10 Things to know before joining Medical college

10 things to know before joining MBBS

Joining a medical college that you have been dreamed lf is impressive. Honestly speaking Nah, not yet. The real struggles, problems, bunch of syllabus, exams, practicals are on the way waiting for you in college you have chosen.

A lot of things might happen that you don’t really expect. That sometime makes you happy or sometimes not the way you expect. A common cause is that most of the time you are making decisions on your own.

Anyways here in this post I am going to give you some suggestions from most of the Medical students who have been studying along with me. Here we have listed out 10 things that you might encounter in Medical colleges and you should be aware of. This will make you being prepared for the struggle life before joining Medical college.

1. Dress up like a doctor

10 Things to know before joining Medical college


To be honest none of your colleagues really care about what you are dressed up like. And most of the professors don’t care too. But being in a renowned professional course your dressing sense matters a lot especially in the clinical sides. So do wear simple well cleaned dresses and a ironed Apron. Now you might feel like the way i am not supposed to being dirty or being lazy enough to wash my cloths. But the fact only few students follow up the good hygiene even after few months of college. Most of others dress up like clean but they really don’t.

Pro tip : Make a habit of ironing dresses from the beginning itself.

2. Don’t buy random books

Don't buy random books


Medicine is not like a high school or NEET Entrance exam which has only particular books or authors. Its vast study really a ocean. In that ocean you can find some Islands means authors, some authors are most preferable. For instance in academic studies students always prefer Vishram Singh for Anatomy. For research studies B D Chaurasia is preferred. 

When you enter into Med school you will be advised to buy B D Chaurasia as it will be there in books section in cooperative store. But after analyzing you will come to know Vishram Singh is way cool and easy. It has more easily understanding diagrams, clear definitions and more simple way explanations to explain hard things. So instead going straight away buying what ever in book section in cooperative stores, refer a senior or professors to buy a standard book for your studies and a standard book for reference.

3. Different studying habits

Different studying habits


The syllabus is huge and infinite. It is 100 times than what you have read during your entrance. And also stuffs are interesting to learn but need to know exactly what to study for the exams. Comparing entrance exams and high school studies you won’t get enough time or patients to take notes what the way you are habituated (before joining medical college). This might take few months to half an year to really know the best way to study and cover subjects as much as at particular time.

So don’t be afraid to change your studying habits. So when you first go to university the method that you used to take notes is probably gonna be different than when you leave. Your stops gonna change a lot just find what works for you what’s most comfortable and what helps you learn the best.

Pro tip : Always make a habit of asking why, means Almost everything in medicine has a reason of some sort, so never remember anything blindly, unless the answer for it is idiopathic. Try out Pomodoro technique in case you are failing to focus.

4. Time management

time management in medical school

Basically you will be having perfect freedom in medical life or hostel life. No one really make orders or ask you a question. This will end up in a situation where you don’t really keep counting on time. You may keep on using mobile phones, chatting, interacting with friends midnight after joining medical college. Although it gives a satisfaction and memories, Make a schedule for sleep. Most of the Medical college students always going to sleep at midnight 2 or 3 AM. This will make you tired, you can’t really focus on subjects, sleepy in classrooms, even extend to take a leave.
Time management is so so key because you’re gonna have to juggle so many different activities so many assignments everything altogether can be quite overwhelming. If you have some free time starting an assignment a couple of weeks early is getting a really healthy thought up a line I need to make sure you do your plans and you know what events you want to go to you plan ahead so that you don’t end up in a sticky situation. We have a bunch of deadlines, I got enough time to do them.

5. Friends zone

Friends zone in medical college


Friends will come and go. Especially you will find about hundreds new faces there along with you after joining medical college. In first year especially in freshers meat you are gonna be meeting a lot along with their parents. Some of them you later going to find out that you don’t like some of them you’re gonna become closer to and you are gonna exchange friends along the way quite often so don’t be afraid to turn away from toxic friends and move to those people who you feel more comfortable with and you feel who are better suited teams that you enjoy.

Also don’t rush into who you want to live with in your second year take your time to figure out who you’re closest to you think will make a best roommate and then make good calculate decision.

6. Catch up with seniors

Catch up with seniors in medical college


While enter the college the most disgusting once are the seniors yeah you know that Ragging. All institution is as per NMC and DME are ragging free. Nah, not the way think there will always be ragging. Anyways apart from this wise people take this as positive and will make the life peaceful on wards. And it doesn’t mean that even if you don’t make up with seniors you will be in danger. But they will be the one who always take responsibilities while you under extreme stress or depression whatever. Because you are already away from home.

What they actually do is, they will help you in University exams in the sense guiding you to study like this it will be fine, making schedule for you, teaching easy shortcuts at the  ate the final point.. etc. Apart from university exams, clinical practices are the most important place where you interact with patients, diagnosing disease, treating them and knowing the medicinal ways and surgical ways to cure the diagnosis. Here if you consider the professors as god then seniors are the angels of god. Professors only teach you the outline and important things you need to consider but seniors and PGs are the one who are going to take the whole lot of lessons from the beginning to end. And to be honest you feel like more comfortable with seniors and PGs rather than Professors.

7. Join societies

Join societies in medical college

Definitely get involved in societies. When I was in my first year I really didn’t do all that much outside of studying so getting involved in societies whether that be sports, languages, music, dance, space research whatever it is. it’s just so much fun it gives you as sense of purpose of working with other people towards a common goal and it really helps improve that your time at college it also gives you a different group of friends to be around who aren’t necessarily studying the same thing on your course so it’s a good change from your everyday routine.

8. Immune to insults

Immune to insults in medical college


This one here is a important skill to adopt after joining medical college. Whatever your IQ might be, some professors out there will always try to put you down. There are few professors you will come to know within a month, their only job is to roast you until you give up. But most of the professors are student friendly will always support as a secondary parent in departments. 

Pro tip : Don’t mess up with professors. Hope you don’t need elaboration, your attendance and your internals are in their hands only.

9. Ups and downs are part of life

Ups and downs are part of life


Medicine is a vast ocean. There will be bright phases and dark phases and you will be sandwiched between happy and sad moments. Failing in a exam or two, doesn’t really make a huge effect of the long run. If you are wise enough you will accept the failures and will learn from mistakes means both academics and in life.

But remember considering first year University exam, you have to pass means you need to take 50% marks or else you will be given another chance in a secondary exams. Usually conducted after two months of University exam. If you made mistakes here then you will have to pay one year.

10. Bad habits

Bad habits in medical college


Like every change in character wise and attitude wise, it’s very easy falling as a prey for bad habits as if you are staying from home. I don’t really wanna name them as bad habits but those things that really damages your body, mental health and triggering to escape from certain problems are realy worthless. But most of the people do things that need not to be done (Bad habits in your words) in name of Trying out or Enjoying the situation. So make up a clear mind, know what’s really good and need to be done also know what’s really bad and need not to be done.

Pro tip : Smoking and Drinking never makes you cool.

What is cadaver?

Cadaver in medical college


C – A – D – V – E – R = CADAVER means Human Dead Body

Cadaver studies are part of Anatomy (A first year subject). You will be allowed to dissect a cadaver in certain places which has been taught in theory classes. For instance if you have been taught with upper limb then you dissection the skin muscles of upper limb in cadaver, also you will be advised to track muscles, nerves, artery and veins in most of the cases.

Why i need this to stress out or making this in bonus tip because you will feel like what’s this, Am i really need to face these?. Typically YES cadavers are the practical framework of a living human body. And you need to adjust for a few then you will be adapted.

Initial days you might feel like nausea, dizziness, fear, tremor lack of concentration and also your eyes may burn due to unbearable formalin fluid effects. Anyways all these are depends upon people.