How did Claes-Göran Hederström die? Swedish singer cause of death Explained

According to the family, Swedish singer Claes-Göran Hederström passed away on Tuesday night at the age of 77. Let’s see how did Claes-Göran Hederström die and Claes-Göran Hederström cause of death in detail.

How did Claes-Göran Hederström die?

Claes-Göran Hederström, a 77-year-old Swedish musician and former Eurovision representative, has passed away. The Hederström family confirmed the tragic news to SVT.

At the time of his passing, Claes-Göran was residing in Norrköping in eastern Sweden.

Claes-Göran Hederström Cause of death

Claes-Göran Hederström cause of death is still unknown. There are no information available about Claes-Göran Hederström cause of death at the moment.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Claes-Göran Hederström cause of death will be added soon.

Who was Claes-Göran Hederström?

On October 20, 1945, in the Swedish city of Danderyd, Claes-Göran Hederström was born.

He appeared on Swedish television for the first time in 1967, and his song Det börjar verka kärlek, banne mej helped him win Melodifestivalen that year.

Hederström placed fifth in the 1968 Eurovision, and the song quickly became popular in Sweden.

The Mello-King

Hederström was “The Mello-King” of the 1950s and 1960s, according to the Swedish daily Aftonbladet, as Det börjar verka kärlek, banne mej is the most popular Melodifestivalen song from those two decades on Spotify.

In 1973, Hederström took part in Melodifestivalen once more with his song Historien on en vän, placing eighth.

Spotify data

According to Spotify data, “Det verkader verka kärlek banne mej” is the most played of all Melodifestival entrants from the 1950s and 1960s, which supports Aftonbladet’s claim that Claes-Göran Hederström was the Mello king of those decades.

Claes-Göran Hederström in an interview

In a Melodifestivalen interlude in 2020, he performed his super hit alongside other pop icons.

He discussed the song in an interview with Newsner the same year, saying:

I”m still making money from the song, which is incredible. Everyone has memories of this song. For a while, I thought it was a bit annoying. When I perform, it’s about two minutes, and it’s pretty easy.”

Claes-Göran Hederström’s criticism of Melodifestivalen

Much has changed over the years, including the Melodifestivalen contest he once won in 1968. However, there is absolutely no interest in Melodifestivalen.

“It is a terribly boring arrangement. It’s like a sound carpet where you hardly hear any instruments at all. You can guess the harmony and hear the chords. It was better in the past when there was an own orchestra that played.”

Claes-Göran is confident in his response to the question of whether the competition has ever had a second phase.He responded, “No, it absolutely won’t be.”

Eurovision Contest

Hederström is most known for the song “It begins to look love, banne mej,” which was composed by Peter Himmelstrand and which Hederström performed at the Eurovision Song Contest when he was 22 years old and placed fifth out of 17 competing nations.

“I didn’t think it was anything sensational to win. It just felt natural. But when I woke up the next day, I thought that somehow I had finally succeeded. After all, that was the goal when I started playing in the garage together with my brother,” says the former Melodifestival winner.

Spain’s dictator Francisco Franco is thought to have had a significant impact on the outcome, propelling Spain’s entry, “La la la,” to victory, making Eurovision 1968 a memorable event.

After Eurovision

Following Eurovision, Claes-Göran toured Sweden with Mona Wessman, Lenne Broberg, and the Hipp Happy Band in the summer and fall of 1968.

“Här ute p landet,” another of his hits, was released in 1972. He returned to Melodifestivalen in 1973 and placed eighth with “Historien om en vän.”

In the Andra Chansen round of Melodifestivalen in 2020, he made another appearance.

Music industry “sought him out”

Claes-Göran Hederström claimed that the music industry “sought him out” rather than him seeking it out when he was interviewed by TT in connection with his 75th birthday.

There have been many coincidences.

Rules are happenstance, he stated, so you can choose whether to accept or reject requests.

Claes-Göran Hederström’s Band

Together with his younger brother Lennart, Claes-Göran Hederström formed a band and was a salesman at the automaker where Claes-Göran Hederström worked thought the music was so brilliant that he got in touch with Mats Olsson, a record business representative, reports TT.

Olsson, who oversaw the Melodifestivalen entries, admired the voice of Hederström.

Christer Björkman, a former director of the Melodifestivalen, praised Claes-Göran Hederström’s contribution.

75th Birthday

The 22-year-old singer’s success in Melodifestivalen also represented a breakthrough, but he never quite felt at home in the music business.

Then came a time when I asked myself if this was what I should be doing.   In an interview with TT in honor of his 75th birthday, Claes-Göran Hederström commented, ” I sang the songs I was told to sing but they weren’t that funny.”

Cat ‘Gösta’

In an interview,Claes-Göran Hederström talked about his life in a funny manner.

“I have had time to get married and divorced a few times, he says jokingly and continues: It doesn’t work for me to live with someone.”

“I need my space and I have my own circadian rhythms. I get along well with Gösta, my cat,” he said.

Stewardship Worker

However, Hederström went on to work as a furniture salesperson, substitute teacher, and warehouse worker after that. The musical endeavor was shelved.

But he couldn’t stop thinking about his song, which is frequently recognized as one of the best Swedish hits ever. He was just accepted into the Melodifestivalen Hall of Fame two years ago.

Tributes to Claes-Göran Hederström

Social media users instantly shared their condolences and memories of Claes-Göran Hederström as news of him passing spread.

Thank you darling tweeted,

“Claes-Göran Hederstrom has passed away. We fondly remember his Swedish contribution in 1968 with ‘Det börjar verka kärlek, banne mej’. He was our guest in 2019 and remembered in conversation. Rest in peace. #Eurovision #Sweden”

Gustav Dahlander tweeted,

“Claes-Göran Hederström has passed away. 😟❤️He was the first to win #Melfest with a pop song .Humbly, he meant that the diary-like lyrics were the innovative part. I had the pleasure to meet this legend 2 yrs ago, charmingly documented by his wife.”

scandipop tweeted,

“Sad news from Sweden this morning. Claes-Göran Hederström, who represented Sweden at #Eurovision in 1968, has passed away aged 77.
His song ‘Det Börjar Verka Kärlek, Banne Mej’ came 5th, and is the most streamed Swedish Eurovision song pre-ABBA.”

Bart Söndagsbarn tweeted,

“Ser Claes-Göran Hederström has passed away. He became my first idol with It begins to vankas love, banne me. I hope you had a good life.🍁🌼🍁.”

Isac Roth tweeted,

“Good morning! Bad news! I just read that the artist and pop singer Claes-Göran Hederström has passed away. 😢On the night of Tuesday, he fell asleep, aged 77.❤️🌹.”

Lucas Hammar tweeted,

“RIP Claes-Göran Hederström. 😥.”

A Christmas Minnie tweeted,

“R.I.P. Claes-Göran Hederström 😭😭💔💔🥺🥺.”

We send Claes-Göran Hederström’s friends and family our sincere condolences as we are devastated to see another great artist pass away.


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