Did Leilani Simon kill her son Quinton Simon? What happened? Explained

Did Leilani Simon kill his son Quinton Simon? What happened? Explained

Quinton Simon’s mother Leilani Simon is the defendant in the toddler missing case. According to Georgia police, the mother of the missing child Quinton Simon is the main suspect in his death. Let’s see Leilani Simon is the suspect of his son Quinton Simon and what happened to Quinton in detail.

How did Quinton Simon die?

Quinton Simon was deceased, says Georgian police. Around 10:30 p.m., the Chatham County Police Department tweeted, “We are saddened to report that CCPD and the FBI have notified Quinton Simon’s family that we believe he is deceased. “We have named his mother, Leilani Simon, as the prime suspect in his disappearance and death. But, no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed.”

The department said,

We know that thousands of people around the world will be heartbroken by this news, and we share your sorrow. We’ve seized evidence that we believe will help move this case forward & we’re now working to analyze the evidence to see where it leads us.

The 20-month-old was last seen a week ago in the early hours of October 5 at his Savannah, Georgia, residence. More information, according to the agency, will be provided at a news conference and no other information is known yet.

What happened to Quinton Simon?

Quinton Simon was lastly seen at his playpen outside his Savannah home around six in the morning before a few days. About three hours later, his mom Leilani Simon, 22, reported him missing. Little Quinton has not been found despite investigators searching the family’s house, backyard pool, a neighboring pond, and other outside spaces.

Chief of Chatham County Police Jeff Hadley stated on Monday that police are looking for any criminal activity connected to Quinton’s disappearance. According to the 911 call that WJCL was able to get, the mother of the kid thought someone might have kidnapped him from their house when she called to report her missing.

Local detectives working on the missing person case with assistance from the FBI. Police have already stated that they do not believe any foul play in the boy’s missing case or that he was taken as part of a custody battle.

Following the boy’s missing six days ago, Georgia police and the FBI have stepped up their search for missing boy Quinton Simon.

Georgia police officers added: “Everybody is being met. Everybody is being interviewed. Everybody that had contact with Quinton in the most recent time of his disappearance is being looked at, is being interviewed.”

After learning that the toddler’s babysitter claimed to have received “odd” messages before his abduction, police carried out a second search of the toddler’s residence.

What is the kid’s babysitter’s statement?

Quinton Simon – babysitter, Diana McCarta told the local news station WSAV-TV that she had seen Quinton and his brother the day before he vanished. She claimed to have been babysitting Quinton and his brother for six months.

Referring to the boy’s mum, Leilani Simon, Diana McCarta said:

I got a text this morning saying they would not be here, would not be babysitting them at 5:29 [a.m.]. Which was kind of odd because I have them even when [their mother] doesn’t work. McCarta then claimed that she received a text message around 9 am from Quinton’s other relatives asking if she had seen the toddler.

She said: “I immediately go to their house. I try to help them look, but they didn’t want that. So, I’ve been just waiting around like everyone else. My heart is broken. I’m not his mother. I’m not his family. But I love him very much. And I just don’t know what could happen.”

According to the local ABC affiliate WJCL, the boy’s maternal grandparents Billie Jo and Thomas Howell have custody of both the boy and his 3-year-old sibling.

Quinton Simon Cause of Death

In an interview with the station, Billie Jo Howell said of Leilani Simon,

She hasn’t always done the right thing. Sometimes she does really great, sometimes she doesn’t. I don’t know what to think right now. I don’t know what to believe, because I don’t think anybody ever believes this is going to happen to them. “I don’t know if I can trust her or I don’t. I just know I’m hurting and I want this baby home. He’s my baby.”

Allegations that Ms. Simon harmed Ms. Howell’s property can be found in the records. Court records from WJCL show that Billie Jo Howell tried to dislodge the child’s mother and her boyfriend from her home in early September.

Police have stated that there does not seem to be a custody dispute. Police have not identified any suspects or persons of interest, and they claim there is no evidence to suggest the child did not walk off on his own.
He would not say whether the family was cooperating with the authorities or had hired an attorney. He informed the media that he was unaware of the family’s present location. Police have not stated whether or not foul play is suspected.

However, the Quinton Simon Cause of Death was still not known clearly. The reason for Quinton’s death will be known only after the press conference.


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