Rod Stewart illness: Why was his show at Geelong canceled? Explored


Rod Stewart illness: Why was his show at Geelong canceled? Explored

Sir Rod Stewart, 78, suddenly cancels a performance owing to an unknown sickness: On his Australian tour, British rock singer Rod Stewart skips his appearance in Geelong owing to an unidentified illness. Six hours before he was scheduled to take the stage on Saturday, he shared the dreadful news on his Instagram account. Keep reading this article to know what happened to him and did Steward had any serious illness in detail.

Geelong Show canceled: Why

Just hours before the start of his Geelong performance at the Mount. Duneed Estate, Sir Rod Stewart canceled the event due to a mystery illness. The concert is part of the British rock legend’s, 78, Australian tour with Cyndi Lauper and Jon Stevens.

He posted the bad news to his Instagram account and the statement reads the following,

‘Live Nation and Roundhouse Entertainment regret to announce that tonight’s performance by Rod Stewart, Cyndi Lauper, and Jon Stevens at Mt. Duneed Estate, Geelong will not go ahead due to illness,’ his statement read. ‘We apologize for the disappointment and inconvenience for ticket holders. A further announcement regarding the concert arrangements will be made early next week.’


Rod Stewart

Does Stewart’s illness affect the rest of the tour?

The performance is a stop on the British rock icon’s Australian tour with Jon Stevens and Cyndi Lauper. The trio’s performance in Adelaide on Tuesday raises additional questions about how this mysterious ailment may affect the remainder of the trip.

On March 25 and 26, they will go to Mt. Cotton in Queensland, and on March 29, they will fly back to Sydney. The next two concerts of the tour will be held in New South Wales, the first in Hunter Valley on April 1 and the last in Bowral on April 2.

Sir Rod committed earlier this month to not stop playing since it is “what the good Lord put me on this earth to do,” although he did say he wants to play fewer concerts.

If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t be doing it “He told Newstalk ZB, a radio station in New Zealand. “I want a fresh challenge, though. But I’m not going away. If I have to perform Do Ya Think I’m Hot with Maggie May at a charity event? Tomorrow, I’ll complete it.

He mentioned that he was getting ready to tour New Zealand in April and that he travels with four suitcases of clothing. He said: “I’ve always been a bit of a show-off when it comes to clothes. I’ve always thought it to be an extension of your personality.” The packing has already begun, he said, adding: “A lot of it has already gone with the amps and the guitars.”

While spending on hospital scans across the nation, Sir Rod has been reducing the number of people on the NHS waiting list. To put conservative ministers to shame with his charity, the musician has promised to assist sufferers in Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, and “as many cities as I can”.

It comes after he financed a day’s worth of scans at the Princess Alexandra hospital in Harlow near his Essex home, following a surprise pledge on Sky News in January.

To help, he continued, “Now I’m going to go to Glasgow, which is partially arranged, Manchester, and Birmingham. It does, especially in the area where I live. It reduced the number of people waiting by 10%, which is not a drop in the bucket.

Rod Stewart illness

Rod Stewart has announced that he has been treated for prostate cancer over the last three years. However, it was not confirmed that his cancellation of the tour was due to his cancer treatments. We will update this page as soon as the precise cause is known via official sources.

According to sources from 2019, it was revealed that Rod was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Let’s look at Rod Stewart’s Statement below: 

After receiving a diagnosis and two years of treatment, legendary musician Rod Stewart has declared himself “in the clear” of prostate cancer. At a routine examination, Stewart, 74, reportedly received the news that he had prostate cancer in February 2016.

The musician, who in 2016 received a knighthood for his contributions to music and charity, made the announcement alongside former Faces bandmates Ronnie Wood and Kenny Jones at a special Prostate Project event.

“Two years ago I was ­diagnosed with prostate cancer,” Stewart told the crowd of 500 at the Wentworth Club in Surrey, England over the weekend, according to the Daily Mirror.

He continued, “No one knows this, but I thought this was about time I told everybody. I’m in the clear, now, simply because I caught it early. I have so many tests.”

Awareness of Prostate Cancer

The Grammy Award-winning musician is now working to increase awareness of prostate cancer and is pushing men to take preventative steps and seek routine checkups to learn more about their health status and be aware of any potential early warning symptoms of the disease.

“Men, you’ve got to go to the doctor,” the legendary singer declared beside his wife, Penny, 48. “If you stay upbeat, push through it, and maintain a smile on your face… I’ve been working for two years and just joyful, and the good Lord has taken care of me.

Once Stewart finished, Wood, a lung cancer survivor, remarked, “Someone up there likes us, Rod.” According to reports, the singer has been cancer-free since July.

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, and actor Ben Stiller are two more well-known figures who have openly discussed their experiences with prostate cancer. Stewart is one of them.

Stewart continues to perform despite having health issues, and he has a number of shows planned for 2020, including a residency in Las Vegas. Stewart claimed that a slow-growing kind of prostate cancer that had been detected in him had been surgically removed with success.

He continued by saying that the experience had given him a greater understanding of the importance of his life and the truly important things.

Anybody who has gone through this experience is aware that getting so close to anything possibly life-threatening tends to put things in perspective. Stewart’s successful recovery is proof of the value of cancer early identification and treatment.


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