse officially, the statement reads,

On behalf of the Ratholo Community, football fraternity, Botswana and Ratholo I would like to share with you the passing of Kgotso MENTO Ofaletse who died yesterday after a short Illness

“If we knew, we could have had time to say goodbye, we will hold onto the memories!” One of the splash genres says……… Through various perspectives and relations, from family, friends, and the community at large, we unwittingly lost a pioneer, a non-to-match youth pillar.

The passing away of the youthful soul of the ever-smiling Mento is just so piercing and harrowing. My heartfelt Condolences to family and friends. May your soul rest in eternal peace. Condolences once again. We, with uttermost, render our sanctity and support to all.

Mirthful moments we endured with the young-fresh-fruitful Tshilo of soccer and socialism, now due to God’s will turns severely mournful, gloomy, sad, and weary. It is a spiritual or religious chronology that is beyond our control, however, God knows. We shall meet you brother, we shall!

It is of deeper pain to lament that from our side, the talented young man inspired many. The dream is looped but it shall never die, rather it shall be taken with enormous zeal to honor the man departed.

Youth are the great soldiers the community is leaning on for a better tomorrow hence youth shall take care, be careful and shield each other as life continues unfolding both endangering and fruitful situations.

Let’s all be ordained with humor and sanctity that we are known to support and render mostly our respect to the bereaved families.


Ofaletse Mento cause of death

He said that after drinking an energy drink, his stomach hurt. According to information that has reached us, the young man or football player who recently passed away had lately consumed an energy drink when he experienced stomach pain.

“Re ne re tshameka le that individual, but no one is mentioning that after he drank “Re-boost,” he began whining about the bottling… He was brought to the hospital, but sadly he didn’t make it “. -Told me about a playmate. His football teammates claimed that he was a disciplined player.


People’s Reaction to his tragic death:

Rraagwe Temo Namane Ditodi

Locknut. is one of the best seaters, a hard worker inside the pitch….ao banna tota why le dire jaana… Rest in peace 2IC, Ratholo football will never be the same without u….tota banna why mme went….argh this life.

Arnold Maada Obusen

Soldiers don’t die, Ofaletse Mento cause of death they restest easy my brotherKloof family will never be the same without you fly high mate @Kgotso Mento Locknut Circle Badimo Ofaletse.

Boago Rankwai

And I hone Job 7:7 saying see I will not be remembered when my life is just windy eye will never find any good The eye that sees me will not look at me and your eyes will be upon me, but That’s a storm like a cloud that goes away WHEN YOUR SOUL HAS SEEN REST.



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