What is the condition of Cody Rhodes after Pectoral tendon injury?

Cody Rhodes’ pectoral injury has been confirmed ahead of the WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Let’s see what is The condition of Cody Rhodes after Pectoral tendon injury.

The condition of Cody Rhodes after Pectoral tendon injury

After Cody Rhodes’ injury threatened to disrupt Sunday’s Hell in a Cell main event, it appears that everything will go on as planned.

WWE reported on Sunday night that Rhodes is struggling with a partly damaged right pectoral tendon but still plans to compete:

He was unable to compete in Saturday’s live event in Champaign, Illinois, due to his injuries. Drew McIntyre was brought in to replace Rhodes, who was originally scheduled to compete with Seth Rollins at the event.

Rhodes left following Rollins’ loss to McIntyre, which is worth noting. It would have been a crushing blow to a Premium Live Event that was already lacking in suspense if Rhodes had been unable to perform.

Due to the absence of Roman Reigns, neither of the major men’s belts will be defended at the event. The only belts on the line in Sunday’s event are the United States championship and the Raw women’s title, putting even more emphasis on the Rhodes-Rollins encounter.

Cody Rhodes stunned the WWE Universe on Monday when he revealed the full extent of a devastating pec injury he received before Hell In A Cell.

When Rhodes entered the ring against Seth Rollins on Monday, the fans gasped when he removed his robe, revealing the full extent of the bruising from his ripped pec.

The WWE announced Rhodes had a partially torn right pectoral tendon during a scuffle with Rollins on WWE Raw in a statement released less than an hour before the show began.

The injury deteriorated later in the week, with host Kayla Braxton disclosing that Rhodes tore the tendon “totally off the bone” when weight training in the lead-up to Monday.

Rhodes vs. Rollins

The encounter between Rhodes and Rollins appears to be the conclusion of a trilogy that began at WrestleMania, with Cody winning in his return to WWE. At WrestleMania Backlash, he one-upped Rollins for the second time, prompting a Hell in a Cell challenge.

The bout is the clear main event on the card, as Rhodes appears in nearly every promotional item for the PLE. It’s also the only match that will take place inside Hell in a Cell right now.


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