Who is Malcolm Waite? Family of Fenella Hawes demands increase sentence for the drunkest driver


Who is Malcolm Waite? Family of Fenella Hawes demands increase sentence for the drunkest driver


The family of a 20-year-old hit-and-run victim who was killed by the “drunkest motorist police had ever seen” is suing to get the ‘lenient’ eight-year sentence against her attacker increased. Let’s see Who is Malcolm Waite and why the Family of Fenella Hawes demands an increased sentence for the drunkest driver in detail.

Case Overview

  • When Fenella Hawes was struck by the automobile, she was delivering flowers to her mother.
  • Malcolm Waite, a retired computer engineer, parked his automobile on the sidewalk.
  • The family of Fenella is currently advocating for an extension of his eight-year sentence.
  • Waite was the “most intoxicated person” the arresting officer had ever seen behind the wheel.


Who is Fenella Hawes?

The family of a young woman who was killed in a hit-and-run accident by “the drunkest motorist a police officer had ever seen” has filed a request to have the hit-and-run killer’s “lenient” eight-year prison term enhanced.

Fenella Hawes, 20, a lover of the outdoors, was struck by a car driven by Malcolm Waite as she was collecting sunflowers for her mother Margaret.

Despite valiant attempts to save the student after the collision in Stalham, Norfolk on July 31, this year, she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Who is Fenella Hawes?



Who is Malcolm Waite?

Despite being referred to by the arresting officer as “the drunkest person I have ever seen behind the wheel of a car,” retired computer engineer Waite, 68, was sentenced to eight years in prison.

When Waite came to a stop after hitting a tree more than a mile down the road, he was almost five times the legal limit for driving under the influence of alcohol and had a bottle of vodka with him.

The family of Fenella Hawes demands an increased sentence

Now, the family of Fenella is urging the attorney general to lengthen Waite’s sentence because they feel that it does not adequately reflect the seriousness of his conduct.

‘Waite did plead guilty and gained credit for that when it came to punishment, but we still don’t think the sentence took into account all the elements,’ her older sister Rosie, a 27-year-old dental nurse, told. If an offender pleads guilty, their sentence might be reduced by up to one-third.

Who is Malcolm Waite


The maximum punishment for causing death by unsafe driving was changed in the month before Fenella’s passing, going from 14 years in jail to life.

Fenella’s Mother’s Statement

Mother-of-two- We as a family were stunned by the punishment, especially in light of the recent changes to the legislation, Rosie continued.

We believe it should have been higher considering how much alcohol was in his system, the fact that he didn’t stop, and the damage to our family. We are a very close-knit family, and she was the joy of everyone’s life until she was snatched from us. Almost 4,000 people have signed a Change.org petition thus far.

Who is Malcolm Waite

To increase his sentence and discourage other people from driving while intoxicated, Rosie said, “We want to reach as many people as we can and tell my sisters’ story.”

When Waite was sentenced, Fenella and Rosie’s mother Margaret gave a powerful victim impact statement to the court, saying she “cries every day” over the loss of her daughter, a bright student who was enrolled in Natural Sciences at Lancaster University and was scheduled to travel to Honduras on a trip for which she had been granted a bursary.

Fenella’s mother mourns the loss of her daughter

She was so beautiful on the inside and out, so full of life, and now she’s not here and never will be. This makes me cry. In a victim impact statement, Mrs. Hawes stated, “I never had the chance to say goodbye.”

While walking alongside her, a 16-year-old girl was also struck in the collision on the A149 road in broad daylight but just suffered cuts and bruises.

At Norwich Crown Court, Waite of Hoveton, Norfolk, pleaded guilty to killing someone while driving recklessly. In addition, he was given a seven-year driving prohibition.

He continued after punching Fenella, the court heard. He continued driving his Lexus RX SUV for another mile until coming to a stop after running into some trees, shrubs, and a road sign. He was discovered by police sitting in the driver’s seat, half-drunk on a bottle of vodka, and odiferous to alcohol.

Police Enquiry

One of the officers was captured on camera slurring his speech and wrongly accusing the other of using profanity. “I’ve been a PC for 10 years and worked in roads police for over six years, and he was the drunkest person I have ever seen behind the wheel of a car,” said PC Callum Walchester, who detained Waite at the scene.

Before being detained and transferred to James Paget Hospital in the vicinity of Great Yarmouth, Waite refused to submit to a breath test. He tested positive for alcohol four hours later with a reading of 120 mcg on his breath. If taken at the roadside following the collision, the amount, according to the police, would have been about 158 mcg. The permitted level is 35 mcg.

According to the results of the police inquiry, Waite’s car was not broken, and the sky and roads were clear and good. The adolescent and Fenella were hit by Waite as they walked home from work after witnesses saw Waite’s car veer across the road, according to evidence presented in court.

Justice For Fenella




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