Watch video: Drew Brees Lighting commercial left victims enraged, why its inappropriate? Explained


Watch video: Drew Brees Lighting commercial left victims enraged, why its inappropriate? Explained

Was Drew Bees, an ex-NFL quarterback, struck by lightning in Venezuela? Let’s Watch the video in which Drew Bree’s Lighting commercial left victims enraged and why it is inappropriate in detail.


  • Former NFL quarterback Drew Brees endured a lightning strike while filming a commercial for PointsBet Sportsbook in Venezuela.
  • After learning about the viral video Rafael Hernandez posted at 1:00 on December 2, the football world has gone into a frenzy.
  • Brees is seen being struck by a powerful lightning bolt in the video. The clip was taken at the Catatumbo River, which is a hotspot for lightning and thunder.

Drew Brees filming a commercial Ad

The Super Bowl champion quarterback Drew Brees appears to be struck by lightning in a video that went viral Friday morning. In the video, Brees is seen getting ready for a promotional shoot for the sports betting website Points Bet as lightning and thunder rumble behind him.

Lightning suddenly envelops Brees in the scene as the crew looks to be getting ready to capture the former NFL quarterback, and the clip abruptly comes to a stop. There is no indication at the end of the film as to whether or not he was struck by lightning.

On Friday morning, as the video gained popularity, many people began to question its veracity. Had he been struck by lightning or was it a PR stunt?



PointsBet Sportsbook’s statement

Following the incident, PointsBet Sportsbook released a statement addressing Brees in which it stated that it would continue to “watch” developments in the hours to come.

The brand ambassador for PointsBet, Drew Brees, has received media notice, the PointsBet Sportsbook tweeted. They claimed to be in contact with Brees’ team and to be monitoring the situation for the ensuing few hours. At this point, they won’t be contributing any further remarks.

Brees expressed excitement about going to a top-secret location to shoot a commercial for PointsBetUSA earlier this week on Twitter.

Brees was surprised by the outcome when he showed his excitement on Monday. Even while it’s still unclear, one must infer that Brees being struck by lightning wasn’t a part of the campaign given the statement made by PointsBet Sportsbook. If the video is accurate, Brees is not in a serious condition.

Drew Brees was not struck by lightning.

NFL fans were checking to see whether former NFL quarterback Drew Brees had been struck by lightning throughout the morning.

He remained silent until Katherine Terrell, an ESPN reporter covering the New Orleans Saints, tweeted that she had texted him after seeing the video.

He confirmed that he was okay and wasn’t struck by lightning, according to what she said. While this is good news, it raises more issues about the marketing strategy used by PointsBet.

The Tweet later clarified that everyone’s anxiety was unfounded and that it was actually a promotional effort for the sports betting company.


People’s Reactions over Drew Brees filming video:

On Twitter, others also questioned whose decision it was that this was the greatest marketing strategy for the business. Some people asserted that it was obvious that it was a stunt because it is likely that the crew would not have been filming in such bad weather.

It is obvious that PointsBet got the coverage they wanted because no one is talking about anything else on social media right now:



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