Madurai Medical College cut off 2021 – NEET expected cut off

Madurai Medical College cut off 2021


In terms of history, Madurai Medical College is unique. Because Madurai is regarded as the southern hotspot. i.e., a conveniently accessible location for individuals from all over the state; students pursuing their medical education here will have the opportunity to interact with a large number of patients. Also, a particular mention for the university. One may enjoy relaxing in the lap of nature in such serene and charming surroundings. Here in the post let’s see what will be the Madurai Medical College NEET cut off in 2021.

Aside from the cutoff calculation, you’ll learn how Madurai Medical College seats are distributed across reservations and why people prefer Stanley Medical College over all other medical institutions in Tamil Nadu.


Madurai medical college seat allotment

As we all know there are 250 MBBS seats in Stanley Medical College, which is being admitted every year. These seats are further allocated to All India Quota (15%) and Tamil Nadu State Quota (85%). Not like Madras Medical College seat allotment Stanley Medical College has some different reservations.


1 All India Quota 15% reservation 37
2 State Quota 85% reservation General category seats 189
7.5% Internal reservation 15
Special reservation 9
Total 250


1. All India Quota reservation

The MCC counseling-managed All India Quota (AIQ) fills 15% of MBBS seats, totaling 37 seats, with seats granted to each group in the sequence listed below:


1 GN 29
2 SC 5
3 ST 3
Total 37


2. State Quota reservation

The remaining 213 (85%) MBBS seats at Madurai Medical College are filled through the Tamilnadu State Medical Council’s State Quota (SQ), which is split into the following categories (2021),


1 OC 60
2 BC 50
3 BCM 6
4 MBC 38
5 SC 28
6 SCA 6
7 ST 1
Total 189


3. 7.5% Internal reservation

In 2020, the Governor has approved a new reservation for Tamilnadu government school students. This is referred to as a 7.5 percent internal reservation. This corresponds to 7.5 percent of all seats in government and private universities reserved for State Quota. Under the 7.5 percent reservation policy, the number of seats reserved in Madurai Medical College for each category is stated below.


1 OC 5
2 BC 3
3 BCM 1
4 MBC 3
5 SC 2
6 SCA 1
7 ST 0
Total 15


4. Special category reservation

Every year, about 9 seats from Stanley Medical College will be provided to special categories such as physically disabled individuals, eminent sportsmen, and children of ex-servicemen.


Previous year cut off marks for Madurai Medical College

I will present the cut off marks for both the All India Quota and the State Quota at Madurai Medical College for the years 2018, 2019, and 2020. Using these marks, we can quickly determine the expected cutoff marks for 2021.


1. All India Quota previous year cut off marks

S. No
Rank Mark
1 GH 563 601 7131 636
2 OBC 7219 636
3 SC 445 470 49265 547
4 ST 416 452 78023 509


2. State Quota previous year cut off marks

S.NO CATEGORY 2018 2019 2020
1 OC 451 544 618
2 BC 428 529 605
3 BCM 408 512 588
4 MBC 394 492 582
5 SC 326 404  509
6 SCA 291 372  468
7 ST 267 292  467


Expected cut off marks for Madurai Medical College


Madurai Medical College cut off


For the year 2021, we’ll provide you the expected NEET cut off for Madurai Medical College in terms of both the All India Quota (15%) and the State Quota (85%). Instead of labeling it a prediction, we may say that we estimated the NEET cut off for Tamil Nadu in 2021 using statistical methodologies that account for every factor that has a direct impact on the NEET cut off.

You can see how we arrived at this NEET 2021 cut off for Stanley Medical College calculation here, and it will make you wonder how reliable it is – Expected NEET 2021 cut off in Tamilnadu


1. All India Quota expected cut off marks

S. No
1 GH ∼ 650
2 OBC ~ 650
3 SC ∼ 580
4 ST ∼ 550


2. State Quota expected cut off marks

1 OC 640 ~ 645
2 BC 630 ~ 635
3 BCM 605 ~ 610
4 MBC 600 ~ 605
5 SC 545 ~ 550
6 SCA 525 ~ 530
7 ST 520 ~ 525


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Why Madurai medical college is preferred?

This information comes from one of my Madurai Medical College colleagues. He genuinely gave me a list of reasons why people use MDMC and what the genuine benefits are. These aren’t assumptions; you’ll figure it out when you get there.

  • The hospital attends roughly 6000 op patients each day and has a capacity of 2,518 beds.
  • The hospital is a surgical center of excellence not just in Southern Tamil Nadu, but also in the state. It acts as a tertiary referral hospital for all of Tamil Nadu’s medical college hospitals in the southern and central regions.
  • This hospital does open heart, closed heart, and valve replacement operations. There is a Master Health Check-up accessible. This hospital has a 24-hour emergency room, a 24-hour biochemistry lab, CT and MRI scans, and other services. It provides tertiary treatment under the Tamil Nadu government’s comprehensive health insurance system.
  • Regarding life – In terms of life, it’ll be an exciting ride. Madurai is a beautiful, ancient, and lively city. Maduraiese is the world’s most welcoming and down-to-earth person. They give a heartfelt welcome to everybody. They would never treat you as if you were a stranger. A linguistic barrier will never exist. It will be a joy for others to teach you Tamil. Aside from that, there are several stunning beaches, old temples, shopping malls, and other things to keep you occupied.
  • Hostal life – The MDMC is well-known for its senior-junior relationships. During university tests, you will literally experience parenthood from your senior sirs or mams. The year will include cultural events as well as sports. It is at this point that you will truly appreciate the benefits of a medical seat.
  • Faculty – The lecturers are outstanding. They are capable, knowledgeable, and willing to educate young minds. It’s ok if some of your professors are grumpy. What would your college experience be like if such animals didn’t exist? You should be able to find anything to make you laugh. Both clinical and non-clinical subjects are taught in a way that encourages future doctors to pursue their dreams.
  • Studies – You are in charge of your study. Quizzes, symposiums, seminars, and other activities are organized on a regular basis. Whether you choose to join or just observe is totally up to you.


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