Methamphetamine in condoms hidden in pumpkins: Everything You Need to know

Methamphetamine in condoms hidden in pumpkins: Everything You Need to know

Liquid Methamphetamine hidden in a pumpkin was found by CBP officers on the Texas border on Tuesday. During a vehicle search in Texas, border officers discovered condoms concealed inside pumpkins holding liquid methamphetamine valued at more than $402,000, according to the authorities. Let’s see about drug smuggling and How did officers find Liquid Methamphetamine hidden in pumpkins in detail.

What happened at the Texas border?

At the Eagle Pass Port of Entry on Tuesday, CBP agents from the Office of Field Operations encountered the 2012 Ford Escape from Mexico. Officers underwent the secondary check-up and found the hidden Liquid Methamphetamine inside the pumpkins sealed in condoms. The narcotics and vehicle were seized, and the driver and passenger were turned over to the Maverick County Sheriff’s Office.

CBP Port Director, Elizabeth Garduno said, “Our frontline CBP officers have seen just about everything and this Tuesday was no exception as they encountered Liquid Methamphetamine hidden in a pumpkin. They utilized their training, experience, and interviewing skills and uncovered a rather novel narcotics smuggling method in the process.”

Liquid Methamphetamine was hidden in a pumpkin

U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Field Operations (OFO) found a Liquid Methamphetamine hidden in a pumpkin. At the Eagle Pass Port of Entry, about 44 pounds, approximately 19.84 kg of liquid methamphetamine was concealed within condoms within pumpkins in a passenger vehicle was found.

Border agents were stationed at the Camino Real International Bridge when the vehicle came across a 2012 Ford Escape entering from Mexico. The driver was then recommended for a follow-up check. Officers looked into the vehicle and discovered 44 pounds of liquid meth concealed inside four pumpkins and 136 condoms. The liquid meth was hidden inside the Halloween pumpkins and it seems to be a Halloween decoration. The Maverick County Sheriff’s Office seized the vehicle and the drugs, and the driver was taken into custody. The meth was worth an estimated $402,196, according to the statement.

Liquid methamphetamine is a form of crystal meth that is simple to make from the powder or pill form of the drug. It is a powerful CNS stimulant that is primarily used for recreational drugs.

Who is U.S. Customs and Border Protection?

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is the Department of Homeland Security’s unified border agency in charge of comprehensive border management, control, and protection, encompassing customs, immigration, border security, and agricultural defense at and between official ports of entry. As the United States Department of Homeland Security’s largest federal law enforcement department, it serves as the country’s main border control agency. They found a Liquid Methamphetamine hidden in a pumpkin at the Eagle Pass Port of Entry.

What did the officials say about the Liquid Methamphetamine smuggling?

Director, of Field Operations, Randy Howe tweeted,

How do you mend a broken Jack-O’-Lantern ? @CBP @DFOLaredo Eagle Pass Port of Entry intercepts 44 lbs. of Liquid Meth, concealed in pumpkins. Narcotics have an estimated street value of $402k. Great work by our frontline officers and a way to carve out those illegal narcotics.

CBP South Texas tweeted,

Toxic Halloween pumpkins: @CBP @DFOLaredo #CBP officers seize $402K in liquid methamphetamine hidden in condoms in pumpkins at Eagle Pass Port of Entry. Driver, and passenger turned over to @Maverick_County
Sheriff’s Office. Read more here:


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