Battle Creek shooting: What happened to Bobby Sims in Burger king? 18 year-old shot and killed

Battle Creek shooting
After a teen, Booby Sims was fatally shot in a Burger King parking lot, a man has been arrested.


An 18-year-old Battle Creek male, Booby Sims was shot and murdered in the Lakeview neighborhood, according to police, and a 20-year-old Battle Creek man was later taken into custody. Let’s see more about the Battle Creek shooting in detail.

Battle Creek shooting: 

A shooting that had just happened in the parking lot of the Burger King at 2167 W. Columbia Avenue prompted 9-1-1 calls to Calhoun County Central Dispatch at around 11 p.m. on Saturday.

Calhoun County Dispatch received many calls reporting gunfire in the area. When officers got on the site, their K-9 unit was able to locate and apprehend the criminal. 

The suspect, according to the callers, was described as having fled the parking lot on foot. Officers from the Battle Creek Police Department arrived on the scene and discovered a Battle Creek resident, age 18, who had been declared deceased.

Bobby Sims’ death:

Bobby Sims, a 18-year-old resident of Battle Creek, Michigan has been killed by a 20-year-old Battle Creek man.

Amber Fox posted this sad news on social media in the following social media statement, “A mother’s worst nightmare happened last night ..words can’t even describe. Just pls pray for US. MY BBY BOYS GONE Bobby Sims”

Another person named, Mon Ique also posted a tribute to Bobby, saying, “Fly high g … You touch so many hearts you will never be forgotten… I love you kiddo am glad I have memories with you …. Bobby Sims”

One of his family members, Paula Wilcox-asher also shared a tribute to him, saying,

Please pray for our family, my nephew Bobby Sims Jr was murdered last night. I’m asking for extra prayers for his daddy and baby sister. Thank you and God bless

Tributes flooded social media after his sudden demise news broke out.

Who was the suspect?

The offender was located and taken into custody after being tracked by a police dog. The Battle Creek man, 20, was found in the vicinity of 30th and 31st streets, in between Territorial Road and Highland Boulevard.

Officers also discovered a discarded firearm in the vicinity. In the Calhoun County Jail, the suspect is being detained on a number of charges, including open murder.

Police think the victim and suspect were acquainted. Although the cause of the shooting is yet unknown, police suspect it was not a random act.

According to police, this case does not seem to be connected to the homicide investigation from early Saturday morning at a park near Riverside Drive and Golden Avenue. Battle Creek Police are still investigating both shooting deaths. 


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