Shots fired at Elliewood Avenue: What happened? Everything we know so far

CPD is actively looking into a gunshot that occurred close to Elliewood Avenue. According to the police, one male victim has currently been taken away from the scene. Let’s see What happened in Elliewood Avenue in detail.


What happened in Elliewood Avenue?

Officers from the Charlottesville Police Department are currently looking into a shooting that occurred near Elliewood Avenue. Elliewood Avenue is located on the UVA “Corner,” which is particularly well-liked by students because of all the clubs and restaurants there. A parking lot off Elliewood Avenue is where the shooting took place. The incident occurred on March 18, 2023. One adult male victim was brought with multiple gunshot wounds to the University of Virginia hospital.

Additionally, there are police officers on the scene of a second shooting near Hardy Drive and 8th Street NW. At this time, no injuries have been associated with the second shooting, and it is unknown if the two incidents are connected. As officers and detectives continue their inquiries, there will be an increased police presence in these areas.

Suspect Vehicle Identification:

After a shooting that left one person hurt, the University of Virginia Police report that the shelter-in-place order on Elliewood Avenue has been removed. The perpetrator is thought to have left the scene, according to the police department.

A possible suspect vehicle was seen leaving the location of the shooting on Elliewood Avenue. A suspect was still at large around 3:15 in the morning. He might have been travelling east on West Main Street in a silver Ford Fusion, wearing a blue jacket and light-coloured jeans. When it was discovered the suspect may have left the area around 3:25, the shelter-in-place order was removed.

Anyone who sees the car or the suspect is urged to dial 911. Call Crime Stoppers at 434-977-4000 if you have any information concerning the shooting on Elliewood.

Who was the victim?

Shotgun wounds caused one person to sustain severe injuries. According to Chief Michael Kochis, the victim was taken in critical condition by emergency personnel to the University of Virginia Medical Center. On a very busy St. Patrick’s Day night out for hundreds of UVA students, witnesses claim to have heard six or seven bullets fired around two this morning along Elliewood Avenue. Investigators cordoned off the parking lot behind Ragged Mountain Running and placed little evidence cards where they could find the scattered shot casings. The victim was not a student, according to UVA police, but no more details about the person who was shot are being made public.

The victim’s name or the circumstances of their discovery have not been disclosed by the authorities. It is unknown if the victim was a university student or a bystander. Anybody with information on the event is urged by the police to come forward and report it right away. The public is urged to remain cautious and vigilant while the matter is still being investigated.


Update from the Police:

Due to an officer-involved shooting, Hydraulic Road at the 250 Bypass will be closed for a long time. The suspect turned and pointed a firearm at several cops. The officers attacked the suspect after engaging him. The suspect has been taken to UVA Medical Center for treatment while in critical condition. On the hour of one, the police reportedly plan to conduct a press conference.

Previous Cases:

Officers from the Charlottesville Police Department responded to reports of continuous shooting in the 100 block of Elliewood Avenue on May 28, 2021, at around 12:07 a.m. An officer who was already there at the site saw the suspect fire a fully automatic firearm at the moment of the shooting. The man was arrested inside a pub on Elliewood Avenue after the officer chased after him as he ran away on foot.



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