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As a Tamil medium state board student from a Government school and took 2 years to complete NEET, I have sufficient understanding of the ins and outs of a NEET aspirant’s emotions, and as a human being with a broad perspective to explore things, I can make some suggestions regarding NEET cancel controversy in Tamil Nadu.In this piece, I’ll explain why Tamil Nadu people are opposed to NEET and what their genuine perspectives are, as well as what happens if the DMK decides to abolish NEET in Tamil Nadu. , what are my thoughts on the NEET controversy? Finally, what are the advantages of NEET?

Justice AK Rajan submitted the NEET impact analysis data- July 14, 2021

It has been reported that the state government has recommended conducting the examination if the Supreme Court says that the entrance examination for the medical course should be conducted.The Government of Tamil Nadu continues to insist that Tamil Nadu be exempted from the NEET test. Thus, on the 10th of last month, the government set up a committee headed by Justice AK Rajan to study the impact of the NEET examination in Tamil Nadu. Various parties sent their views to this committee. The panel, headed by Justice AK Rajan, submitted its report to Chief Minister MK Stalin today.Following this, Justice A.K. Rajan said he had submitted a 165-page report to the Chief Minister. Justice AK Rajan said that there were more than 85,000 comments for and against NEET, most of which were against NEET.

What are the features of AK Rajan’s report?

According to the report, the apex court had directed the state government to conduct an entrance examination for the medical course and the state government had said that the state entrance examination could be conducted by calculating both the Plus 2 marks. It is also reported that NEET will be exempted from the selection if the recommendation is passed into law in the legislature and approved by the President.Further, it has been reported that public school enrollment has been low even during the non-NEET examination period and it has been suggested that public school students need a separate quota in medical admission even though there is no NEET examination and out of 86,462 petitions received, more than 85,000 have stated that NEET should not be selected. 

NEET impact review committee set up goes – The High Court cannot interfere in the policy decision – July 13, 2021

The Chennai High Court has said that a committee set up by the government will go to Tamil Nadu to analyze the impact of NEET.The Government of Tamil Nadu on June 10 appointed a nine-member panel headed by retired High Court Justice AK Rajan to study and report on whether the NEET exam in Tamil Nadu affects poor and rural students.The general secretary of the Tamil Nadu BJP, K Nagarajan, has filed public interest litigation seeking an injunction against the government and its repeal. In it, he had said that the Tamil Nadu government had set up a committee to violate the order of the Supreme Court and that this was not permissible. Following the Chief Justice’s order that the Central and State Governments should respond to this, in the reply petition filed by the Government of Tamil Nadu, it was stated that the case was being prosecuted on the basis that K Nagarajan was a political figure and for publicity purposes.When the two petitions came up for hearing in the High Court today, K Nagarajan said that the government-appointed panel would go to examine the impact of the NEET examination and that the NEET examination committee set up was not contrary to the order of the Supreme Court and was not in line with the federal government laws. Discounted.Moreover, the judges have categorically stated that the court cannot interfere in the policy decision regarding public consultation.

EPS requests to ensure 7.5% reservation for Government school students – July 13, 2021

Edappadi Palanisamy, Leader of the Opposition in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly, has demanded that the 7.5% reservation given to government school students in the NEET examination should not be hampered and that appropriate training should be provided for the NEET examination.In a statement, Edappadi Palanisamy said, “Will the Chief Minister repeatedly urge them, both directly and through the media, to delay the NEET exam this year? The medical dream of students today is in question.The AIADMK government has urged the government to “ensure that the 7.5% reservation given to government school students in the NEET examination is not hampered and that the students preparing for the examination are provided with the appropriate training as provided by the AIADMK government.”

Tamil Nadu students should be ready for NEET exam ”- M. Subramanian – July 12, 2021

With the date of the NEET examination announced, Tamil Nadu students should be prepared for the NEET examination, said Tamil Nadu Medical Minister M Subramanian in an interview.With the growing opposition to NEET in Tamil Nadu, there is confusion as to whether Tamil Nadu school students have NEET or not. According to the National Testing Agency, the NEET Medical Entrance Examination will be held across the country on September 12. Applications for the NEET exam can be applied on the website from July 13.As the date has been announced, Tamil Nadu Minister of Healthcare M Subramaniam has given an interview on this. In it, “The clear decision of the Tamil Nadu government will be announced later as the case related to NEET will come up for hearing tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Government of Tamil Nadu is continuing to provide training for the NEET examination. Training for students will continue until they are exempt from the NEET exam. The position of the Government of Tamil Nadu is that Tamil Nadu should be exempted from the NEET examination. At the same time, Tamil Nadu students need to be prepared for the NEET exam, ”he said.

Justice AK Rajan NEET impact committee said 90% analysis done – July 8, 2021

AK Rajan said the government has not made any recommendation to extend the tenure of the NEET vulnerability study committee and some data need to be examined. It is not proper to file the report of the committee as the cases against the NEET Vulnerability Review Committee are pending in the court. Retired Judge AK Rajan said it was not proper to file the panel’s report as the cases against the NEET Vulnerability Review Panel were pending in court. The Tamil Nadu government has set up a committee headed by retired Justice AK Rajan to investigate and report on the problems faced by students and parents due to NEET examination and the impact on Tamil Nadu since NEET came into force.
The team was actively involved in the investigation of the vulnerabilities. More than 80,000 complaints were received from parents, students, and the general public. K Nagarajan of the Tamil Nadu BJP has filed a case in the Chennai High Court against the panel set up to look into the implications of the NEET exam, as the task of examining them all and preparing a report is nearing completion. The Chennai High Court has ordered the government to explain the situation and the case is pending. In this context, the Chairman of the NEET Vulnerability Review Committee, Justice AK Rajan, who met reporters at the Directorate of Medical Education in the Lower Chennai area, said that the data so far was on the verge of being finalized and that 90 per cent of the work has been completed so far. As per Justice AK Rajan, he said,
  • Most of the students and parents from Tamil Nadu are against NEET exam
  • So far 90% of the analysis has been done by the NEET committee
  • As per the public opinion, 7.5% reservation has done no benefits to poor students
  • And we won’t submit our analysis about the impact of NEET exam on Tamil Nadu students,  until the case against our committee has been resolved and we know the government also prefer this.

NEET exam: BJP case for publicity: Tamil Nadu government responds to High Court – July 3, 2021

The Tamil Nadu government has filed a reply in the Chennai High Court alleging that the case against the panel set up to study the impact of NEET is an attempt to suppress democracy. Tamil Nadu BJP general secretary K Nagarajan has filed a case seeking the quashing of an order issued by the Tamil Nadu government set up a panel headed by retired judge A K Rajan to examine the implications of the NEET exam. In that case, Attorney General R Shanmugasundaram and Attorney General P Muthukumar have filed a reply petition to the Secretary of the Medical and Family Welfare Department of the State of Tamil Nadu, J Radhakrishnan.
  • It said, “The petition does not state how the fundamental rights and legal rights of the petitioner have been affected by the appointment of a committee to examine the impact of NEET selection.
  • Further, the report of the committee said that the case has been pursued only on the basis of conjecture regarding the actions of the state. He, who belongs to a political party, did not say how the public interest was affected in the matter. Justice AK Rajan’s panel received 84,343 petitions. Parents and students have commented on the impact of NEET. But the petitioner is not a student or parent. As an administrator of a political party, he seems to have filed this case for publicity.
  • Furthermore, the committee is set up on the basis of public interest, based on the need to hear the grievances of students, parents, and those concerned about the impact of NEET selection. The petitioner has filed this case in the guise of a case against the appointment of a committee interfering in the power of the state to provide good governance and the fundamental functions of the Constitution.
  • The appointment of Judge AK Rajan’s panel did not violate any fundamental right of the Constitution. The committee is appointed under the authority of the state government. The government will decide on the next course of action only after examining the committee’s report. The case is an attempt to suppress democracy, as opposed to the appointment of a panel to study the problem raised by rural and socio-economically backward students.
  • The system of conducting entrance examinations for vocational courses has been in place since 1984. However, the entrance test was canceled in 2006 on the basis of a report submitted by former vice-chancellor Anantha Krishnan’s committee. When the NEET exam was introduced, petitions came to the government that rural and socio-economically backward students were unable to attend private training classes. It is noteworthy that there are differences between the Tamil Nadu Board of Education and other Board of Education in terms of textbooks, teaching method, examination procedure, and assessment. The petitions state that these students will pass the NEET examination only after writing the subsequent examinations.
  • This committee is therefore set up only because a study is needed to examine the current state of medical study and ensure equality for all students. The committee is set up only to examine whether the NEET exam affects government schools and those educated in the Tamil way. This cannot be said to be contrary to the orders of the Supreme Court and the High Court. The committee, in the absence of a report to the State, petitioned the fetus. Nagarajan is not fit for trial. It should therefore be dismissed, ”the petition said.

BJP’s complaint against NEET impact committee – current status

The case came up for hearing before Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamurthy. Advocate V. Raghavachari appeared for the petitioner and accused the Tamil Nadu government of setting up a committee to override the NEET selection process. The Attorney General of Tamil Nadu R. Shanmugasundaram appeared and said that the policy decision was taken and the committee was set up on the basis of the assurances given in the election manifesto. But the judges intervened and advised the state not to take a position contrary to the Supreme Court ruling. They also questioned whether the Supreme Court’s permission had been obtained for the formation of the panel. The Attorney General requested that the Government be given an opportunity to seek an explanation.
Following this, the Central Government and the Tamil Nadu Government were ordered to respond to the case and adjourned the case till July 5.

Justice AK Rajan committee third meeting report – June 28, 2021

Justice AK Rajan has said that there has been a lot of support and opposition to NEET. He told reporters after the third round of consultations on the impact of NEET that so far 86,342 people had commented on the NEET exams and that the report would be prepared after examining all of them.

BJP filed a complaint with the Madras High Court against the Tamil Nadu state committee over the NEET exam’s impact – June 28, 2021

BJP approaches High court against NEET imapact committee Tamilnadu A petition has been filed in the Chennai High Court seeking the quashing of the Tamil Nadu order set up by a panel headed by Justice AK Rajan to look into the vulnerabilities of the NEET exam. The Government of Tamil Nadu on June 10 appointed a nine-member panel headed by retired High Court Justice A K Rajan to study and report on whether the NEET exam in Tamil Nadu affects poor and rural students. The government was told to report within a month on the alternative and legal action to be taken if the NEET exam is detrimental.
K. Nagarajan is pursuing a welfare case seeking an injunction against the government and its repeal. (He has stated in the petition that he is the General Secretary of the Tamil Nadu BJP). The petition states that the law passed by the parliament is common across the country. The petition states that the Parliament passed the National Medical Commission Act, 2019 to improve the quality of medical education, and based on that law, a Medical Advisory Board has been set up. The petition states that suggestions regarding the improvement of medical education should be made only to the Medical Commission and the Advisory Board and that the Government of Tamil Nadu has set up a committee to violate it and this is not permissible.
The petition states that the state government cannot act contrary to the law passed by the Parliament and that NEET was brought in on the basis of Supreme Court orders and in the national interest. The petition said the state government should not politicize the issue in a way that would cause confusion among students and that reservations should be given to government school students so those poor students can study medicine. The petition states that suggestions regarding the improvement of medical education should be made only to the Medical Commission and the Advisory Board and that the Government of Tamil Nadu has set up a committee to violate it and this is not permissible.

Is there a NEET exam? Isn’t it – ADMK request to report directly – June 23, 2021

The DMK has said that the NEET exam will be canceled as soon as it comes to power. Isn’t it AIADMK has demanded that students be informed directly in the legislature.

Justice AK Rajan committee second meeting report – June 21, 2021

AK Rajan, the head of the NEET impact analysis panel, stated during the second meeting of committee members that the majority of people’s opinion so far is in favor of banning NEET. We’ve got 25,000 responses so far, both through Gmail and through regular mail. People, on the other hand, prefer Gmail to letters. Those letters contained a variety of suggestions from the general people. Some people want the NEET exam to be banned starting this year or in 2021 or 2022. On the other hand, a few people have asked that NEET neet not be cancelled. However, the overwhelming public opinion in Tamil Nadu is in favor of cancelling NEET.
M Subramanian, Tamil Nadu’s Minister of Health and Family Welfare, said that our DMK was the only party that protested NEET for years and that our Chief Minister MK Stalin is about to cancel NEET in Tamil Nadu. “As a result, the people of Tamil Nadu no longer have to be afraid of NEET, and it will be cancelled as soon as possible,” he added. Edappadi K.Palanisamy also said today that the DMK does not have the true courage to cancel NEET in Tamil Nadu as it did prior to the election.

Actor Surya NEET speech to Appeal on NEET Exam Vulnerabilities – June 19, 2021

Surya neet speech Actor Surya has requested to appeal to the panel of Justice AK Rajan set up by the Government of Tamil Nadu on the implications of NEET selection. The Tamil Nadu government has set up a committee headed by Justice AK Rajan to look into the NEET exam and its implications. It has also created a website called [email protected] for the public to comment on. Currently, actor Surya has released a statement in this regard. In it, he has requested that the implications of NEET selection be appealed to the panel of Judge AK Rajan set up by the Government of Tamil Nadu. In addition, education is a weapon for the betterment of the lives of students in public schools. Here there is some kind of education for the poor and some kind of education for the rich. He also said that the only option to determine eligibility in an environment where there are different educational opportunities is against social justice.
He also said those entrance exams like NEET were dangerous for the welfare of students and the state and called on all parties to work together on the principle of “right to education”. Surya also said that the Agaram Foundation, which travels with public school students, is also registering with Judge AK Rajan about NEET vulnerabilities.

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— Suriya Sivakumar (@Suriya_offl) June 19, 2021

Justice AK Rajan committee first meeting report – June 14, 2021

Justice AK Rajan committee first meeting report

The Administrative Reforms Committee reviewing the impact of NEET selection has already held its first meeting. The committee’s head, retired Justice AK Rajan, said the NEET selection was a vulnerability with no alternative. The effects of NEET Medical selection in Tamil Nadu were investigated by an Administrative Reforms Committee led by retired Justice AK Rajan. The Tamil Nadu government has asked the panel to investigate if the NEET examination has had an impact on students who have slipped behind in society in recent years, and if so, what the modalities for admission as an alternative to the NEET examination are.
As a result, the panel’s first meeting was held for nearly two hours at the Directorate of Medical College in Chennai, under the supervision of retired Justice AK Rajan. Dr. GR Ravindranath, Jawahar Nesan Educator, Secretaries of School Education, Legal and Health, Director of Medical Education, and Additional Director of Medical Education were also present. Following the discussion, AK Rajan spoke with the media and stated that he will gather the relevant information to assess whether NEET was impacted and present a report to the government based on that information. While the panel said that no students affected by the NEET exam would be consulted, it said that the research would be done on the premise that their evidence would be acceptable to the wider populace.
The committee’s second meeting, which will look at the effects of the NEET exam, is set for next Monday. After evaluating the relevant facts and making necessary recommendations to safeguard the welfare of backward students in Tamil Nadu, the committee is scheduled to submit a report to the government within a month.

Tamil Nadu NEET 2021, Appointment of Committee Members to review – June 10, 2021

The Tamil Nadu government had set up a committee headed by retired Justice A K Rajan to study and report on the impact of NEET selection in Tamil Nadu. In this context, 8 persons including Dr. G R Ravindranath and Jawahar Nesan have been appointed as members of the committee.
Earlier, the government formed a panel headed by Justice A K Rajan. How many people wrote the NEED exam in private and government schools in Tamil Nadu? How many of them won? The committee was instructed to collect 5 Year statistics such as and submit a report. The Chief Minister has said that the next step will be taken after receiving the detailed report. He further said that many poor and simple students have been affected by the NEET examination introduced by the Central Government and therefore the State of Tamil Nadu has the right to uphold social justice in this matter.

Tamil Nadu CM Stalin’s announcement on NEET exam – June 05, 2021

High-Level Committee headed by Retired Justice Mr. A K Rajan to submit a report on the impact of NEET Examination on Medical Student Admissions in Tamil Nadu has been appointed by Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Mr. M K Stalin.

According to Stalin’s new announcement on the NEET exam,

  • Many academics are of the view that the NEET system introduced by the Central Government has been denying access to medical education for the last few years to the rural and urban poor in our state, students in government schools, and backward classes in our society such as Tamil medium students. In view of this, the NEET system of choice against social justice should be abandoned.
  • The Government of Tamil Nadu has been waging a series of legal battles, insisting that medical college seats should be filled only on the basis of Class 12 final examination marks, as enacted during the period.
  • Tamil Nadu has always had a historic duty to uphold social justice. In order to continue to fulfill this obligation, this Government is committed to taking all necessary steps to remove the vulnerabilities caused by the NEET selection system.
  • To fully explore whether the NEET system of medical selection has affected the backward students of the society in the last few years and to rectify the vulnerability of such backward students, to devise alternative enrollment methods for all, and to explore the possibilities and legal mechanisms for their implementation – Under the supervision of retired Justice Mr. AK Rajan, a high-level committee of academics and concerned authorities have been formed to give recommendations to the government.

Stalin on the NEET examStalin's new announcement on the NEET exam

Stalin sent a mail to PM regarding NEET exam cancel – June 05, 2021

Chief Minister Stalin has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to cancel all All India entrance exams, including NEET. In a letter to Prime Minister Modi, Stalin wrote, “The CBSE has announced that the Class 12 examinations will be canceled this year due to the Corona environment in the country. It is the firm view of my government that 12th class marks should be the basis for higher education opportunities. We have also decided to cancel the Class 12 exams this year considering the corona environment. A committee has also been set up to decide on the value to students. Based on these marks, admission to vocational, arts, and science courses will be held in the state. In this context, conducting entrance examinations at the national level for any vocational course is dangerous for the benefit of students. Therefore, I urge you to cancel all national-level entrance exams like NEET. As we have always insisted, MBBS in our state is based on 12th class marks. Admission to all vocational courses, including seats, should be allowed. ”

Why are Tamil Nadu people opposed to the NEET?

People are often clamoring for NEET to be abolished on social media and on the news. And most of our parents, are unaware of the ins and outs, even as they yell, “Yeah, it’s a social injustice!” It’s not like that, you give an opinion about an issue. Also, some north Indians may wonder why the NEET is only held in Tamil Nadu every year. Why can’t Tamil Nadu’s students take the exam, despite the fact that it is historically recognized as the country of intellectuals? For these, let me explain why the people of Tamil Nadu are so opposed to the NEET entrance exam and what is my perspective towards this. The following statements are in the aspect of most of the Tamil Nadu people who are opposing NEET.

Why are Tamil nadu people opposed to the NEET

  • Tamil Nadu is known as India’s medical capital because of the dedicated doctors produced by Tamil Nadu medical institutions who were chosen through a selection procedure prevailed here.
  • Is the NEET exam effective? There was a 144-mark mistake in the 2018 NEET Tamil question paper although the clearing score that year was merely 119.
  • Why the heck did you chose the CBSE stream for framing questions when there are so many distinct syllabuses in various states? Each subject from the Tamil Nadu state board differs from the CBSE syllabus.
    • The biology about 70%,
    • Chemistry about 60% and
    • Physics about 55%.
  • Although the majority of medical institutions in India are run by the national and state governments, over 66% of NEET candidates come from private schools.
  • Prior to NEET, roughly 500 students from government schools were admitted to medical colleges in Tamil Nadu, however, that number has now dropped to roughly 40. Even if students who achieved 1150 or above out of 1200 are labeled as unworthy students by NEET, the issue lies with NEET, not the medical aspirants.
  • Only 1/3 of the seats are filled by freshers through NEET, and 2/3 of the students who diligently prepared for NEET at coaching institutes that charge between ¥ 75,000 and ¥ 2,00,000 per year. Poor students have mostly turned away from medical schools as a result of this approach.
  • Apart from the 85% Tamil Nadu state quota seats, Tamil Nadu students even now account for more than 20% of seats at premium medical colleges like JIPMER and AIIMS. However, we oppose the NEET since it made it hard for impoverished and rural students who could not afford coaching institutions to get into medical schools.

Can DMK cancel the NEET exams in Tamil Nadu?

Can DMK cancel the NEET exams in Tamil nadu

If you are wondering, is it possible that the DMK would exclude Tamil Nadu medical aspirants from the NEET exam? To put it another way, Tamil Nadu students do not need to take NEET in order to get admission to medical colleges inside Tamil Nadu. However, if a student desires to enter a medical college outside of Tamil Nadu, they may do so by taking the NEET exam. Then let me explain the situations and possibilities of NEET cancel in Tamil Nadu.

How will the DMK be able to cancel NEET in Tamil Nadu?

Either the DMK may persuade the BJP-led federal government to exclude Tamil Nadu from NEET. This, however, would not work because the BJP has already stated that no one state can be spared. This leaves just one other choice. – The DMK must resolve the matter lawfully through the Supreme Court.

What has the ADMK-lead Tamil Nadu government accomplished so far?

The ADMK has filed three appeals, claiming that Tamil Nadu students should be exempted based on the basis that “government school students follow state board syllabus and find it difficult to attend NEET examinations, which are based on CBSE curriculum.” The Supreme Court, however, dismissed this argument, adding, “This is not a viable argument, and the Tamil Nadu government should take efforts to prepare government school students for NEET examinations.” With few options, the Tamil Nadu government petitioned again, this time requesting that “Please permit Tamil Nadu students to take NEET examinations in Tamil” – which was approved.

What is the present situation?

Students from Tamil Nadu are allowed to take the NEET examinations in Tamil, however, they are not exempt. The Supreme Court has also raised concerns about the 69 percent reservation for Tamil Nadu students in medical seats, which is now being discussed. The ADMK government passed legislation in the Tamil Nadu legislature banning NEET and forwarded it to the president for approval. Tamil Nadu can only receive an exception if the president agrees. However, India’s President has repeatedly declined to sign and has turned down the proposal.

Can DMK cancel NEET in Tamil Nadu?

The Congress government suggested the idea of a nationwide entrance exam, NEET in 2005–2006. The DMK was in a coalition with the Congress government. So, while Kalaignar was CM of Tamilnadu the DMK-lead Tamil Nadu government adopted legislation in the Tamil Nadu parliament stating “qualifying criteria for MBBS and BDS in Tamil Nadu shall be completely dependent on 12th standard exam results conducted by Tamil Nadu government.” The President of India, Dr. APJ, was presented with this law, which he signed and endorsed. Because APJ was a government school student in Tamil Nadu, he knew the practical difficulties that government school students face when attending NEET. As a result, he endorsed Tamil Nadu government legislation.
When NEET trying to indulge inside Tamil Nadu during 2007, the DMK maintains that we don’t require consent from the present president of India because the Tamil Nadu government was granted an exemption from NEET already, even before NEET was created. We are legally powerful and proper, according to the DMK. After the BJP came to power in 2014, NEET became mandatory in the state of Tamil Nadu by 2016. The MCI (Medical Council of India) is the only authority that has declared NEET mandatory, rather than Parliament. Only the State Law, the Tamil Nadu Regulation of Admission in Professional Courses Act, 2006, will apply in this case, which prohibits any type of entrance examination.

Why did the ADMK government not file a petition based on this argument?

According to the DMK, the ADMK government didn’t want to give credit to the DMK since it would be perceived as a DMK win. So yet, the ADMK has made no public statement on the matter.

Why didn’t the DMK make an earlier plea and promise to do it if they win?

Because the DMK was not the Tamil Nadu government’s ruling party, they did not have the power to file an appeal on behalf of the Tamil Nadu government. Any Indian citizen, however, has the right to bring a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on this matter. Wilson (a DMK MP) has already filed a PIL before the Supreme Court about this issue. The lawsuit is still in the process. During the election campaign, the DMK stated that if they win, they will file a re-appeal as the Tamil Nadu government based on this. Based on a clause in the Indian Constitution, the DMK manifesto also calls for bringing education back under state authority. So let’s get this straightened out.
  • According to the DMK, Tamilnadu would be exempted from NEET due to legislation passed by the Tamil Nadu parliament in 2007 that regulates medical college admission in the state for MBBS and BDS.
  • Students from other states can take NEET and apply to medical schools in Tamil Nadu.
  • Students from Tamil Nadu can take the NEET exam based on their preferences and gain admission to medical schools both inside and outside the state.
  • Those from TN government schools and students who do not wish to take NEET can receive admission in TN based on their 12th grades.

NEET cancel in Tamil Nadu – My perspective

NEET problem in Tamil Nadu - My perspective

The simple reality is why Tamil Nadu keeps on protesting against NEET because we are ruled by some knuckleheads and made people protest instead of providing the values. Let’s look over the many reasons that Tamil Nadu parties have made against NEET.

The syllabus was outdated here

The syllabus in Tamil Nadu had not been revised in ten years. A handful of topics were woefully out of date. Students studying computers, for example, we’re learning about Star Office v8, which was launched in 2005. The Star office suite as a whole has been phased out. The level of computer science problems in Class XI and XII was practically ridiculous. In contrast, in ICSE and other state boards, students are required to build a large program as part of their internals. Politicians took this as an advantage and revert the unaware people towards this path. But now syllabi are changed so there is no need of protesting anymore.

The government doesn’t make education for rural

Another misconception advanced against NEET by those who rule or seek to control Tamil Nadu is that individuals who study in rural do not have access to a proper education. Consider this: these Dravidian parties have no shame in acknowledging that they haven’t constructed facilities for village students to receive proper education after 50 years of rule. Instead of improving the quality of Government schools, they made 7.5 reservations for them being a Government student. Many other states, I’m sure, haven’t performed any better, but none have been brave enough to say that they haven’t done anything to help their pupils. If you can’t do this after 50 years, you shouldn’t be ruling in the first place.

Misleading the Tamil Nadu people in the name of equality.

This is another fiction peddled by Tamil politicians to demonize NEET. That if NEET exists, impoverished and rural pupils would be unable to succeed. Let me explain to you why this is a misconception, consider medical admissions in 2016, when the NEET was not in place. In 2016 without NEET, backward districts in Tamil Nadu, including Thiruvarur (2), Sivagangai (14), Nilgiris (2), Nagapattinam (10), and Ariyalur-district of Anitha (4), sent a total of 32 students to medical colleges. That is, 5 out of 30 districts combined accounted for less than 1% of total government medical seats. These same districts sent 140 students after NEET. That’s an increase of more than 300 percent. Before NEET, Namakkal, a district known for its expensive boarding schools, received 25% of all seats. Only 3% of seats were available after NEET.
Even after all of this, claiming that NEET is the cause of inequality is absurd. I’m not claiming that NEET is ideal, but the previous system was abysmal. The average Tamil is an extremely business-minded individual. His capacity to apply information and life is significantly superior to that of anyone in other western countries. Our politicians, on the other hand, have preferred to spoonfeed the youngsters and make life simple for them by keeping the government closed shop for decades. Politicians from both the DMK and the ADMK felt that by enacting these protection rules, they would be able to gain votes and recruit doctors and engineers from vote-bank populations with little effort. It’s a competitive exam. It helps students with aptitude to obtain medical seats while also ensuring that students must work more and comprehend more. That’s exactly what they’re doing. Despite all of the political shaming directed against NEET by politicians, students are doing better, competing, getting coaching, and performing well. Now the playing field is more level. Of course, Reservation is a nightmare, but NEET has propelled Tamilnadu forward, not backward. The majority of students are concerned about NEET. Of course, returning to the old 12th board days might make it simpler to become a medical student, but it would also relegate Tamil Nadu to the past. As of recently, the syllabus has changed, and students claim that it is more difficult than CBSE. It means saying NEET is difficult and made inequality is ridiculous anymore.
Also on Anitha’s suicide, I would say she did it because she was unaware of the fact that she would have cleared the NEET in one year as she more dedicated towards education instead she thought there is no way she can get a medical seat. Being a medical student, self-confidence is a key quality everyone needs to have and she didn’t really have. As I said before, Tamilnadu CM M.K. Stalin stated as there will be both NEET and 12th mark base selection it will be beneficial for the type of students and community. I don’t know how is this practically possible? Let’s see what happens next.

Advantages of the NEET exam in Tamil Nadu?

Advantages of NEET exam for Tamil Nadu students

As far as we’ve seen, we have made a discussion on why NEET is being rejected and what are the possibilities of excepting NEET in Tamil Nadu. Now let’s get to the actual discussion. If you are trying to solve a problem, you always compare both scenarios, that is, pros and cons. Likewise let me show you some actual benefits for every single NEET candidate from Tamil Nadu as a result of this exam, which medical aspirants did not have before 2016. Instead of speaking about NEET cancel in Tamil Nadu and let’s cancel NEET in Tamil Nadu. Let’s give time to understand what its advantage. 1. NEET made more chances You can take the NEET exam as much as times you want there are no limitations so far, this absolutely increased your chances of getting a medical seat. You can try again if you didn’t do pretty well for the first time. In the case of board exams, however, you are only allowed to attempt once. You won’t be able to improve if you didn’t perform well for the first time. Thus, Tamil Nadu students do not need to give up their dreams and pursue an unsuitable profession; instead, they have numerous opportunities to demonstrate their worth in this society as well as in themselves.

2. NEET gave you time to explore

People who succeed on their first try are those who have thoroughly calculated/analyzed the hurdles they would experience in achieving their goal and have strategically planned to overcome/surpass those difficulties. We can see persons who succeed on their first try as someone with a broad perspective or as someone who is naturally lucky. Actually, according to scientific data, just 25% of people succeed on their first try. This is due to a lack of exposure and good luck. Even Tamil Nadu students from remote regions now have more opportunities to take the NEET exams in order to return as shooting stars. A 17-year-old girl or boy from a remote location does not know how to handle things unless their parents are coaching them. So, in the case of the NEET exam, it provides a lot of time to explore and get into MBBS, which is something that no one would ever get if we continue to choose individuals through board examinations.

3. No need to mug up

If you are applying for MBBS based on a board exam, you must mug up six books and vomit them on your exam paper. You don’t have to employ your understanding and application abilities. If you like to mug up information rather than understanding concepts and applying them in exams, then MBBS and medicine would be a living torment for you. However, in order to pass the NEET exam, you must understand and apply the concepts. This will eventually make you like your future medical trip, which means the medicine is an ocean where you have to use your practical knowledge to survive not your memory power.

4. Easy to get MBBS seats all over India

As far as we know, till 2016, we had just one option: compete for 85% of Tamil Nadu Government Medical College seats. We must apply for their own medical entrances if we wish to get into CMC, AFMC, MAMC, or any other medical school outside Tamil Nadu.  However, NEET made it simple; apart from AIIMS and JIPMER, we now have the official key to all MBBS seats in India and at all medical institutions. In addition, unlike 2017 and 2018, we are now giving stiff competition for the remaining 15% All India quota of our Tamil Nadu Government medical colleges. Last year, Tamil Nadu students occupied 94% of all Tamil Nadu Government Medical College seats, up from 87% of 2016.

5. Same question and same difficulty level

I’m not sure if you agree with me or not. However, till 2016, barely 1% of Tamilnadu CBSE students were admitted into Tamil Nadu Government Medical Colleges. Outstate board, students filled the remaining 82 to 83% of the 85% state quota. It’s because our state board curriculum and examination were simplified, and we had a cut-off score of around 196 to 200. This is a huge cutoff for CBSE students, despite the fact that they are marginally better than state board students in every part of skills and knowledge. We must admit that CBSE students did not fight for examination inequity, which resulted in them losing their MBBS seats. Yes, after NEET as a state board student, we now have a significantly lower percentage of MBBS seats available. According to statistics from the previous year, CBSE students filled around 10 to 15 percent of the overall state quota, which was 85 percent.
In the aspect of examination and selection of MBBS seats, this NEET created equality in every single Tamil Nadu NEET student. In terms of knowledge, only candidates with a trained and practical mindset are chosen, making the MBBS program more accessible in the future. But, obviously, in terms of social ups and downs, it’s an unfairness because students in rural areas don’t obtain enough knowledge because they can’t acquire enough from their government schools. Instead of providing emphasis in terms of a 7.5% quota, the government should focus on improving the quality of Tamil Nadu Government schools.

6. Don’t need to answer in paragraphs

You are no longer required to answer in paragraphs. To get marks, you don’t have to write exact points. What you really need is to grasp the concepts and be able to answer solely multiple-choice questions.

7. Handwriting and presentation will be useless

Furthermore, your handwriting does not need to be neat, and no presentation is required. Instead of giving to these things, you may spend time learning and understanding the concepts and principles. Finally, nothing is simple, and even before NEET, there was partiality, since 8 percent of the total MBBS seats in Tamil Nadu were admitted from the Namakkal district alone. So instead of spreading negativity, nurture some positivity. And because the cosmos changes on a daily basis, we have no influence over it. Instead of worrying over the NEET cancel in Tamil Nadu, be clever and start to work on your studies. YouTube channel – Click here Expected-NEET-2021-cut-off-for-Tamilnadu
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