Why did Mike Tyson Repeatedly Punch Man on Plane? – Explained

Why did Mike Tyson Repeatedly Punch Man on Plane? - Explained

Mike Tyson seemed to lose his cool on an aircraft on Wednesday night, hitting a man in the face repeatedly after the man had seemingly irritated him. Let’s see Why did Mike Tyson Repeatedly Punch Man on a Plane.

According to TMZ Sports, the incident occurred about 10:30 p.m. PT, just before Tyson was scheduled to fly out of San Francisco International Airport to Florida.

According to a witness on the plane, as he and a buddy boarded Tyson’s trip, the boxing icon was initially chilly with them and the other passengers.

According to the witness, Mike snapped a photo with him… and then sat patiently behind him with his overly excited buddy, who continued attempting to chat to the 55-year-old boxer.

We’re told Tyson eventually got enough of the person behind him whispering in his ear… and urged him to calm down. When the man didn’t, the witness claims Tyson began throwing blows at the man’s face.

Tyson didn’t stop punching until his mates stopped him. A round of 4 to 5 punches was thrown by him.

According to sources close to Mike, the man was clearly intoxicated… and wouldn’t stop prodding the boxer in his seat.


Mike Tyson Punch Man on Plane video

We received a video of Tyson landing a flurry of strikes on the man, which bloodied the passenger’s forehead. Mike, according to the witness, stepped off the plane mere seconds afterward.

According to reports, the man who was punched sought medical assistance and subsequently reported the event to the police. We’ve reached out to officers for comment, but have yet to hear back.

We’ve also contacted JetBlue and Tyson’s camp for comment on the incident, but have yet to hear back.


Fan’s reaction to Mike Tyson’s Rage moment

Qwicmbl said,

Never knew Jet Blue had first class

Conscious_Employ_518 replied,

No. It’s really nice. It’s way better than all other domestic first class. The NY LA route has 1 seat per row, walls, and a full day down bed, for dinner you can choose 3 out of 8 meals. I’ve flown first class exclusively for over 20 years, flying with every airline, pre COVID I would fly 30-60 times a year. In my opinion, one can’t do better than mint class on domestic flights in the USA, it’s legit.

Have you flown mint class JetBlue? Or were you just guessing it was sub-par?

Shackleton214 said,

Dude does have a punchable face.

GetOutOfTheWhey said,

Mike Tyson gave him a facial autograph.

Snarkydooda said,

I still see passengers boarding? Did this kid really piss off Mike Tyson before the plane even left the tarmac? That’s some serious 5-year-old little kid energy.

Goalie_deacon said,

There is a comedy bit about one of these encounters with Tyson. The bit is told from the POV of the eye punched. It is hilarious how the eye is trying to talk down his person, then when the fist is coming, the eye is hoping the mouth is going to get it for playing a big part of it. Then the eye screams when it realizes Mike’s fist is going straight to the eye.



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