How did Bobby Driessen die? Member of young talent time cause of death explained


 How did Bobby Driessen die? Member of young talent time cause of death explained

Bobby Driessen a popular actor, known for Neighbours, Young Talent Time has passed away. Let’s see what happened to him and Bobby Driessen cause of death in detail.

What happened to Bobby Driessen?

Young Talent Time announced the official statement on Bobby’s demise news on their FaceBook page, the message reads,

All of us here at Young Talent Time, are incredibly saddened to hear the news of Bobby Driessen one of our beloved team members have passed away in his sleep. Only 56 years old, way too young to have left us. Bobby, you will be sadly missed. Vale Bobby Driessen.

Who was Bobby Driessen?

Bobby Driessen was born in Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands, on April 26, 1966. He is an actor who became well-known for appearing in noteworthy projects like Neighbours (1985).

Fans have been following the actor, his real name John Driessen, and his life and legacy for years because of his roles in films like Young Talent Time (1971) and Young Talent Time Tells All (2001). Bobby spent four years with Young Talent Time beginning in 1979.

The Young Talent Time team performs Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” written by Freddie Mercury, under the direction of Bobby Driessen (1979–1983). This episode’s increased production standards set it apart from the show’s typical minimalistic set design.

According to Johnny Young, because of the show’s budget and the high volume of episodes, it produced each year (up to 44), it was frequently necessary to take sets from Neighbours and other Network Ten programs. As always, the costumes are spectacular.

Team members left the show when they turned 16, and Bobby and Tina Arena (1977–1983), who makes a brief appearance, are about to depart. Different children are suited to different songs because of the age diversity, and it’s rewarding to see older performers like Bobby given a chance to tackle harder songs like this one. In this clip, Bobby and Tina also perform “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease.

Other team members featured include Mark McCormack (1981–85), Michael Campbell (1981–83), Jodie Loebert (1980–83), Joey Perrone (1980–84), Karen Dunkerton (1981–85), Dannii Minogue (1982–88), Joey Perrone, and Karen Dunkerton (1982–83).

After YTT, he went on to co-host a Saturday morning kids’ program with fellow YTT member Karen Dunkerton and presented a Fact Cat album. Very little else is known about Bobby’s whereabouts after YTT, although he currently resides in Sydney and is a performer.


Young Talent Time 

Young Talent Time is an Australian variety show that airs on Network Ten and is produced by Lewis-Young Productions.  Johnny Young, a singer-songwriter and record producer, presented the first season of the show from 1971 to 1988.  In 2012, Network Ten brought the program back for a limited time, with singer and actor Rob Mills as the host.

In the style of The Mickey Mouse Club, the show featured a core cast of young performers and a weekly junior talent search. The regular cast, dubbed “The Young Talent Team,” performed contemporary hits as well as well-known classics.

Sally Boyden, Jamie Redfern, Vikki Broughton, Debra Byrne (then known as Debbie), Tina Arena, and Dannii Minogue were among the Australian performers whose careers were launched by the original program. It also produced fifteen Young Talent Time albums, a movie, as well as swap cards, board games, toys, and mugs. The show received many Logie Awards.

Bobby Driessen cause of death

Johnny Young has asked us to pass on this message about the very sad passing of team member (1979 – 1983) Bobby Driessen overnight:

“Bobby was one of the most popular members of the Young Talent Team. He was a gentle, loving young man who still has many fans. Thanks for the many great shows we did together. Bobby, we will never forget you. All my love – Johnny Young and family”

As per the official reports, it was confirmed that he passed away peacefully in sleep. Although no exact cause of death has been made public. Once revealed by official sources we will update this page.


Tributes to Bobby Driessen

Dear friend pays tribute 

There are plenty of people who can write about Bobby as a child star. I came in at part two of his life. A funny friend, Bobby was also a performer I produced for important TV. Bobby was just an all-around great character. At the Nine Network, I signed him up to host a live Saturday show across the entire nation.

He wanted to learn and learn he did. I was showing him that specialized ‘Melbourne thing’ of scriptless and nonchalant ad-lib. The artful way of working only with script ‘pointers’. The Sydney network heads never understand that and they had moaned about it as far back as superstar Graham Kennedy. Bobby and I felt like knights fending off the humorless Syd-knees … in the groin. Bob got it right and he became thoroughly popular in his own right and not just for his baby-faced Young Talent fan imprint.

What a crying shame there is no more Bobby. There was a magic moment, live on TV, when Bob brilliantly chucked a tiny peanut high in the air and caught it in his open mouth. Gulp, funny stuff, and I was delighted. Such talent. However, he was suddenly Bobby the choking hazard. Australian Nine Network switchboards lit up with rent-a-moan viewers who complain about anything at all. Trolls.

A wizened Sydney executive hopped a jet to Melbourne and ‘carpeted’ me and Bobby and said he wanted to axe the show immediately. Luckily for Bobby [and me, I guess], my contacts were impeccable at the network and they wanted none of the interference from the Harbour City. We won, so begone moaners. Bobby guffawed as only he could.

Imagine, our little show was the only network show coming out of those wonderful, legendary Richmond studios in Melbourne. Sydney had control and we all knew they looked down their noses at Melbourne [shh, because we are actually funnier as history shows, look it up]. It’s a pleasing war I won over the Sydney push … adding another six months that Bobby was allowed to shine.

Mind you, all of that Sydney nastiness showed my strengths and I got a job running an international TV network in Paris with plenty of the highest fashion. Sad to say there was no place I could put Bobby in ladies’ fashionable Haute Couture shows. These were the pre-drag years. I find Bobby’s loss is a dreadful thought; this is yet another farewell. Too many goodbyes now.

See here how talented was Bobby Driessen … and how good are these kids? This is a successful redressing of the classic Bo Rhap by Queen. It was important to find another way to do it. How beautifully did Bobby and the kids, including Tina Arena, get into this difficult song? Just look at Bob doing angst. We all did the fandango.

Diana Bommel

Our nephew died in his sleep this morning far too young rest in peace Jan hope it is true and you are with your little daughter now Rest in peace Jan (Bobbie Driessen) Strength to our family in Australia 

Tina Arena

What a wonderful privilege to have been a part of such wonderful television …. Young Talent Time /Johnny Young ….24th April 1971 …. celebrating 49 years Dannii Minogue #michaelcampbell #bobbydriessen #jodielobert #joeyperrone #karendunkerton #vincedeltito #katievanree #50nextyear

Kevy Wood

A Young Talent Time member…. It is with a heavy heart that l share the sad news of the passing of BOBBY DRIESSEN in his sleep overnight. We respect the privacy of the family at this very sad time…..RIP. 1979 – Episode 1 – BOBBY DRIESSEN debuts as a team member singing “Greatest Show on Earth”

Classic shows

RIP Bobby Driessen YTT member from 1979-1983 passing away at the age of 56.

Diana Bommel

Our nephew died in his sleep this morning far too young rest in peace Jan. hope it is true and you are with your little daughter now Rest in peace Jan (Bobbie Driessen) Strength to our family in Australia 



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