Life before and after MBBS in the Medical student life


Before MBBS vs After MBBS - Medical student life


Howdy medicos, From my days before MBBS to my three years as an MBBS student, a lot has happened and changed in my life (MBBS – Undergraduate medicine). Also, as a human being with an open mind to new things, I discovered few things that will change significantly as you start your MBBS student life. These changes might range


  • From a 50-student classroom to a 250-student lecture hall.
  • From fainting at the sight of blood to standing up when confronted with a cadaver
  • From a great student in high school to an average college student
  • From having no outings with friends to having a plethora of outings with friends
  • From watching hours of TV at home to viewing video lectures on YouTube or even
  • From a nondancer to a stage performer on Magenta Riddim


So, in this piece, I’ll discuss the eight major and twelve minor changes that I encountered as an MBBS student during my life. I hope that this article will give you an overview of the changes that you have experienced in the past or may encounter in the future in your life as an MBBS student.


1. From the first bench to the last bench


From first to last bench - MBBS student life


Before MBBS, You’re a studious kid who insists on sitting on the first bench. And sitting on the first bench gives the impression that we can now grasp whatever the teacher is saying. Some teachers even prefer to assist the majority of the first benchers.

During the first-year life of MBBS, most students would try to exhibit their pride and seem cool in front of others, hence they would pick the last bench. Sometimes the reason is that feeling like I’ve accomplished everything in my life after passing NEET and receiving the MBBS. Also, If you arrive late for class, you will be assigned to the first bench because the last benches are already taken.

Some people will eventually think to themselves, “I messed up my studies,” and start blaming themselves because they sat on the last bench. They will go to the first bench, and in certain cases, they will be successful in resuming their studies. However, most of the time, these people will be discriminated against by their colleagues, pushing them to the back of the line.

At some point, students will realize the fact of being normal, and at that point, the transformation will be professional, and they won’t care if they are on the backbench or the front bench.


2. Sleep-wake cycle


Sleep wake cylce - MBBS student life


Most students’ sleep-wake cycles were not disrupted before doing MBBS since they went to bed and woke up early every day.

However, you will prolong your time for the first year to 12, 1, 2, and so on. There will come a period when you will fall asleep at 4 a.m. It doesn’t matter if you have classes or postings in the morning; you’d rather stay up all night.

As the days pass, people’s mindsets will shift, and they will choose their own comfy zone over academic study. They’ll go to bed at 4 or 5 a.m. and won’t bother about missing classes in the morning.

Some professionals, such as myself, will complete these tasks as early as the third month of the first year. But that doesn’t matter, one day you’ll realize the value of your career and return to studies like me.

Apart from the facts of MBBS, sleeping and waking up at regular intervals offers numerous advantages. Be aware of your sleeping habits.


3. Grades and marks


Grades and marks - Medical student life


Before doing this MBBS, we set a personal target of achieving 90, 95, or even 99 percent of the exams. We put in a lot of effort and time to get that honor. And, of course, we constantly pay attention to our family, who keep supporting us to achieve our goals.

But in the life of an MBBS student, we shall work hard to get 50% on our internal exams, as this is the pass mark.

It’s because we don’t know where to begin or how to begin during our first year of MBBS. We begin studying mindlessly, just like we did in high school or for the NEET examinations. Understanding the system and studying appropriately will require a significant amount of time.

We sometimes lost patience in trying to figure out the ideal strategy to study for the MBBS exam and instead procrastinated and abandoned our studies. Whatever it is, I would advise you to keep learning. It will be useful to you during the clinical, even if it does not earn you the grades you want.

Finally, when it comes to MBBS, earning lower grades is meaningless because the main goal is to improve your clinical skills.


4. Friends


Friends in the life of an MBBS student life


You could have made some friends before starting MBBS during your higher secondary. And some of them are really special for you. Similarly, throughout your preparation for the NEET exam, you may have made a number of friends.

I believe that before MBBS friendships were not formed while we were in the nursery. It bloomed with us from a bud to bloom as we grew from nursery children to teens, and it was never on purpose, not even at the beginning. It has that purity and innocence about it all the time. We spent the formative years of our lives, around 11 to 13 years of our lives, with our schoolmates.

In the life of an MBBS student if one is fortunate, is a whole new world of best friends.

Nonetheless, I treasure and miss the pleasant times I shared with a couple of them over the course of 2 years. Sometimes these kids will get rid of your introverted tendencies. A few of the times they have assisted me in identifying numerous of my positive and negative characteristics. Friends during MBBS form when you are more mature and have the freedom to be nice or bad. A college is a place where you can find all of the good and negative aspects of yourself, including your personality.

So, if friends during MBBS survive through the hardships of adolescence, college, career struggles, and so on, you should count yourself fortunate.


5. Stress


Stress in the life of an MBBS student


Before MBBS, Life revolved around academics, food, and a night of good sleep, as well as a few hectic exam days.

Academic pressure, depression due to a lack of friends, bullying, feuds with friends, feuds with the girl or boyfriends, scary-looking teacher, romance, drama, party, poor hair day, acne problem, but despite all of this, you don’t have to pay the bills or work hard to put food on the table. Your parents take care of your troubles; all you have to do is concentrate on your studies. Another thing is that you have a lot of spare time on your hands.

During your first year life of as an MBBS student, when you are experiencing and exploring new liberties and freedoms, you may reach a point when you don’t care about anything and just let life happen as it does, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the ride. For a few of you, this will cause some issues with internal examinations, university examinations, and even relationships.

You may find that you are overthinking your problems, which may eventually cause you to get stressed and unable to quit overthinking. But keep in mind that every time you overthink, it’s simply a mental illusion, and you’re exaggerating that nonliving thing.


6. Handwriting


Why handwriting of doctors are bad


Before MBBS since primary school, you’ve been told that you had the most beautiful handwriting. Even after you joined NEET, the tag was virtually always present. Your notes were sometimes so beautiful that the coaching professors retained your notebooks for reference.

It’s all because you enjoy maintaining track of your notes in a professional manner, using various colored pens to ensure that your handwriting is cool enough to be noticed.

When people try to be sarcastic, they say things like,

Is there a lesson for MBBS students to learn how to make their handwriting the worst it can be?

Sometimes I would say, In case you didn’t already know, the answer is yes.

Every six months, we have a regular class to improve our handwriting.

Classes are referred to as “internal exams” since the entire class is required to sit in a huge hall to practice writing.

A question paper is issued, which is primarily made up of the Hod of Department’s favorite questions.

Students are expected to answer a question that might take up to 5–6 hours to finish, but only have 3 hours to do so. To ensure that no one is able to write properly.

To be honest, after entering into MBBS, you don’t have handwriting classes as you had in high school. The problem is that the lectures are jam-packed with material, so you attempt to scribble down as much as you can while listening and understanding the presentation. So you’re practically making notes at 100 miles per hour!


7. Relatives


MBBS student relatives


People recognize you before to MBBS since you are the best student in your school and have done well in your studies.

However, once you’ve lost the NEET crash, everyone will vanish and you won’t be able to recognize their presence. Even if you have the opportunity to meet them, they will advise you to leave and focus on other things (relatable to most of the relatives).

If you fail even on your second try, there is a chance of even one of our family members may try to discriminate against you.

However, after you’ve joined the MBBS, you’ll be treated like a mini-celebrity. Unknown relatives will fall for you. Even if you did something wrong, people will think you are correct since it was caused by someone else’s mistake.


  • You suddenly become visible to people you’ve never seen before in your life.

Scene: A family reunion

Unknown Lady: Hello boii, I’m the mother-in-law of your father’s sister’s husband’s elder brother’s daughter. Don’t you recognize me?

Me: WTF, Why are you even still exist?


  • And you’ll feel like Lord Hanuman as a result of this appreciation.

All of a sudden, you’ll realize how special you are.

To people who have no idea what I’m talking about. Back in the Ramayana era, he was Lord Rama’s most ardent follower. However, as a youngster, he had no idea how strong he was. When he was a teenager, he met Lord Rama and discovered his powers.


  • Your younger siblings, as well as all the tiny children in your household, will look up to you.

Elders: Look at him. His future is secured! He’ll earn good

Inner me: Will this society accept me only because I have an MBBS degree?


Don’t get caught up in this trap; it’s only a temporary reward for your hard work. When you are in your second year of medical school, certain relatives will try to bring you down.

  • Me: (studying anatomy in my room) We can memorize the contents of the cubital fossa via the pneumonic MBBR. Wow, medicine is simple nowadays.

(The doors to my room open)

Relatives: enquire (excitedly) about the medicine used to treat Psychiatric patients (schizophrenia). (Which is under Pharmacology second year)

Me again: WTF, Should I hang myself, or jumping off the terrace is easy?

Inner me: Got enough motivation today


8. Life lessons


Life lessons in medicine


Before MBBS our mindset will be I want to be a doctor, and all I have to do now is pass the NEET. My destiny has been set. I’d be the happiest. There’s no tension at all. I’m not required to study. I will enjoy my college life to the fullest. My life would be fantastic.

But during the life as an MBBS student, you will realize To become a doctor, I must first complete the MBBS, then an internship, a two-year rural service bond, a postgraduate degree, and finally a super specialty. The rest you can figure out for yourself.


Study periodYou will spend two years of your life studying for one exam, averaging 6–8 hours a dayYou will spend 2 weeks of your life studying for 5 examinations (per semester) at a rate of 16–18 hours each day
VivaIf you can’t answer a few questions, you will cryIf the examiner asks you questions for more than 5 minutes, you’re the boss
OutingsYou haven’t gone on an outing in years, so you have no idea what they areEvery week, you will be engaged with outings. After the third or fourth year, you won’t be able to avoid going on outings
Eating out and moviesThere will be no movies or eating outYou now know where to buy the greatest wraps and quesadillas in town, as well as which movie theatres provide limitless movie tickets

Is it a man or a woman?

I’m not sure where to begin dissecting.

Wow, it has so much fat on it that all of the internal structures will be properly preserved

Sight of genitaliaHush! That was something I had never seen before, CheeYou check a patient’s genitalia in the same way as you would any other organ. Nothing out of the ordinary
PersonalityIntrovert, shy, timid, hardworkingAfter the grueling…PDP (personality development program), You will a party animal, extrovert, and can even sing Dard-e-disco in a packed subway
ExamsEven if it’s just a class test, you can’t afford to failYou shamelessly fail your semester’s exams
Choice of web seriesF.R.I.E.N.D.S, Little things, ReignThe good doctor, Gray’s Anatomy, House MD
Point of viewYou think from the standpoint of the patient, especially if you come from a non-medical backgroundAs you advance as a physician, your viewpoint shifts from patient to doctor, and you begin to perceive every situation through the eyes of a doctor
Life styleYou are a high dependant person at school, and you are very much influenced by your parents’, teachers’, and siblings’ thoughts

Graduation marks the beginning of your journey as an independent thinker.

You begin to construct your own universe, make decisions for yourself, and accept responsibility for them.

And, of course, the gravity of these responsibilities increases when you are a medical student

The perspective of becoming a doctorYou believe that becoming a doctor is a simple process

You discover it isn’t, so you’ll have to go again.

This time, you’ll have to pick a branch, which is undoubtedly a major and tough choice, and make it through the first year of residency.

Some people will be undecided about whether or not to continue on their current course


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