Who is Zhao He? X ray reveals bullet in neck of the WW II veteran after 77 years

X-ray reveals bullet lodged in army vetaran's neck for 77 years

An army veteran had a bullet stuck in his neck approximately 80 years after receiving the injury, and he was completely unaware of it until doctors performed an X-ray. Let’s see who is Zhao He in detail.

How does a bullet got struck in Zhao He’s neck?

An X-ray scan revealed a bullet trapped in a war soldier’s neck for over eighty years, shocking the veteran. Zhao He, 95, was discovered to have a bullet lodged in his neck by medical professionals at a nearby hospital in Shandong, China. Since the end of the Second World War, the injury had gone unnoticed.

The Son-in-law of Zhao told that Zhao does not remember the incident. Zhao, according to Wang, has no memory of ever having his neck struck. Throughout the war, he had taken a lot of gunshot wounds.

“During one of the conflicts, he was hurt while helping a wounded buddy cross a river. Other areas of his body also contain shrapnel ” Wang said in the statement.

Bullet found inside the war veteran- What happened?

Zhao He, a former Chinese soldier survived despite the stricken bullet in his neck. Fortunately, physicians reported that Zhao was unharmed by the bullet, although it struck his neck 77 years.

Despite Zhao’s age and the fact that the bullet has not caused any difficulties, it will not be removed because it is potentially risky. Doctors call it a miracle that the trapped bullet hasn’t caused any problems for the old despite being in his body for nearly 77 years.

Since the bullet hasn’t yet caused any damage, the medical professionals have chosen not to remove it from his body. Furthermore, considering the elderly’s age, the treatment would require dangerous surgery.

“I’ve been healthy all these years so there is no reason to change things now,” Zhao said.

When World War II veteran Robert Kincaid of Gourock, Inverclyde, was found to similarly have a bullet lodged in his neck in 2003, a similar incident was reported in Scotland.

Who is Zhao He?

A World Conflict II veteran Zhaon He was surprised to learn that a bullet from the war remained lodged in his neck nearly 8 decades later.

As a young man, he enlisted in the Chinese army and served in two conflicts, including the Korean War in the 1950s on the side of North Korea in conflict with the US and South Korea. Notably, the former Chinese soldier enlisted in the military of his country when he was only a teenager.

Zhao continued to work in nearby factories after retiring. Zhao He is a military veteran who resides in China. The devastating World War II left a bullet in 95-year-old Zhao He’s body.

He didn’t even notice its presence once the conflict was over due to the turmoil and chaos of the moment, though. The bullet wasn’t discovered until recently, when doctors at a hospital in Shandong, China, were taking an X-ray of Zhao He’s neck.


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