Who is Ryan Taylor? Slim’s opponent Stats, Boxing Record, Odds Analysis



Who is Ryan Taylor? Slim's opponent Stats, Boxing Record, Odds Analysis


This weekend sees the return of INFLUENCER boxing, featuring Slim and Ryan Taylor. Let’s see Who is Ryan Taylor, Slim’s opponent’s Stats, Boxing Record and Odds Analysis in detail


Who is Ryan Taylor?

Popular BMX rider and freestyler Ryan Taylor is well-known on social media. On his YouTube channel, Ryan Taylor has been documenting his travels and BMX adventures. As of 2022, his YouTube channel had 2.36 million subscribers.

Ryan Taylor was raised in Walsall, West Midlands, after being born in London, England. He recorded many videos in the backyard of renowned American BMX rider David Michael Mirra while residing in Greenville, North Carolina. As soon as Ryan Taylor turned 17, he was ranked among the top park riders in the UK.

His most well-known movies include “Spending The Night In A Waterpark,” “24 Hour Overnight Challenge In Trampoline Park,” “BMX VS Waterpark!” (Down The Big Slides), “In And Out Challenge” in London, and “Old Man BMX Rider Prank.” Electric Dirt Bike Riding’ is another.

His work has been attracting an increasing number of likes, views, and subscriptions. Up until 2014, he had been a member of the Hyper staff. Other companies that have sponsored him include Triple 8, Rocker BMX, and producers of small BMXs.

This has contributed to increasing his net worth. Additionally, he made a significant contribution to the creation of “the Industry BMX Crispy.” He contributed to the development of this 20-inch, lightweight, and affordable bike. He has appeared in several Amity Bike Co. videos, including the 2010 song “Ain’t Playing.” Also, he took part in events like the Spine mini-contest at Nokia FISE and the Super Ramp at the BMX Worlds. His birthday occurred on March 18, 1993, making him 29 years old as of 2022.

Real NameRyan Taylor
Nick NameRyan
Famous AsSocial media star, BMX racer
BirthdayMarch 18, 1993
Birth SignPisces
Body MeasurementsN/A
Biceps SizeN/A
Eye Colorgreenish-blue
Hair ColorDark Brown
Shoe SizeN/A
GirlfriendKarol Priscilla (2017)
Net Worth$363K
Favorite FoodsN/A

Body Measurement, Height, and Weight

The present state of Ryan’s height and weight is undisclosed. His other bodily measurements, including his chest height, belly size, hip size, and various proportions, are also unavailable. However, he has a strong physique and a stunning masculine profile. Ryan has dark hair and greenish-blue eyes.

Scroll down to see how Ryan HeadButts DkMonkey during the battle,


Ryan Taylor’s Net Worth And Social Media

On many of his social media accounts, Ryan Taylor maintains a high level of activity. He has 458K Instagram followers and 1.95 million YouTube subscribers. He also has 146K Facebook fans in addition to 43.1K Twitter followers. Ryan also participates on Snapchat.

His estimated net worth as of 2021 is $363K, according to publications. YouTube is his main source of income. Similar to that, he has posted several movies that have amassed over 180 million views as of this writing. Additionally, month after month, his viewership has been steadily increasing.

What happened to Slim Albaher?

Taylor and Albaher have been at odds for a very long time; their summer brawl was postponed following a scuffle in a hotel lobby.

YouTuber Slim Albaher’s left eye’s ruptured retina has forced him to withdraw from his boxing battle against Ryan Taylor.

On July 16, as part of the Simple Simon vs. Ed Matthews undercard, Albaher and Taylor were scheduled to square off for the ultimate bragging rights.

The ‘Settling Scores’ TikTok boxing event is now scheduled to take place at the Indigo at London’s O2 Arena the following month.

However, he shared the tragic news of his injury, which he claims were all the fault of his opponent.

At a pre-fight news conference in London last week, the once-best friends who are now sworn foes insulted one another as emotions threatened to flare up on stage.

Physical brawl between Slim and Taylor

The two were reportedly involved in a physical brawl at a hotel immediately after the event had ended, so it appears that it didn’t end there either. 27-year-old Albaher stated on his YouTube page: “I turned to go when Ryan Taylor, being the cheap shot scumbag that he is, began to follow me and yell in my face, “Look me in the eyes when I’m talking to you,” while I was completely oblivious to him.

“Then Ryan Taylor approaches me so closely while I’m still not making eye contact with him or doing anything else, and he just shoves me. “He gave me a sudden, strong push that I didn’t expect, causing me to fall to the ground and ask, “What’s going on?”

Adam Saleh, who was present with me, attempted to intervene. And when he intervenes, professional Bellator MMA fighter Kane Mousah chokes him out. He grabs him and holds him down by the throat. Albaher claims that despite his frantic efforts to repel him, he was unable to prevent him from placing a headlock on him.

I made a feint to get him to back off, but he continued. In no way was I attempting to be aggressive. I genuinely did that to keep him away from me because he was approaching. I was trying to keep this businesslike. He attacks me head-on, kicks me, and physically puts me in a headlock. And he does so quite firmly. I tried to pull out of the headlock by grabbing his arm, but he would not release it.

“While holding me in a headlock and throwing blows at me and my eye, I reacted by attempting to defend myself. I locked him in the headlock and started throwing blows. In contrast to the numerous times he punched me in the eye, I felt like I only hit him once in the face.

“He caught me right within my eyeball, I got hit so hard in the eyeball. He’s a false gangster and a fake strong guy who needs to employ cheap shots to achieve what he wants because he knows he wouldn’t have a chance in a fair fight.

The American further asserts that the unprovoked attack caused his detached retina. “I went to the ground because one of the punches caught me right in the eyeball,” he added. “I had problems seeing out of my left eye for a short while after that, and I still struggle with it now. “It’s quite embarrassing, and the doctors told me I’m not even permitted to fight right now after I saw several eye doctors and spoke with innumerable individuals. I’m disappointed in myself since I can’t work out or do anything else. The doctor informed me that my retina is detached and that both the front and rear of my eye are covered with many swellings.

“I was told I couldn’t train, I couldn’t do any boxing, I couldn’t do anything anytime soon, which is very terrible,” the author said.

What did Slim and Taylor confess?

Slim said: “I feel fine, I’m just thankful because honestly, an incident like we had might have rendered me blind in my left eye. I’m just pleased that my eye is in excellent shape and I have the chance to compete in Misfits 1, which was the opportunity of a lifetime, and I won by knockout.

“This man is so fascinated with me that throughout the last fight he was following me around, agitating me, and trying to provoke a reaction out of me. I don’t even have to do this battle.

He’s already kind of dead, but I kind of want to bury him anyhow because he’s the most despised person on the internet and nobody gives a f*** about him.

Ryan Taylor: We didn’t sustain any injuries, according to Ryan Taylor. I texted him to say, “We had a small scuffle, it’s cool, let’s keep it rolling.” He claims to have been hurt, but since we all know who he is and here is the internet, he is not required to uphold his identity.

When is Slim vs Ryan Taylor?

  • Slim’s big fight with Ryan Taylor will take place this Saturday, October 15.
  • The fight will be held at the Utilita Arena in Sheffield. 
  • The main event of the night will be Jay Swingler vs Cherdleys.
  • Expect ring-walks for the co-main event Slim vs Taylor to comment at around 9.30 pm.

What channel is it and can it be live-streamed?

  • Slim’s clash with Ryan Taylor will be shown live on DAZN in the UK.
  • The fight will be shown as part of your monthly DAZN subscription, which costs £7.99-a-month.
  • You can live stream the action from the DAZN pp, which is available for download onto your mobile or tablet device.


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