WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 all results: Winners and Grades

Results and grades from the 2022 WWE Hell in a Cell. Let’s see WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 all results, who is the winner, and the grades.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 all results

Bianca Belair (c) vs. Becky Lynch vs. Asuka: Bianca Belair (c) vs. Becky Lynch vs. Asuka:

Belair was always on the verge of losing her title. She was without a doubt the match’s most intimidating figure. To pry the title away from the EST of WWE, Asuka and Lynch countered with rapid exchanges and opportunistic pinfall attempts. Lynch was on the verge of winning the title when he landed a guillotine leg drop on Belair from the middle rope. “The Man” proceeded to dominate the fight, delivering a top rope leg drop to Belair. After a succession of thudding attacks, “The Empress of Tomorrow” finally got her stride, landing a near pinfall on Lynch.

Belair’s standing moonsault nearly pinned Asuka and Lynch at the same time. Belair backflipped off the ropes and ate a Codebreaker delivered by Asuka, who also delivered one to Lynch, as the trio teased a Tower of Doom. Asuka used a brilliant wizard to strike both women and locked them in a double ankle lock. Belair appeared to be doomed after the Man Handle Slam, but Asuka came to the rescue. Belair, who was less experienced than Lynch, finished the show by employing Lynch’s strategy against her. Lynch landed a Man Handle Slam on Asuka, but Belair tossed her out of the ring. To retain her championship, the champion pins a defenseless Asuka. A fantastic way to begin the evening. Action is fast-paced, and the offensive is fluid and imaginative. Everyone made a major impact. Bianca Belair retained the Raw women’s championship with a pinfall victory over Asuka and Becky Lynch. A+ grade

Bobby Lashley vs. Omos and MVP (Handicap match):

Omos attempted to entice Lashley into a strength vs. strength contest. Against his heavier opponent, the veteran used his MMA experience and striking advantage. MVP only entered the ring when Lashley was on the ropes, and he was quick to run whenever Lashley gained momentum. Lashley’s fires were constantly extinguished by Omos. Omos built up a head of steam outside the ring and bulldozed Lashley through the barricade. MVP swarms “The Almighty” after he barely beats the referee’s 10-count.

Cedric Alexander interfered in the match after being shooed away by MVP earlier in the evening after offering to support his former Hurt Business boss. Lashley used a spear to fall his huge opponent while Alexander was distracted. To force a tap out, he used the Hurt Lock on MVP. After the match, Lashley claimed the WWE championship by grabbing a fan’s replica. All parties concerned to put in a valiant effort. MVP and Omos are defeated by Lashley by submission. B- grade.

Ezekiel vs. Kevin Owens:

Ezekiel nearly stunned the world by nearly knocking Owens out with a flying knee and a top rope elbow drop for a near-count. On the outside, Owens regained control and slashed Ezekiel across the forehead. Owens demonstrated his incredible athleticism by performing a flawless springboard moonsault. Owens was distracted by his curiosity about Ezekiel’s identity, allowing Elias’ brother to punish him with large corner splashes and a spinebuster. Ezekiel landed another flying knee, this time folding Owens for a near-fall. The nasty Canadian won with a superkick, cannonball in the corner, and stunner. This is a tremendously entertaining mid-card match that keeps the momentum going in this unexpected hit feud. Owens wins by pinfall over Ezekiel. A grade of B.

Judgement Day (Edge, Damian Priest, and Rhea Ripley) vs. A.J Styles, Finn Balor, and Liv Morgan:

To begin, the two squads brawled, with the ragtag gang of good people assuming command. Morgan was catapulted through the air by Styles, who landed a stunning hurricanrana on Ripley. Morgan and Balor were punished early on by Judgement Day, who used the distraction to gain the upper hand whenever their opponents’ momentum faded away. Balor’s Pele Kick ultimately gave him the opportunity to make a tag. When Styles tagged in, the crowd erupted in applause after witnessing Balor take an extended beating from Edge and Priest. On Edge and Priest, “The Phenomenal One” delivered his trademark strikes and slams, while Morgan dispatched Ripley.

Styles eventually landed the Phenomenal Forearm on Edge, a move he hadn’t been able to land on his opponent since WrestleMania 38 in April. By interrupting the pinfall, Priest saved his team. Morgan and Ripley, two former comrades, were the next to arrive. Morgan’s speed continually outperformed Ripley’s strength until Ripley abruptly reversed the tempo with a vicious suplex. Balor, Morgan, and Styles dived onto their opponents outside as the battle devolved into another six-person brawl. Edge’s spear was deflected by Balor, who had him laid down for a fight-ending Coup de Gras. Ripley stayed between Balor and Edge long enough for her Judgement Day captain to crush Balor with a spear and win the battle. There isn’t anything to criticise about this contest. Finn Balor, A.J. Styles, and Liv Morgan were defeated by Judgement Day (Edge, Damian Priest, and Rhea Ripley) by pinfall. B+

Happy Corbin vs. Madcap Moss (No Holds Barred match):

These friends-turned-enemies had no love lost between them. The action spilled out onto the sidewalk right away. With a chokeslam to the ring apron, Corbin laid out Moss. As he repeatedly beat Moss with a steel chair, Corbin enraged the Chicago crowd. Corbin used the chair to smack Moss across the back of the neck, taking advantage of Moss’ storyline injury. Corbin snatched up a new chair and pressed it on Moss’ throat. The audience responded with cries of “asshole.” As Corbin collided head first into a chair in the corner, Moss dived out of the way.

Fans chanted “tables, tables, tables,” but Moss settled for a chair. Moss retaliated by repeatedly hitting Corbin in the back and torso with chair shots. Moss almost won the match with a DDT to the steel chair. Corbin threw Moss into the announcer’s table by wrapping a chair around his neck. As Corbin grasped the steel stairs and leaned them into the corner, it appeared that Moss’ days were numbered. Taking advantage of the lull, Moss grabbed Corbin and tossed him against the steps with a fallaway slam. Moss exacted the ultimate retaliation against Corbin. He immobilized his defenseless opponent by wrapping a chair around Corbin’s neck and dropping the steps onto the chair. Despite the dispute being less than spectacular, it was fascinating fighting that highlighted Moss’ savage side. Madcap Moss is the winner. Happy Corbin, courtesy of a pinfall. B- grade

Theory (c) vs. Mustafa in the US Championship Ali:

The Chicago crowd roared in support of Ali, their hometown idol. The theory is Vince McMahon’s chosen ones and the WWE’s youngest United States champion. Ali is an underappreciated superstar who was benched for months despite voicing his desire to be released from WWE. Early in the match, Ali out grappled Theory. The spectators booed Theory loudly when he finally gained control with strikes and slams. Both men demonstrated their athletic prowess. Ali executed a super kick on an airborne Theory after backflipping off the top rope. The champion leaped to his feet and landed a seated Spanish Fly on the springboard. In addition, the hometown hero unleashed a sweet tornado DDT.

When Ali countered Theory’s finisher with an STF that nearly had the champ tap, the fans erupted. Ali’s tilt-a-whirl DDT upped the ante, and a 450 splash attempt sent the audience to their feet. Theory avoided the challenger’s aerial attack and landed his finisher for a clean victory. In the ring, both fighters appeared to be in top form. The match is elevated by the real-life contrast between Theory and Ali, as well as the fan investment. It’s a wonderful move to have the smarmy villain defeat the hometown hero, but it’s hard to shake the feeling that WWE will never truly commit to Ali. Theory retains the United States championship with a pinfall victory over Mustafa Ali. B+ grade

Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins (Hell in a Cell match):

Rollins deserves all credit for his excellent villain effort. Cody Rhodes’ father, Dusty Rhodes, was mocked by Rollins, who entered the ring dressed in polka dots. Rhodes removed his jacket, revealing a badly injured right chest and arm. Prior to the match, Rhodes had a genuine full pectoral injury. Rhodes didn’t hold back on the attack, nailing a Cody Cutter early on in the game. Rollins showed no fear of the injuries, digging a kendo staff into the wounded muscle before slapping him in the face with it. Rhodes refused to make up for his injuries by snagging a clothesline with his wounded half. Rollins tormented his opponent both physically and mentally.

Rollins put on Rhodes’ jacket, took his opponent’s weight belt, and thrashed at the actual injury repeatedly. The crowd erupted in chants of “Thank you, Rollins!” as Rollins dragged a table into the ring. Rollins catapulted himself off the ropes, hoping to land a frog splash on Rhodes through the table. As Rollins smashed into plunder, “The American Nightmare” rolled out of the way. Rollins was forced to latch himself in after Rhodes dragged a bull rope into the match. Rhodes and Rollins abused each other with the rope and cowbell while both were tied in, a throwback to Dusty’s stipulations.

Despite the pain coursing through his veins, Rhodes made his finishing move, but it was not enough to stop Rollins. Rhodes managed to kick out on his wounded side as Rollins flung him through the table with a powerbomb. The fans in Chicago chanted, “This is great!” because of the sheer tenacity. With The Pedigree, a move that Triple H bestowed upon Rollins, Rhodes came close to defeating him. Rollins’ stomp on the curb shifted the pendulum back in his favor. The audience’s chants of “This is great” became even louder. Rollins nailed the Cross Rhodes on the fan-favorite, but Rhodes retaliated with a similar move.

What a perfect match. Any Dusty Rhodes tribute is a delight. The polka dots and bull rope added a nice touch to the game. The repeated Cross Rhodes detracts from Rhodes’ finisher, but that’s nitpicking given how good everything else was. Due to the seriousness of Rhodes’ injury, Rhodes and Rollins were given a hall pass. Instead, they incorporated an actual issue into the match’s narrative. It may have been unwise and inconvenient, but it makes you feel good. When pro wrestling makes you feel good, it’s at its best. Cody Rhodes wins via pinfall over Seth Rollins. A+ (excellent)


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