Who was Natalia Andrea Larranaga Fajardo? How did she die after sucked into boat propeller? Explained

Natalia Andrea Larranaga Fajardo

A tourist was killed after being dragged into a boat propeller at White Wata Beach on the island of San Andres. Let’s see who was Natalia Andrea Larranaga Fajardo and how did she die after sucked into boat propeller in detail.

How did Natalia Andrea die?

Witnesses yelled in terror as Natalia Andrea Larranaga Fajardo, 26, was hit by the vessel in Colombia after plunging into the sea to rescue her flip-flops. She was in the ocean off White Wata Beach on the island of San Andres when she was severely injured to her legs and lower back.

Natalia, a Californian, was scuba diving at the time of the accident. She dove into the sea to retrieve her flip-flops when she was swept into the propeller.

Natalia was immediately evacuated by jet ski to an island hospital. She received repeated blood transfusions and underwent artery repair surgery there. Additionally, she had to be revived by medical personnel after having a heart arrest.

She was taken to the ICU following the procedure, but in the early hours of the morning the following day, she experienced another cardiac arrest, this time fatal.

What happened to Natalia Andrea?

On November 27, a young woman known as Natalia Andrea Larrañaga Fajardo, 26, a native of Cali, was preparing to go sightseeing in an area known for having one of the most frequented spas by tourists in San Andres.

In an oversight, she dropped her flip flop and decides to jump to recover it, without knowing that everything was going to go wrong.

Natalia Andrea Larranaga Fajardo

According to the Departmental Hospital of San Andrés, the propellers of a boat caused “extensive injuries that compromised the lower extremities, perianal region, and lumbar spine.” She passed away from cardiac arrest at about 2:30 in the morning of Monday, November 28 .

It is believed that 24 passengers and two crew members were on board the boat that was involved in the incident. Dimar – Colombia’s maritime authority – said in a statement: “The vessel has been immobilized and its two crew members have been placed at the disposal of the relevant authorities by the Coast Guard of the Colombian Navy as part of the due process of investigation.”

Who was Natalia Andrea Larranaga Fajardo?

The young woman Natalia Andrea Larranaga Fajardo was a civil engineer. She studied her career at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Cali, between June 2014 and December 2019.

This woman from Cali defined herself in a social network as: “I am a civil engineer with an emphasis in the area of ​​road construction and infrastructure, analytical and reflective thinking; with the ability to solve problems, work as a team and meet established objectives and dates.”

She completed a specialization course at the EAFIT University. She was speciliazed in Medellín, in budgeting, programming, and control of the MS Project, between October and December 2020. He also studied at the University of Costa Rica (UCR), a continuing education program. He was Lean Construction Principles.

This demonstrates the absence of an effective demarcation system, buoys for swimmers. Also anchoring locations for aquatic vehicles in location that, like others, receives a significant volume of tourists during peak times.

“This is the second deadly event to occur in White Watta. As a woman died in similar circumstances in 2017 when she was hit by a boat.”

The Port of San Andreas Captain recommends the community in general not to be near moving boats, warn your companions or crew of any activity to do in the water, make use of the life vest on board, among other actions that allow the authorities and guild to ensure safe navigation to the different tourist sites in the region.


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