Who is Yarelly Solorio-Rivera? Suspect in killing Yanelly Solorio-Rivera & her daughter


Who is Yarelly Solorio-Rivera? Suspect in killing Yanelly Solorio-Rivera & her daughter


The tragic killings of an 18-year-old mother and her 3-week-old daughter in September are being attributed by Fresno police to sibling rivalry and jealousy. Let’s discuss Who is Yarelly Solorio-Rivera, the Suspect in killing Yanelly Solorio-Rivera & her daughter, and the full case history in detail

Yanelly Solorio-Rivera & her daughter’s Murder case: Explained

According to Chief Paco Balderrama on Thursday, Fresno police have arrested in the double homicide of a mother and her child.

He said Yanelly Solorio Rivera, 18, and Celine Solorio Rivera, her 3-week-old daughter, were shot and killed at 7:20 a.m. on September 24 inside a house close to Fruit and Jensen avenues by Yarelly Solorio Rivera, 22, and Martin Arroyo Morales, 26, with forethought.

According to Balderrama, the older sister and her boyfriend had previously been questioned about the murder and had confessed on Wednesday.

He claimed that the two were murdered as they slept as a result of sibling rivalry and envy. A 9mm Smith & Wesson was also found by the police, and they suspect it was used. He claimed that there was “absolutely no sorrow, guilt, or apprehension” present. I have never witnessed anything like this.

The double slaying, according to Balderrama, was the top priority for murder detectives. In Fresno, there is a lot of violence. You kind of expect that violence, usually, it’s hazardous behavior or gangsters shooting each other,” he said. “But you certainly don’t expect it against a 3-week-old infant, let alone from your own sister.”

According to the Fresno County Jail’s records, Arroyo Morales was detained on Monday, while Solorio Rivera was detained on Wednesday. Investigators, according to Balderrama, believe the mother was holding the child when many shots were fired, wounding both the mother several times and the child at least once.

He had earlier claimed that although investigators had followed every lead, they had come up empty, which had caused the award money to climb.

Police also made a video of a person of interest in the murder, who was later identified as Arroyo Morales by Balderrama on Thursday. The house had cameras inside, but due to a “connectivity issue,” investigators were unable to get any film, according to authorities.

According to investigators, both individuals had gunshot wounds to the upper torso. Balderrama claimed there was no evidence of a forceful entry. During the shooting, the older sister was present at the residence, and according to the authorities, the boyfriend was allowed inside.

After the murder, he escaped. According to Lt. Paul Cervantes, who is in charge of the Fresno homicide detectives, Yanelly Solorio Rivera was raised in the Fresno area and attended schools there. She wasn’t working because she had just given birth, he explained.

Her family hasn’t made any public remarks. Several days after the killings, a candlelight vigil was conducted, but the family asked that the media stay outside.



On Saturday, September 24, 2022, at 7:20 am, officers from the Southwest Policing District responded to a residence in the 2500 block of South Fruit Avenue regarding a report of multiple gunshots heard within a bedroom in the house. Officers arrived and contacted several family members outside the residence who stated gunshots were heard inside the bedroom where 18-year-old Yanelly Solorio-Rivera and her 3-week-old infant daughter, Celine Solorio-Rivera were located. Officers made entry into the room where they found both Yanelly and Celine inside the bedroom unresponsive and suffering from gunshot wounds to the upper body. Unfortunately, both were unable to survive their injuries and were pronounced deceased on the scene by EMS personnel.

Anyone calling with information can remain completely anonymous by contacting Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP (7867). You may also contact Fresno Police Department – Homicide Detective J. Baroni at 559-621-2416 or Detective M. Alvarez at 559-621-2441

Police investigation

When he was recognized, investigators learned they had spoken with one of the alleged killers at the Fresno home where a mother and kid were killed.

According to Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama, “that is when the falsehoods, the deception, and the wicked motives around this case began to unravel.”


Chief Paco Balderrama is holding a news conference to announce an update on recent developments regarding the double murder of Yanelly and Celine Solorio- Rivera.


Who were the suspects?


Yanelly Soloria-Rivera and Martin Arroyo-Morales

Yanelly Soloria-Rivera and Martin Arroyo-Morales

Martin Arroyo-Morales is the man in the surveillance video, according to the police.

Yarelly Solorio-Rivera, Yanelly’s sister who is 22 years old, is his lover.

According to Chief Balderrama, the couple broke down when questioned by detectives.

They confessed to the crime and showed detectives where the murder weapon was.

Suspect’s motive

According to the chief, Solorio-Rivera harbored grievance toward her younger sister.

Arroyo-Morales, in his opinion, is a confirmed gang member.

He claims that they worked together to plot the killings and how to get away with them.

They believed their scheme had succeeded when it first began to fall apart on them, according to Balderrama.

Police claim that despite confessing, the couple exhibited no guilt.

Suspects detained for double murders

As per prosecutors, they will prosecute both individuals with double murder and incorporate the unique circumstances surrounding their double murders in the charges.

According to Lisa Smittcamp, the district attorney for Fresno County, “the special circumstances murder brings about the sentence of life without the possibility of parole and the prospect for the death penalty.”

Both suspects are being held on a $2 million bail. Monday is the scheduled date for their arraignment in court.



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