What happened to Mino Raiola? is Mino Raiola alive?

What happened to Mino Raiola

As he fights for his life in intensive care, super-agent Mino Raiola tweets his anger at widespread reports from Italy claiming he had DIED. Let’s see what happened to Mino Raiola in detail.


What happened to Mino Raiola?

On Thursday, the football world was stunned by reports from his native country that Raiola had died at the age of 54.

‘I am outraged by the phone calls from pseudo-journalists who speculate on the life of a fighting man,’ said Alberto Zangrillo, head of the anesthesia and intensive care unit at Milan’s San Raffaele hospital.

‘He is in a bad position, but he hasn’t died,’ said Raiola’s right-hand man Jose Fortes Rodriguez to NOS in Holland.

Another source confirmed that he is ‘extremely ill.’

Real Madrid tweeted their condolences to Raiola’s family before quickly deleting the message after Italian news channel TgLa7 announced his death.

Mario Balotelli, a client of Raiola, slammed the Italian media outlets that mentioned the death: ‘You need to be first, don’t you? You should be ashamed of your education, respect, values, and responsibilities!

Raiola represents players such as Paul Pogba, Erling Haaland, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Raiola was admitted to a hospital in Milan in January and underwent delicate surgery, but the nature of her illness was not disclosed.

According to reports, Raiola’s condition was not life-threatening at the time, and he would begin a period of rehabilitation at home – but he is now back in intensive care.

Mino Raiola is frustrated with the false reporting of a death

Mino Raiola, a well-known football agent, expressed his displeasure on Twitter on Thursday, amid a flurry of reports claiming his death.

“For those who are curious, my current health status is: I’m pissed off because they killed me for the second time in four months. They appear to be able to resuscitate as well “Raiola took to Twitter after reports circulated on social media that he had died.

Raiola, 54, was admitted to San Raffaele Hospital in Milan in January, and his business partner, Jose Fortes Rodrigues, told ESPN NL that he is still in critical condition.

Rodrigues had this to say about the rumors: “It isn’t true. He’s not dead, but he’s in a fight for his life.”

Doctor Alberto Zangrillo, who is treating Raiola, expressed his displeasure with the false rumors.

“I’m outraged by phone calls from phoney journalists speculating on the life of a man fighting for his life,” Zangrillo told the Italian news agency ANSA.


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