Newry shooting: How did Mark Lovell die? Cause of death & Suspect Explained

Newry shooting

The 58-year-old was shot at close range outside his home in Newry and died at the scene, according to police. Let’s examine Newry shooting and how did Mark Lovell die in detail.

How did Mark Lovell die?

Mark Lovell, 58, was shot multiple times at close range outside his home in Newry’s Ardcarn Park neighborhood soon after 6 p.m. on Thursday. He is identified as Mark Lovell by the police. Detectives have opened a murder investigation and are still seeking witnesses.

According to police, one line of investigation is that the shooting was part of a cross-border crime war involving drugs. Mr. Lovell may have been killed as a result of a drug war between two transnational criminal gangs, police said.

Newry shooting- Who is the suspect?

Mark Lovell was shot at his home in Ardcarn Park and he died at the scene. “They lay in wait for their victim to come home and they essentially ambushed him and executed him. “, police said.

The victim was a husband, he was a father, and he was a son. He received many close-range shots. Newry murder victim ‘ambushed and executed,’ say police in appeal for calm.

Police also stated that there would be no revenge for the death and that they would increase patrols in the area where Mr Lovell was shot. Superintendent Norman Haslett said the killers “lay in wait,” for their victim.

“The level of violence used was reprehensible,” he said, “particularly given the time of day, teatime on a week night in a busy area of Newry with people coming home from work, children and families going about their business on the run up to Christmas.”

The suspect responsible for this incident is not yet discovered. Police are still looking into this matter and asking assistance from public.

Police seek public’s assistance:

The attack has been denounced by politicians, who also urged anyone with knowledge to contact the police. Police said, “I would encourage anyone with any information to come forward to police as soon as possible so the people behind this disgraceful attack can be apprehended.”

Anybody with information, or anyone with video are requested to contact the police. Call 101 and give reference 1600 01/12/22 to get in contact.

Superintendent Norman Haslett said in a statement on Friday that the attack on the defenseless guy was savage and senseless. We believe those responsible went to great lengths to plan this attack.

What happened in Newry?

Gunmen waited patiently before opening fire at around six o’clock. Mark Lovell was shot repeatedly at his car as he returned home before the perpetrators escaped. The car was sent drifting into a nearby building.

He narrowly escaped death in October when a shooter opened fire through a window of a residence in Dundalk, County Louth’s Woodbury Gardens. Newry had been shot and was taken directly to the hospital.

He lost his pet dog in the tragedy. Lovell, who has been connected to acid and arson assaults against rivals, is thought to have been working as a driver for traffickers and helping to distribute drugs.

Social internet is rife with disturbing video footage that shows the attack’s aftermath and scene on Thursday at 6 o’clock. Emergency services have arrived as medics tend to the victim, but he passed away. On Friday, forensics were present at the scene as the murder investigation began.

Police statement:

“It was beyond reckless and any child or family member or neighbor could easily have been caught up in the gunfire. Those responsible had no thought whatsoever for the victim or his family or the local community.”, said police.

“They have no moral compass and I would condemn their actions in the strongest possible terms. They have left a grieving family in the mouth of Christmas.

“It is our responsibility now to bring those to justice who were responsible for carrying out this crime.” As a police forensics team continued to work at the scene of the shooting yesterday, local reps told of huge concern in the area. Down SDLP Councillor Michael Savage said what took place had been “a horrendous act on the streets of our city.”

Brutal attack:

“My thoughts are with the family of the deceased man and I wish to offer them my condolences. My thoughts are also with the people of Ardcarn.”

His party colleague, Newry and Armagh assembly member Justin McNulty said: “Nobody wants to see scenes like this in our community, there can be no place for guns on our streets.

Sinn Féin assembly member Liz Kimmins said: “This was a very brutal killing and a family have now been left grieving and the community left very, very frightened.

“It’s just horrendous news. There’s just absolutely no room for this type of criminality on our streets and those responsible have nothing to offer.”


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