Who is Erin Patterson? Is she really killed 3 using Mushroom Poisoning? Everthing about Leongatha woman

Who is Erin Patterson? (Source: Facebook)
Who is Erin Patterson? (Source: Facebook)


Homicide investigators have confirmed that Erin Patterson, a 48-year-old woman from Leongatha, is a suspect in the suspected mushroom poisoning death of three individuals in Victoria. New information about Patterson has come to light. Keep reading to know more about it in detail.


Who is Erin Patterson?

Erin Patterson, 48, the woman who served lunch to four people at Leongatha on July 29 was the daughter-in-law of one of the couples who died, according to Homicide Squad Detective Inspector Dean Thomas.


On July 29, three people—a local teacher named Heather Wilkinson, her sister Gail Patterson, and Patterson’s husband Don Patterson—died after ingesting poisonous wild mushrooms in Leongatha, Victoria’s Gippsland region.

After consuming deadly mushrooms, Don Patterson passed away. Along with him,His wife Gail, died. (Source: news.com.au)
After consuming deadly mushrooms, Don Patterson passed away. Along with him,His wife Gail, died. (Source: news.com.au)


In addition to eating the mushrooms at the same supper, a fourth person—Reverend Ian Wilkinson, a minister at Korumburra Baptist Church and Heather Wilkinson’s husband—is fighting for his life in the hospital. Ian is thought to be in need of a liver transplant.

Ian Wilkinson, a pastor at Korumburra, and Heather Wilkinson. After eating deadly mushrooms, Ms. Wilkinson passed away. (Source: news.com.au)
Ian Wilkinson, a pastor at Korumburra, and Heather Wilkinson. After eating deadly mushrooms, Ms. Wilkinson passed away. (Source: news.com.au)

Is she really killed 3 using Mushroom Poisoning?

Dean Thomas, a detective inspector, told the media today that the inquiry was “complex” but that a family member was a suspect. Although he stressed that “it could be very innocent,” Inspector Thomas stated the woman was a suspect because “she cooked those meals.”

Thomas said,

“I would like to say that because the Homicide Squad is investigating this matter, it doesn’t automatically mean that the deaths are suspicious.”

He claimed that although the police were aware that the couple was still friendly, the woman and her husband had separated.

Additionally, he said that the woman’s two children had been taken out of her custody by the Department of Families, Fairness, and Housing as a “precaution.”

Investigators questioned the woman on Saturday, August 5, after executing a search warrant at the residence in Leongatha where the meal was served. Later, she was released.

Although Thomas acknowledged Patterson’s two kids were there at the residence for lunch, it’s thought they had a different meal from the rest of the group. The 48-year-old brought her kids and herself to the hospital, but none of them showed any signs of poisoning.

Dean Thomas, a detective with the homicide squad. (Source: NCA NewsWire)
Dean Thomas, a detective with the homicide squad. (Source: NCA NewsWire)


Police Investigation:

Thomas claimed that the group’s symptoms were compatible with eating death cap mushrooms, but the deaths are still being treated as “unexplained” and this has not yet been confirmed by the authorities.

Thomas said,

“Lunch was served and the four people left the address,” 

“Unfortunately late on the Saturday night or early Sunday morning, they came down with symptoms of some type of food poisoning.”

“We need to understand what has caused the symptoms and what has caused the deaths of these three people, and we have a fourth person in a critical condition in hospita,

“We need to understand what has occurred. It’s a very complex matter.”

He claimed that the police were still unaware of the mushrooms’ source.

Detectives and the Department of Health are collaborating closely while the inquiry is continuing.

On Sunday, his congregation gathered to pray at the Korumburra Baptist Church as Ian Wilkinson fought for his life in the hospital, where it is understood that his four boys were by his bedside.

Erin Patterson’s statement:

When asked by the media about the possible poisoning of four persons, Erin Patterson sobbed and denied any wrongdoing.

For the first time, an emotional Erin addressed the public outside the house where the tragic luncheon was held on Monday.

She told the media,

“I didn’t do anything,” 

“I loved them and I’m devastated that they’re gone.”

She then mistook Don for Ian by saying that she “hopes” Don “comes through.”

While speaking for a short while, Erin avoided queries regarding the origin of the mushrooms, who collected them, or the type of lunch she had prepared for her visitors.

As she wiped away a tear, she remarked, “I’m very devastated about what happened.”

The two couples were, in her words, “some of the best people I’ve ever met.”

Erin sobbed as she described how Gail became like a mother after her mother passed away.

She said,

“Gail was like the mother I didn’t have because my mother passed away four years ago and Gail had always been good and kind to me,”

‘Ian and Heather were some of the best people I had ever met. They have never wronged me.

“I’m so devastated by what happened and the loss to the community and to the families and to my own children, they lost their grandmother.”

Erin frequently expressed her “devastation” and inability to “fathom what happened.” According to the Announce Herald, Erin has been residing on the Leongatha property for the preceding 12 months. She was previously married to Simon, Don and Gail’s son.


In April, the Victorian Health Department issued a warning concerning death cap and yellow-staining mushrooms, noting that the state has seen an increase because of the cool and rainy weather.

The health department stated that it is investigating the incident.

A spokesperson told 9news.com.au,

“The department is aware of the situation and our investigations are ongoing,”

“We extend our deepest condolences to the patients’ family for their loss.”

Community Mourns

Following the passing of the Pattersons and Ms Wilkinson, the town of Korumburra in South Gippsland, Victoria, is in grief.

The community has referred to the church’s pastor, Wilkinson, as being “much-loved” and the “nicest couple” with his wife.

One woman remembered them as always being friendly, gentle, and kind.

Later that evening, the victims’ families issued a statement in which they claimed that the incident had “deeply affected families, friends, and the church community.”

“They were parents, grandparents, siblings, children, and pillars of faith within our community. Their love, steadfast faith, and selfless service have left an indelible mark on our families, the Korumburra Baptist Church, the local community, and indeed, people around the globe.

“We find solace in God’s love, knowing that they are now in the presence of our Lord, Jesus Christ.”

Mayor Nathan Hersey of the South Gippsland Shire acknowledged that the group was connected to the Korumburra Baptist Church.

On Monday morning, he told the Today show that they were “well-loved” in their small-town setting.

He said,

“We have had a significant loss to the Korumburra community this week,”

“Many people in our community are grieving the loss of three very important, much-loved, and very well-respected people.”

Police are asking anyone with information on the event to get in touch with them.


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