What is Reverse AI art filter on TikTok? How to use it? Covered

AI Art filter

The new TikTok filter became viral after TikTok users learned how to instantly turn their photos into artistic versions. Let’s see what is a Reverse AI art filter on TikTok and how to use it in detail.

What is a Reverse AI art filter on TikTok?

TikTok users are eager to participate as the new trend quickly takes over the video-sharing site. TikTok users tend to look for the newest trends, from the hottest dances to gourmet fads, making it the internet’s leading source for trend development.

The new trend Reverse AI art filter is trending which is a reversal of AI-generated art made by the AI Art filter on the Dream by the WOMBO app. It allows users to set their image as the background of their videos by covering it with AI filters.

An algorithm is used by an artificial intelligence art generator to create a work of art from the data you input.
This can include written explanations and a variety of visuals, such as human-made pieces of art. AI art has been developed since the 1960s. However, AI art entered TikTok in a very peculiar manner today.

What is the TikTok reverse AI filter trend?

The reverse AI filter gained popularity in September 2022 after TikTok users posted about using the filter on their lock screens. TikTok users indicated that their partner would become angry that their lock screen wasn’t a picture of them, when in fact, it was their photo but with a funky filter.

Reverse AI filter

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, is rapidly gaining popularity. It is most frequently utilized in our voice assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, to offer personalized search recommendations.

AI is still being used creatively in many websites making AI popular. The TikTok version takes an AI filter to transform the user’s original image and transforms it into something that is hardly recognizable while maintaining some of the original parts and putting them in a fantasy-inspired artwork.

How to Use the Reverse AI Filter on TikTok?

In just a few simple steps, you can try out the AI filter on your own images.

  • Step 1: Click the Plus button to start a TikTok post.
  • Step 2: Choose the “Effects” button to the left of the red record button.
  • Step 3: Search for the effect titled “AI Art” while looking for an effect.
  • Step 4: To turn your personal photo into an AI artwork, select the effect and follow the on-screen instructions. Now start sharing it.

Users are experimenting with the new feature on the app with a variety of images. Some users are posting their nudes with the art filter over the image to hide it.

Can the TikTok “AI Art” Filter be reversed?

Users on TikTok have the option to drastically alter any image they choose using the “AI Art” filter. The majority of the time, all recognizable details are eliminated, leaving behind a fantasy artwork that is entirely unlike the original image, yet occasionally it is feasible to tell what the original image was. But, is this all about art appreciation? Sadly, the response is no. Some users are using this filter to post X-rated images.

On TikTok 1, X-rated photographs that have been covered in AI-generated art are posted. Some users have speculated that it would be able to undo the AI filter effect. It particularly enraged people who have used it to hide an NSFW image.

Although there is no proof that other users may undo the effect on someone else’s image without access to the original image, it is always vital to keep in mind that publishing content online carries a certain amount of danger.

While it could be exciting to share a nude photo in order to circumvent TikTok’s censorship rules, there are still ways for unauthorized parties to get that private information.

In one instance, a TikToker by the name of Kainenovak uploaded a video in early November 2022 with an AI Art filter and it gained around 4.1 million views and 547,200 likes in just four days. Users joked that the brilliant AI-inspired art allowed them to glimpse the x-rated image.

Although it might not be able to reverse the image, it is always important to keep this in mind, that hackers can also misuse the image by getting it from servers.


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