Why did Dhanush and Aishwarya announce separation? How is it even possible after 18 years of Togetherness

dhanush and aishvarya divorce


Dhanush and Aishwarya separation: Dhanush’s wife Aishwarya was at his side while he established himself in the film industry. Both are from well-known filmmaking families in the South. Dhanush is the son of Kasthuri Raja, a well-known director, and producer. In addition, Aishwarya is Rajinikanth’s daughter. It was an arranged marriage for both of them, and after only six months of dating, they tied the knot, and everything was fantastic up until 18 years! 

In addition, they have two children, Yatra and Linga.

Unexpectedly, the two are currently parting ways, according to social media. This has caused great consternation among filmgoers and the public.

On his Twitter page, Dhanush said,

“We have been friends, partners, and parents for 18 years. We are currently separated. We have created this section to understand ourselves. Accept this separation of ours.” 


Fans questions on Dhanush and Aishwarya separation

How can a well-known couple with 18 years of marriage abruptly end their relationship in a matter of seconds on Twitter? I’m not sure how it’s even feasible. Fans have been tweeting a video of Dhanush singing to Aishwarya and holding over her on Twitter, with the caption ‘This one isn’t even a year old ra’.



Fans are also concerned about Rajinikanth, who is known for his positivity. There are so many positives. So many positive actions. Acts of kindness. Despite the fact, he has a lot of disadvantages in his personal life. I’m not sure why God is punishing him this way. I can’t imagine the pain he’s going through right now. All are tweeting Please be strong Thalaiva! 

Few fans are even trolling about Rajinikanth’s current situation and the separation. Whatever it is, employing Newton’s third law to taunt someone who is in immense pain will backfire. Please stop doing so. Soon after, they realized they were a good match and wanted to marry.

In a previous interview with JFW, Aishwarya revealed the nicest aspect of their relationship, saying, “The fact that we give each other enough space is the best part of our relationship. We don’t believe in sacrificing ourselves for the sake of the other just because we want to be together (maybe this might be the reason who knows). When you’re in your mid-20s, you’ve made up your mind about what you believe in, and it’s difficult to alter your mind.”


Dhanush and Aishwarya Love story

Didn't expect this coming? Dhanush, Aishwaryaa Rajinikanth announce separation

Dhanush and Aishwarya married in 2004 when Dhanush was 21 years old. When Dhanush and Aishwarya chose to spend the rest of their life together, some people thought they were a bad fit because of their age difference. Dhanush is two years older than Aishwarya, but that has never been a factor in their relationship. Do you want to discover how these two met and fell in love?

Rumors were the start of it all. When Dhanush’s film Kadhal Kondaen was released, the two first met. Dhanush was introduced to Aishwarya by the cinema owner, who commended him on his performance. The actor received a bouquet from Aishwarya with a congratulations letter the next day, and while Dhanush appreciated the kind gesture, there was nothing more between the two at the moment.

Soon after, media rumors surfaced claiming that Dhanush and Aishwarya are dating. Dhanush even went on the public at the time to reject the charges, claiming that she is nothing more than his sister’s friend. Their relatives, on the other hand, felt the two would make ideal life mates.

Soon after, the families convened a gathering, and the rest, as they say, is history. Aishwarya’s modest personality and maturity drew the actor in.

Dhanush and Aishwarya Love story


Why did Dhanush and Aishwarya announce separation?

To be honest, the exact reason for this separation is unknown at this point. Only the two of them, as well as their family members, may be aware of the truth. However, a sincere fan who cares about their feelings will not dig this. I understand how unexpected and shocking that was. The reasons behind the break-up are none of our business. Fans and the media should give them the space they need. All we can say is that we wish Dhanush and Aishwarya good luck for the future!

But, if you really want to get into it, let me explain the difficulties and controversies that each of them had to deal with.


What Caused Dhanush and Aishwarya to separate?

An insider close to the couple reveals the events leading up to this point. According to an actor who is also a friend of the couple, “Dhanush is a hard worker. Anyone who knows him knows he prioritizes his job over anything else. His business demands – traveling between cities and outdoor film shoots – have taken a toll on his personal life on several occasions.”


Each time there was friction with Aishwarya, Dhanush would sign a New Film

According to the source, whenever Dhanush and Aishwaryaa had a breaking out, he’d move on to sign a new project, maybe as a method to keep himself busy. “Anyone who knows Dhanush understands that he is a very private person. Even with his closest pals, he keeps his personal life private. You have no way of knowing what’s going on in his head. He’s gone out and signed a new picture whenever he’s had trouble with Aishwaryaa or anything that’s caused them to fight. It almost appeared like he was using his profession to distract himself from his deteriorating relationship, which was clearly taking a toll on both of them “according to the insider

Despite back-to-back films and other professional responsibilities such as managing production work, researching the OTT sector, and preparing new projects, the couple’s final six months appear to have been the most challenging. For a long time, Dhanush and Aishwaryaa had considered going their separate ways.


How did Dhanush and Aishwarya plan to announce the separation?

The pair sat down and had a long talk before releasing a statement about their split, according to the source. Before making the formal announcement, Dhanush wanted to conclude the Atrangi Re promotions. “Dhanush was out of his element throughout the Atrangi Re promotions. He was obviously going through something personal and wanted to keep it to himself. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, on the other hand, has devoted herself to fitness and her other passions, such as charity and women empowerment programs. Yatra and Linga, their children, were her main worry. It was also critical that they inform them of their separation now that they are adults “according to the insider.

On the other hand coming to the controversies, If you consider Aishwarya, she is the better woman with no controversies, but Dhanush is a shambles with a slew of scandals surrounding him. He may or may not be responsible for a handful of them. Let’s see one by one…


dhanush suchi controversy


On Twitter’s outburst, popular Tamil RJ and singer Suchitra Karthik accused South star Dhanush and his music director pal Anirudh Ravichander of having sex with her after spiking her beverages! Suchitra Karthik Kumar has accused Dhanush, Anirudh, and singer Chinmayi of doing horrible things to her and threatened them with publishing intimate photos and videos online as proof in a series of tweets. Suchitra has been on a rampage, wreaking havoc on Dhanush and his Kollywood pals. Such said she was abused by actor Dhanush’s crew and posted a photo of her damaged arm on Twitter. The controversy then became murkier when the singer accused the actor of having sex with her and his buddy, Anirudh. This is the absolute worst thing Aishwarya could hear as a wife.

Suchitra has also accused Dhanush of having illegal relationships with Amala Paul, Divya Dharshini, and Shruti Hassan.

Priya Anand and Dhanush later started dating. That’s also the most difficult part for Aishwarya to deal with.

Several others have accused him of being the reason for Amala Paul and DD’s divorce from their spouses.


Dhanush and Aishwarya decided to Co-parent their kids 

So, what was the source of the couple’s distress? Dhanush and Aishwaryaa appear to have grown apart over the previous several years, culminating in their decision to give each other space and prioritize their own happiness. “Their children will always come first, and they intend to co-parent them in the future. There is no enmity or resentment between them. If not right away, but in the near future, you might see them together in public spaces and at events “concludes the companion.



All of the things I know might have a minor role in the separation. He and she, on the other hand, only know the truth of their separation. As I have stated. This is not for a true fan who cares about their emotions. They should be given the space they require by fans and the media. All we can say is that we wish Dhanush and Aishwarya the best of luck in their future endeavors!

Let me know what you think about the separation and if you think it’s necessary for Aishwarya to be apart for so long or you believe they were made for one other.


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