Legendary Somali Singer Amina Abdillahi Passed away


Legendary Somali Singer Amina Abdillahi Passed away

Somali music has left a strong pillar and a legend: Amina Abdillahi Xirsi one of the most famous musicians in Somalia has passed away. Let’s see what happened to her and Amina Abdillahi Xirsi cause of death in this article.

Amina Abdillahi Hirsi passed away

According to media sources, renowned singer Amina Abdillahi Hirsi passed suddenly on Saturday. Amina is a popular singer who has been providing Somalis with entertainment for many years.

She was previously wed to the talented performer Abdirahman Dhere and is the mother of Hodan Abdirahman, who is also a talented performer.

Amina was a well-known personality in the nation’s music industry for many years, and her influence has endured across generations of Somalis. Amina was renowned for her captivating voice in addition to the important role her music played in preserving Somali culture.

Her union with fellow musician Abdirahman Dhere and the subsequent success of their daughter Hodan Abdirahman in the music industry helped solidify her legacy.

Amina’s demise causes a great deal of sorrow for the nation’s music community as well as the people who have been greatly influenced by her work over the years.

Read Amina’s Post about her life below

“I was born between Borame and Wajaale and grew up in Djibouti. From a young age, I loved singing but my family disapproved of it. They were nomadic and argued that it didn’t fit with our lifestyle.

However, I went with my passion and ignored them. I started my singing career in Hargeisa and became part of the famous national Somali troupe called Waaberi. We use to live in the Hargeisa Theatre.

My songs concentrated on love for you see, the Somali songs and plays were comprehensive back then. The songs and plays raised awareness and carried moral messages. Some of the songs contained lyrics that only true lovers could understand. If it was a love story, it would tell the love story from scratch, how it affected the people around it, the parents, the siblings, the actual lovers, etc.

My favorite singing partner was Ahmed Ali Igal and I used to love singing with him. We had this undeniable chemistry. Nowadays, songs are all about ‘I love you, do you love me?’ Where is the deep meaning behind it? The Somali people have a saying: ‘A young camel follows the footsteps of those before him’.

So I say to the young current singers now, study the people before you and learn from them, because, in my time, I admired those who were better than me and were before me like Magool, Mohamed Ahmed, Hibo Nura, and Mandeq.

Once the civil war erupted, I fled with my kids to Borame, and I’ve been here ever since. I’ve been doing nothing ever since. I still connect with my old colleagues and they visit me sometimes.

We still love each other and even though Somalis divided themselves; our love and respect for each other remained the same. I miss those days. To the Somali youth, if you can’t agree on many issues, at least agree on being part of the Somali race. A Somali is a Somali and that will never change.”


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