Who is Ryan Rovito? California man arrested for possession of child pornography

Ryan Rovito (Redding Police Department)


Ryan Rovito, a California man, was arrested for allegedly having more than 900 child pornographic photographs after his wife discovered a hidden camera in their home and contacted police officers.

Following the discovery of more than 900 photographs and videos on his phone, Ryan Rovito (34), previously of Sutter County, California, was detained for child pornography possession, according to the police. Let’s see Who is Ryan Rovito and this case in detail.


Who is Ryan Rovito?

According to the Redding Police Department, Ryan Rovito, 34, was confronted by his wife on March 8 after she found the camera in their house’s guest bathroom.

He acknowledged being aware of the camera and promised to dispose of it, but his wife had already taken possession of both the camera and the hard disc it was connected to. He may have recorded their small children using the restroom, so his wife called the police to express her concerns.


Arrest Warrant:

Detectives performed a preliminary forensic examination after the police acquired a search warrant for the devices, and they discovered more than 900 child pornographic photos and numerous movies from the bathroom camera.

According to the authorities, the films showed both toddlers and adults using the restrooms without seeming to be aware that they were being filmed.

After discovering that Ryan Rovito had recorded his young children using the restroom, his wife called the police to express her worries. (Redding Police Department)


A Shasta County Superior Court Magistrate issued an arrest warrant for Ravito after being requested by detectives. Ravito was arrested and taken into custody earlier today during a traffic enforcement stop near Buenaventura Boulevard and Placer Street.

Ravito was accused of having child pornography in his possession and secretly recording an identifiable individual while they were undressed. He was booked at the jail in Shasta County.

It is suggested that anyone with information regarding this event call the Redding Police Department at 530-225-4200.


Other cases:

Two Redding individuals were arrested in July 2022 in connection with two distinct crimes involving child pornography, one of whom was a guy who was already on probation for burglary and elder abuse.

William Arthur Garrett, 51, was arrested by sheriff’s deputies on Tuesday on suspicion of possessing child pornography, according to the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the sheriff’s office, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children contacted detectives with a report concerning questionable downloads and illicit internet activities in 2019.

Eduardo Esquival, 25, was arrested on August 24, 2022, close to his Redding home. Esquival was found to be in possession of a concealed firearm that he did not have a permit for when he was arrested, according to Redding Police.

The arrest happened as a result of many tips about child pornography being uploaded to a Google account in Redding that the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) provided to the Redding Police Department. The account belonged to Esquival, the Redding Police Detectives discovered after looking into the situation.

How to Report?

Call 1-800-843-5678 to report an incident involving the possession, distribution, receipt, or production of child pornography, or submit a report at www.cybertipline.com on the website of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). A law enforcement agency will receive your report and conduct an investigation and follow-up if necessary.

Call 911 or get in touch with your neighborhood police or sheriff’s department if you have an emergency that needs a quick response from law enforcement.



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