Jay Swingler Vs Cherdleys betting: Who will win? Odds Analysis Explained

Jay Swingler Vs Cherdleys

Jay Swingler Vs Cherdleys event is going to be the most expected match of the Misfits Boxing program. At Misfits Boxing’s second major event, British internet sensation Jay Swingler will square off against American YouTuber Cherdleys. Here is all the information you require to know about the event.

When will Jay Swingler Vs Cherdleys knock off?

Jay Swingler Vs Cherdleys will headline the Misfits Boxing program on Saturday, October 15, 2022. At 10 p.m. UK time, the main event will begin. The event will be held at the venue of Sheffield’s Utilita Arena, Broughton Ln, S9 2DF, United Kingdom. The battle will be broadcasted at 7 pm BST/ 2 pm ET/ 11 am PT/ 5 am AEDT.

Where can I watch the Jay Swingler Vs Cherdleys live stream?

The event will be broadcasted on DAZN. ‘BoxTuber’ events have become a major business in recent years, with the noted JJ, Logan Paul, Jake Paul, and AnEsonGib all drawing massive crowds against tough opposition.
Misfits Boxing now aspires to make these “celebrity” events a more ongoing phenomenon, with consistent events all through the year.


Jay Swingler returns to the ring in the second season of the Misfits Boxing series to fight American YouTuber and actor Cherdleys. In Sheffield, the co-main event is Slim vs. Ryan Taylor, where Slim is going for yet another spectacular knockout. In August, KSI defeated both Swarmz and Luis Pineda in TWO fights in the first Misfits Boxing program.

In Sheffield, Swarmz was scheduled to make a comeback, but his fight has been postponed. He will fight once more in January. Hasim Rahman was supposed to lead the card against MMA star Vitor Belfort, but that bout has been moved to November 19 in Austin, Texas.

The O2 in London was sold out for the previous Misfits event, and now the stakes have been heightened with title additions as quarrels need to be resolved and new crossover boxing stars are discovered.
When adversaries Slim and Ryan Taylor settle their unresolved issues in the ring during crossover boxing’s maiden title defense, the co-main event is about to explode!

The MF and ICB Light-Heavyweight Championship belts are at stake, and if bragging rights weren’t already enough to make this a possible candidate for “Fight of the Night,” the addition of the titles will undoubtedly add even more oil to the fire.

Tom Zanetti, a fighter from Yorkshire, will be among the exciting new fights on the card. The fight card shows the fights from Tom Zanetti vs. Jayden King, JMX vs. Ginty, Astrid Wett vs. Keeley, Ashley Rak-Su vs. Anthony Taylor, and DTG vs. Halal Ham!

Fght card on MF & DAZN: X Series 2

Jay Swingler Vs Cherdleys
Ryan Taylor Vs Slim Albaher
Ginty Vs Joel Morris (JMX)
Jayden King Vs Tom Zanetti
A. Wett Vs K. Keeley
Anthony Taylor Vs Ashley Tebi
DTG Vs Halal Ham

Jay Swingler Vs Cherdleys fight card

Odd analysis for Jay Swingler Vs Cherdleys

The two main event competitors had been generally fun in their verbal exchanges lead-up to this match, but the latest virtual fighting indicated that playtime had ended. As Cherdleys soaked up the sun in the United States, Jay Swingler cautioned the challenger of his attention and intent in the lead-up to this one.

Jay Swingler says,

I’m so zoned in and focused right now, I’m coming to win. This guy isn’t surviving my shots. This isn’t going past round one, at a maximum, it’ll be in the second round. When you lose this fight, it’s okay. When you get knocked out, you’ll still have a career to fall back on.

Cherdleys, who is well-known for his humorous plays and jovial nature, cited Rocky IV as his inspiration while outlining his determination to win this battle. He continues to be confident that he will win this fight and do it in style while picturing every possible result.

Cherdleys says,

I’ve been meditating five or six hours every day and planning every move. It’s kinda like a chess game and with every little move I’ll have something to come back with. I’m coming on to your turf, and I’m taking it very seriously. I’ve been training for 15 years, whether that be in the ring or constant battles in life.

I’m going to be the first undefeated boxer to block every shot in all four rounds. We’re gonna come in there guns blazing, and look hot whilst I do it.

Who is Jay Swingler?

In 2018, Jay Swingler faced off against AnEsonGib in a packed Manchester Arena as part of the undercard of KSI vs. Logan Paul. He intends to leave the fight on October 15 with his first professional victory and evidence that his boxing career is still in good hands.

Outside of the ring, Swingler is well-known for his challenge, comedy, and prank videos on his own YouTube channel as well as on the TGFbro with Uncle Romell channel, which together has 8 million members worldwide. While he temporarily attended Halesowen College to study photography and film, he finally left to pursue his creative profession full-time.

He started his YouTube career when he was just 12 years old. He went to Halesowen College to study photography and film and continued his career as a creator. “He’s gonna be left by himself in the middle of the desert with a very hungry predator and nowhere to run. Bring everything you have, you’re gonna need it!”

Who is Cherdleys?

A professional comedian, Cherdleys has been on shows from Comedy Central, Funny Or Die, and Adult Swim. Nothing is off-limits for Cherdleys; in his own words, “His own mother would be embarrassed by him, but Cherdleys doesn’t care”; he has had success bringing the comic heat.

He is now prepared to risk everything in order to defend America and mustaches. He’ll turn up the heat in another way when he enters the ring to face Jay Swingler. He believes that Swingler can’t compete with Cherdley’s best effort. Even if he did, Cherdleys would still bring his A, B, C, and D game because, well, he’s Cherdleys.


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