How did Garry Roberts die? Irish musician cause of death Explained

Garry Roberts death

The guitarist for The Boomtown Rats, Garry Roberts, passed away at the age of 72, according to the group. Let’s see how did Irish musician die and Garry Roberts cause of death in detail.

How did Garry Roberts die?

The band announced the passing of Roberts, the band’s founding member, in a message on its social media accounts, sharing a condolence message stating “with great grief.”

“It is with great grief that the members of The Boomtown Rats announce the passing this morning of Garry Roberts, their friend, and guitarist,” the remaining members said. Garry Roberts cause of death is not mentioned.

“Pete, Bob, and Simon, the band’s surviving members, offer their sincere condolences to his family and friends.”

The Irish rock band The Rats claimed in a statement that he was the “person who summed up the essence of who The Rats are.” They said: “On a clear spring evening in 1975, in a pub in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, Garry became the founding member of what turned out to be a great rock ‘n’ roll band, driven largely by that sound of his – a storm of massive considered noise that punched out from his overtaxed amplifiers and which animated, not just the rest of the group but audiences he played to around the world.”

They had known Garry since they were little, and without him, they felt “strangely adrift,” according to the statement.

Garry Roberts cause of death:

The Boomtown Rats have revealed that guitarist and founding member Garry Roberts has passed away at the age of 72. Garry Roberts cause of death has not been revealed.

The Boomtown Rats were an Irish band that began in 1975 with Sir Bob Geldof as the lead singer. The group claimed that Garry Roberts was “The Legend – and he was” to the audience. For us he was Gazzer.”

Garry Roberts cause of death was still not known. Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Garry Roberts cause of death will be added soon.

Who was Garry Roberts? 

Garrick Roberts was an Irish musician born on June 16, 1950. He was well known for playing lead guitar in The Boomtown Rats.

He and Johnnie Fingers (Moylett) agreed to form a band and recruited the remaining four members, Pete Briquette (bass), Gerry Cott (guitar), Simon Crowe (drums), and singer Bob Geldof.

One of the band’s founding members, Roberts, is credited with helping the group choose the moniker “Boomtown Rats.” He allegedly threatened to leave if they didn’t change their name from The Nightlife Thugs.
Geldof chose their new name after reading the phrase in US protest singer Woody Guthrie’s autobiography, Bound for Glory.

Garry Roberts’s Songs:

Some of the famous songs of Garrick Roberts are:

  • I Don’t Like Mondays,
  • Rat Trap,
  • Someone’s Looking At You,
  • Banana Republic,
  • Lookin’ After No. 1,
  • Drag Me Down,
  • Diamond Smiles,
  • She’s So Modern,
  • Up All Night, Like Clockwork,
  • Eva Braun, Mary of the 4th Form, Nothing Happened Today,
  • Trash Glam Baby,
  • Wind Chill Factor,
  • Mary of the Fourth Form,
  • Keep It Up,
  • When the Night Comes,
  • Joey’s On The Streets Again,
  • Neon Heart,
  • The Elephants Graveyard,
  • Dave

Garrick Roberts Career

Roberts’ career began in 1976 as the lead guitarist for the band The Boomtown Rats. Roberts worked as a sound engineer on tours in the UK and US for Simply Red, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, and Flesh for Lulu after The Boomtown Rats broke up in 1986.

Garrick Roberts stayed away from the guitar for ten years. After refraining from playing the guitar in public for ten years, he collaborated with Simon Crowe for four years as a member of the rhythm and blues quartet The Velcro Flies.

He had been a successful independent financial adviser for fifteen years, but he had grown weary of the life insurance business and decided to become a central heating engineer to pass the time in between jobs.

Boomtown Rats Roberts and Crowe, with Darren Beale on second lead guitar and Peter Barton on bass guitar and lead vocals, were touring Europe and the UK as Boomtown Rats Roberts and Crowe, performing songs from the Rats’ first three albums.

Tributes to Garrick Roberts:

fachtna O Ceallaigh tweeted,

Sorry to hear of the loss of Garrick Roberts, Boomtown Rats guitarist whose sound and playing were integral to the band’s success. Rest in Eternal Peace, Garry.

Strange.little.girl tweeted,

Absolutely gutted to hear that Garry Roberts has passed away. He was such a lovely guy and a brilliant guitar player #theboomtownrats #garryroberts

Every UK Number 1 tweeted,

RIP Garry Roberts, guitarist and one of the founding members of The Boomtown Rats. The Irish six-piece were number one with Rat Trap in 1978 and I Don’t Like Mondays in 1979. Roberts died yesterday, aged 72. #everyuknumber1 #theboomtownrats

Nigel Day tweeted,

RIP Garry Roberts, founding member and legendary guitarist of The Boomtown Rats #theboomtownrats #garryroberts #TheLegend

Cecilia Bartholemew tweeted,

My nephew just phoned me in tears to say that #GarryRoberts from #TheBoomtownRats has died. He was a huge fan of that band. I have no idea who he is but condolences to his family and friends anyway.


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