Why did AJ Brown traded from Titans to Eagles? What is going on?

Why did AJ Brown traded

The Titans’ tenure with A.J. Brown came to an end on Thursday. The Eagles acquired the fourth-year wideout from Tennessee in return for the 18th and 101st picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. Let’s see why did AJ Brown traded.

Brown, who will be 25 in June, was the Titans’ No. 1 receiver during his three seasons with the team. He established himself as one of the NFL’s top young receivers, averaging 73 catches, 1,184 yards, and nine touchdowns in 17 games.

Brown will now be dressed in midnight green for his game against Philadelphia. While the trade came together quickly, it was unsurprising that Brown and Tennessee parted ways. This is why.


Why did AJ Brown traded from Titans to Eagles?

The Titans appear to have parted ways with Brown for the same reasons that other teams have parted ways with star wideouts during the 2022 NFL offseason. Tennessee refused to pay Brown the money he was requesting.

There had been rumors that Brown and the Titans were having difficulty reaching an agreement on a contract extension. Brown himself stoked the fire on occasion, tweeting cryptic messages throughout April as tensions between him and the team simmered beneath the surface.

“We got to a point where it was going to be difficult to get a deal done [with Brown],” Titans general manager Jon Robinson said after the first round on Thursday, according to Jim Wyatt of the team’s official website.

When the Titans saw an opportunity, they traded him. They used the 18th pick on Arkansas’ Treylon Burks, one of the draft’s top receivers. After the selection, NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah compared Burks to Brown.

Brown will benefit greatly from the trade. The Eagles are expected to sign him to a four-year, $100 million contract with a $57 million guarantee.

Brown, on the other hand, wanted Titans fans to know that he did not believe he was to blame for how things ended in Tennessee. In a since-deleted tweet, he implied that ownership was to blame.

“Tennessee I love you and will always have a place in my heart for you, and I can say this now, “Brown penned. “IT WASN’T MY FAULT. But I wish you the best of luck. Love”

Brown quickly changed his mind about the tweet, which he deleted less than 10 minutes after sending it. He substituted a more generic thank you to Titans fans.


Brown, who was named to the Pro Bowl in 2020, had been skipping voluntary offseason workouts as he entered the final year of his rookie contract.

Titans general manager Jon Robinson, on the other hand, stated last week that the team does not intend to trade Brown.

“I don’t see it happening,” he said.

Robinson had remained optimistic that an extension could be reached during the offseason.

“The decision we made today was a difficult one,” Robinson said in a news conference after the deal was announced Thursday night. “I really appreciate everything A.J. has done for our football team, on and off the field, and in the community.”

We got to a point where it was going to be difficult to close a deal, and the trade thing sort of manifested itself from there.”

Haason Reddick #7 tweeted,
We got AJ Brown and Jordan Davis. Plus the Sixers won. Today was a great day for Philly sports!
Skip Bayless reacted on twitter,
Uh-oh. Eagles trade for AJ Brown to pair with DeVonta Smith. It’s starting to feel like the Eagles are a little better than the Cowboys.
Warren Sharp tweeted,
this is insane
within minutes of each other:
Cards get Marquise Brown for pick 23
Eagles get AJ Brown for pick 18 and a 3rd
what are the Cardinals doing


Clay Travis tweeted,
This AJ Brown trade just makes me hate Ryan Tannehill more. This is all his fault. I’m never getting over his shitty, indefensible disaster of a performance against the Bengals
Braden Gall tweeted,
AJ Brown is the most talented WR the #Titans have ever had and they just traded him away after three years in the league.
Merrill Reese tweeted,
Loved night one. Jordan Davis was the defensive difference maker this team needed. AJ Brown gives Jalen Hurts a polished weapon. There were rookies I liked who were still available but Brown will be a force from day one. Smith, Brown, and whoever….Wow!



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