Madras Medical College cut off 2021 – NEET expected cut off

Madras Medical College NEET 2021 expected cutoff


Madras Medical College is one of Tamil Nadu’s best medical colleges, placing 12th in the NIRF Medical Institutions rankings. Despite the fact that Christian Medical College and Sri Ramachandra Institute are ranked third and seventh, Tamil Nadu NEET aspirants’ first choice is Madras Medical College. Because Christian Medical College, Vellore, has a limited number of MBBS seats for the Tamilnadu NEET general category, and Sri Ramachandra Medical College is a deemed institution, this is the case. In this post, we will primarily discuss what the NEET cut off for Madras Medical College will be in 2021.

Apart from the cutoff calculation, you will understand how seats at Madras Medical College are allocated across reservations and why people prefer Madras Medical College to all other medical colleges in Tamil Nadu.


Madras medical college seat allotment

Admission to 250 seats of Madras Medical College is done through All India Medical Counseling (AIQ) for 15% of MBBS seats and through Tamil Nadu State Medical Counseling (SQ) for the remaining 85% of MBBS seats.


1 All India Quota 15% reservation 38
2 State Quota 85% reservation General category seats 187
7.5% Internal reservation 17
Special reservation 8
Total 250


1. All India Quota reservation

15% of MBBS seats totally 38 seats are filled by the All India Quota (AIQ), which is administered by MCC counseling, with seats allocated to each group in the following order,


1 GN 28
2 GNPH 2
3 SC 5
4 SCPH 1
5 ST 1
6 STPH 1
Total 38


2. State Quota reservation

The remaining 212 (85%) MBBS seats at Madras Medical College are filled through the State Quota (SQ), which is administered by the Tamilnadu State Medical Council, and the seats are reserved according to the following categories (2020),


1 OC 57
2 BC 51
3 BCM 5
4 MBC 38
5 SC 28
6 SCA 6
7 ST 2
Total 187


3. 7.5% Internal reservation

In 2020 a new reservation particularly for government school students of Tamilnadu has been passed by Governor. This is known as 7.5% Internal reservation. This actually takes 7.5% of the total seats reserved for State Quota in every government and private college. Seats reserved for each category under 7.5% reservation in Madras Medical college have been given below.


1 OC 5
2 BC 3
3 BCM 1
4 MBC 3
5 SC 2
6 SCA 1
7 ST 2
Total 17


4. Special category reservation

In each year about 8 seats from Madras Medical College will be allotted to the special categories, like Physically Handicapped, Eminent sports person and wards of Ex-serviceman.


Previous year cut off marks for Madras Medical College

Here I am going to provide the cut off marks for both the All India Quota and State Quota in Madras Medical College from the years 2018, 2019, and 2020. By which we can easily access the expected cutoff marks for 2021.


1. All India Quota previous year cut off marks

S. No
Rank Mark
1 GH 598 640 934 673
2 GHPH 516 575
3 SC 495 539 8533 630
4 ST 488 517 3563 570


2. State Quota previous year cut off marks

S.NO CATEGORY 2018 2019 2020
1 OC 548 623 660 
2 BC 499 592 647 
3 BCM 450 547 640
4 MBC 457 560 624 
5 SC 380 432  557
6 SCA 345 482  550
7 ST 308 420  511


Expected cut off marks for Madras Medical College


MMC NEET 2021 expected cutoff


We’ll tell you the expected NEET cut off, for Madras Medical College for the year 2021 in terms of both the All India Quota (15%) and the State Quota (85%). We can’t exactly call it a prediction; instead, we can say that we calculated this cut off using statistical methods that account for every factor that has a direct impact on the NEET cut off for Tamil Nadu in 2021.

If you want to see how we came up with this calculation, NEET 2021 cut off for Madras Medical College, you can see it here, and it will make you wonder how reliable it is – Expected NEET 2021 cut off in Tamilnadu


1. All India Quota expected cut off marks

S. No
1 GH ∼ 690
2 GHPH ∼ 645
3 SC ∼ 635
4 ST ∼ 610


2. State Quota expected cut off marks

1 OC 675 ~ 680
2 BC 660 ~ 665
3 BCM 650 ~ 655
4 MBC 645 ~ 655
5 SC 590 ~ 600
6 SCA 575 ~ 585
7 ST 555 ~ 565


Why madras medical college is preferred?

This info down here is from one of my colleagues from Madras Medical College. He actually provided me with a list of why people are taking MMC and what are the real advantages here. And these are not assumptions, you will get it when you reach there.

  • To begin with, you may expect a lot of competition from your competitors unless you want to.
  • A great hostel with excellent meals.
  • It has a long and illustrious history, and many historical teachers and other alumni have graduated from it.
  • It has the highest number of outpatients of any college in the state, and you will be exposed to numerous rare cases.
  • Other than academics, extracurricular activities are given a lot of weight (like cultural, sports meet, etc)
  • La littératie, a literary club, meets once a month to have fun with the English language. At the conclusion of each year, they produce a college magazine that includes the finest entries from artists, poets, and storytellers, as well as pieces on various social events and MMC students’ accomplishments.
  • To underline the importance of Tamil, a Tamil mandram is used. Every year in April, during Tamil New Year, they hold a two-day festival in which students dress in traditional attire and participate in activities that reflect our Tamil culture.
  • Eco club is a club that I feel is necessary to mention. MMC eco-club has gone a long way since it was founded by the community medicine department (special mention: Dr. Sudharshini, MD, Assistant professor) and a few committed students. Dr. Vinisha CRRI MBBS has motivated many students and staff members at MMC to participate in the clean and green campus initiative. They are doing things better, from planting saplings to collecting trash on a regular basis to creatively repurposing plastic bottles into vertically hung plants (both on campus and at GH). Anyone may help maintain their campus clean and visually pleasing at any time. They’ve been highlighted in the local press and were recently recognized by ESIC Medical College.
  • Mega what, the MMC quiz club just held its inaugural meeting last month. Quiz Foundation of India is a partner.
  • Sports club – Hockey, football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, and other sports clubs are available. Every year, Ranadheera, an Intra college sports meet, and Encierro, an intercollege sports meet, are held.
  • Culturals – Kalaioma, an Intra college cultural meet, and Revivals, an intercollege cultural meet, are both held at MMC.
  • As always like every college, a group of Michael Jacksons is there in the name of the dance club.
  • Men and women have separate hostel days. Ultimate fun for two days, with daily fun competitions starting nearly a month before the event.


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