Watch Video, Meteor shower in California: Is it Japanese communications package? Explained


 Watch Video, Meteor shower in California: Is it Japanese communications package? Explained

Unusual lights were seen over the Bay, which might have been an asteroid or a brilliant meteor shower. Many are scratching their heads over what could possibly be causing the sudden emergence of streaks of lights in the North California sky tonight, which has attracted a lot of attention.

People from all over the world have recently seen several strange or incomprehensible events occur in the air. There have been several stories in the news, ranging from a Chinese “spy” balloon in America to unsettling red UFO clouds in Turkey soon before the devastating earthquake. To find out what it is specifically, keep reading this article.

Meteor shower in California

California’s VALLEJO – Friday night’s sky was illuminated by a unique sight. A procession of “weird lights” can be seen in a video that was slowly streaking across the sky. Fortunately, there is a reason for the lights that briefly illuminated the night sky above North California tonight.

A tiny, rocky object that revolves around the sun is described as an asteroid by NASA. A small fragment of an asteroid or comet, known as a meteoroid, burns up as it enters the atmosphere of Earth, creating a meteor.

An asteroid the size of a home, discovered on Monday, was announced this week to be expected to fly by Earth on Friday. One of the next five asteroids to approach Earth is the near-Earth object, 2023 EY, which was placed on NASA’s asteroid database. About 54 feet broad, according to scientists’ estimates.


Is it a Japanese communications package?

According to KCRA, the lights were the launch traces of the Japanese communications system ICS-EF, which was purportedly sent to the International Space Station in 2009.

The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics’ Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer, and astrophysicist clarified what these mysterious objects in the night sky were in a series of tweets.

These objects are thought to have spent three years orbiting the Earth as space debris before returning to Earth on March 17 at about 9:30 p.m. in California.

The Kodama data relay satellite is used to convey data from the ISS Kibo module to Mission Control Tsukuba using the Japanese communications package known as ICS-EF.

Jonathan tweeted a photo of the communication package along with the caption, “It was launched to the ISS aboard the Space Shuttle in 2009 and had a mass of 310 kg.

It presumably almost entirely burned up upon reentry, but any minor remaining debris may have, at a guess, reached the Yosemite area, he added in a subsequent tweet explaining the lights.

Meteor shower in California


What did California people express about this?

People in North California believed it to be a meteor shower:

 Many people still have no idea what the lights in the sky tonight were, while others have the audacious notion that it was a meteor shower. 

Videos of the amazing night sky sighting are quickly becoming popular on social media and news outlets.

“How many of you saw the meteor shower tonight?” read one tweet. 

It was a rare night everywhere my daughters looked.  Cool. Was a meteor shower forecast for tonight over Healdsburg? What else might this be, or?  another wrote.

Did anyone else in California notice the meteor shower, a different person inquired?

As usual, Twitter users were quick to make jokes about aliens, asserting that the stars in the night sky tonight were actually UFOs that extraterrestrial creatures used to travel to Earth.

“The lights across California were just aliens flying swiftly to make sure they made it to the Eras Tour on time,” remarked one.

“Y’all notice the aliens that just flew over California?” another person wrote. They are adept at entering in style.

“That’s aliens in the UFOs tonight letting us humans know war is coming,” a third person said.

UFO sighting in the Bay Area of California, according to another tweet.


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