How did Alzhan Zharmukhamedov die? Legendary basketball player cause of death explained

Alzhan Zharmukhamedov

Alzhan Zharmukhamedov, a Kazakh professional basketball player and coach died at the age of 78. Let’s see how the legendary CSKA player died and Alzhan Zharmukhamedov cause of death in detail. 

How did Alzhan Zharmukhamedov die?

CSKA Former basketball player of the USSR national team and Moscow CSKA Alzhan Zharmukhamedov died on December 3, 2022, the press service of the army club reports. 

CSKA expressed its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Alzhan Musurbekovich. “Today, after a long illness, the great player of CSKA and the national team of our country, Alzhan Zharmukhamedov, passed away. The legend was 78 years old,” the statement on the CSKA official website reads.

Alzhan Zharmukhamedov cause of death

The legendary player, Alzhan Zharmukhamedov cause of death was an undefined illness. Alzhan Zharmukhamedov, died at the age of 78 after a protracted battle with an illness. He is one of the final players from the Soviet Union team that defeated the United States in Munich in 1972. He was considered to be the first ethnic Kazakh to become an Olympic champion. 

Zharmukhamedov helped the team to win the European Champions Cup and go on to win the USSR championship 10 times. He achieved success with the USSR national team by winning gold at the 1972 Olympics, bronze at the 1976 Olympics, silver and bronze at the world championships, and three consecutive European titles.

Who was Alzhan Zharmukhamedov?

Zharmuhamedov was a CSKA Moscow club player from 1970 to 1980. He received the Order of the Badge of Honor in 1972 after being named Master of Sports of the USSR, International Class, in 1971. He played for the Russian national team. 

Alzhan moved to Moscow in 1969 after being born in Uzbekistan, where he spent 11 seasons playing for CSKA. He won 10 USSR titles and the European Champions Cup (1971) there.

The Soviet Union team led by Zharmukhamedov, most crucially, won the first non-American gold medal in the 1972 Olympic Games. He was also the 1976 Olympic bronze medalist.

In addition, he earned silver (1978) and bronze (1970) medals at the World Cup and won three EuroBasket titles (1967, 1971, and 1979). Until he turned 45, Jarmuhamedov continued to serve as a player-coach at the end of his career.

Tributes to Alzhan Zharmukhamedov:

Fernando Arrechea tweeted,
DEP Alzhan Zharmukhamedov, jugador (nacido en) de baloncesto. en Múnich 1972 con la URSS (pese a faltarle dos falanges por un accidente laboral). De aquella mítica selección soviética siguen vivos el Polivoda, el Paulauskas y el Yedeshko.
Людмила Туманянц commented,
One of the most stunning basketball players in the USSR. Thank you, a humble bow to the great athlete. I also remember that match, it was unforgettable. Bright memory and condolences to the family, Amen!!!!! posted,

Legendary basketball player Alzhan Zharmukhamedov, the 1972 Olympic champion of the USSR national team, died at the age of 79 after a prolonged illness. RIP Alzhan Zharmukhamedov.

Aidar Makhmetov posted,

At the age of 78, after a prolonged illness, the first Olympic champion of Kazakh origin Alzhan Zharmukhamedov passed away. Rest in peace, Alzhan-aga

РБК posted,

Zharmukhamedov was 78. As a part of the Central CSKA, he won 10 USSR championship titles and helped the national team win the Munich Olympic gold and bronze in the 1976 Games. RIP Zharmukhamedov


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