Kilpauk Medical College cut off 2021 – NEET expected cut off

Kilpauk Medical College cut off 2021


Kilpauk Medical College is one of Tamil Nadu’s best medical colleges. It is a good college for MBBS students, with strong fundamental departments, a decent library, and competent clinical departments. Though plastic surgery is excellent, super specialization is not yet fully established. In this post, we will primarily discuss what the NEET cut off for Kilpauk Medical College will be in 2021.

Apart from the cutoff calculation, you will understand how seats at Kilpauk Medical College are allocated across reservations and why people prefer Kilpauk Medical College to all other medical colleges in Tamil Nadu.


Kilpauk medical college seat allotment

Admission to 150 seats of Kilpauk Medical College is done through All India Medical Counseling (AIQ) for 15% of MBBS seats and through Tamil Nadu State Medical Counseling (SQ) for the remaining 85% of MBBS seats.


1 All India Quota 15% reservation 22
2 State Quota 85% reservation General category seats 109
7.5% Internal reservation 10
Special reservation 9
Total 150


1. All India Quota reservation

15% of MBBS seats totally 22 seats are filled by the All India Quota (AIQ), which is administered by MCC counseling, with seats allocated to each group in the following order,


1 GN 17
2 GNPH 1
3 SC 3
4 ST 1
Total 22


2. State Quota reservation

The remaining 128 (85%) MBBS seats at Madras Medical College are filled through the State Quota (SQ), which is administered by the Tamilnadu State Medical Council, and the seats are reserved according to the following categories (2020),


1 OC 34
2 BC 29
3 BCM 4
4 MBC 22
5 SC 16
6 SCA 3
7 ST 1
Total 109


3. 7.5% Internal reservation

In 2020 a new reservation particularly for government school students of Tamilnadu has been passed by Governor. This is known as 7.5% Internal reservation. This actually takes 7.5% of the total seats reserved for State Quota in every government and private college. Seats reserved for each category under 7.5% reservation in Kilpauk Medical college have been given below.


1 OC 3
2 BC 3
3 MBC 2
4 SC 1
5 SCA 1
Total 10


4. Special category reservation

In each year about 8 seats from Kilpauk Medical College will be allotted to the special categories, like Physically Handicapped, Eminent sports person and wards of Ex-serviceman.


Previous year cut off marks for Kilpauk Medical College

Here I am going to provide the cut off marks for both the All India Quota and State Quota in Kilpauk Medical College from the years 2018, 2019, and 2020. By which we can easily access the expected cutoff marks for 2021.


1. All India Quota previous year cut off marks

S. No
Rank Mark
1 GH 564 603 6354 638
3 SC 439 480 48204 550
4 ST 425 458 48736 548


2. State Quota previous year cut off marks

S.NO CATEGORY 2018 2019 2020
1 OC 459 559 622 
2 BC 434 537 614
3 BCM 387 518 611
4 MBC 393 507 594
5 SC 318 434  528
6 SCA 309 390  495
7 ST 281 411  –


Expected cut off marks for Kilpauk Medical College


We’ll tell you the expected NEET cut off, for Kilpauk Medical College for the year 2021 in terms of both the All India Quota (15%) and the State Quota (85%). We can’t exactly call it a prediction; instead, we can say that we calculated this cut off using statistical methods that account for every factor that has a direct impact on the NEET cut off for Tamil Nadu in 2021.

If you want to see how we came up with this calculation, NEET 2021 cut off for Kilpauk Medical College, you can see it here, and it will make you wonder how reliable it is – Expected NEET 2021 cut off in Tamilnadu


1. All India Quota expected cut off marks

S. No
1 GH ∼ 660
3 SC ∼ 600
4 ST ∼ 598


2. State Quota expected cut off marks

1 OC ∼ 650
2 BC ∼ 645
3 BCM ~ 640
4 MBC ~ 625
5 SC ~ 580
6 SCA ~ 560
7 ST


Why Kilpauk medical college is preferred?


Kilpauk Medical College STUDENTS


This info down here is from one of my colleagues from Kilpauk Medical College. He actually provided me with a list of why people are taking KMC and what are the real advantages here. And these are not assumptions, you will get it when you reach there.

  • Of the four government medical colleges in Chennai, KMC has always had the smallest campus. The requirement for additional building infrastructure and classrooms has reduced the amount of open space available to students on campus even further. It doesn’t really matter.
  • Because, believe me, Kilpauk Medical College hasn’t lost its allure! The majestic Banyan trees and the beloved cooperative store are still present. The various departments now have far more infrastructure than they had ten years ago. The new library is well-stocked, and most of the departments have been computerized owing to the Alumni Association’s well-intentioned efforts.
  • College functions in Kilpauk Medical College – Every year, at the annual college carnival known as “Pradarshini,” the young doctors-in-training may let their hair down and have a good time. It is definitely one of the most well-attended and popular college festivals in Chennai. The Tamil Sangam’s yearly celebration is known as “Vaanavil.”
  • Hostal Life in Kilpauk Medical college – The men’s and women’s hostels are on the opposite side of the main road, just across from the college and adjacent to the hospital. In the hostel, there is never a dull moment. Over the years, it has had its fair share of conflicts, strikes, celebrations, and secrets, just like any other hostel. The camaraderie, on the other hand, has to be seen to be believed.
  • Evening life in Kilpauk Medical college – Students go to the Co-operative shop in the evenings after courses to get coffee, tea, snacks, and other necessities, or they go to the library block. Some people just linger around on campus, sat beneath the banyan trees, just chatting and sharing notes/gossip before waving goodbye and walking home.
  • Students at Kilpauk Medical College – It’s a dream come true to be a student at KMC. Yes, academics are difficult, and examinations are stressful. KMC attracts the most unpretentious students from various socioeconomic backgrounds. They don’t have a posh air about them, and there’s a good mix of students from Chennai and Tamilnadu’s interior districts.


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