Who is Ivan Nikolov & his boxing record? KSI’s 2nd match rumored to be off

Who is Ivan Nikolov & his boxing record? Meet KSI's 2nd opponent on August 27th?

Nikolov is a middleweight fighter from Bulgaria with a dismal record of three victories, 16 defeats, and two no-contests. Let’s see who is Ivan Nikolov and his boxing recod in detailBoxing Record of Nikolov

Ivan Nikolov boxing career

Nikolov, 43, debuted as a professional in 2017. The Bulgarian has a 3-16-2 record.

His last victory came in 2019, and during the previous 11 matches, he is 0-10-1.

Nikolov, who was on an eight-fight losing streak, lost his most recent match by knockout against Petar Dragonov in July.

His knockout losses account for nine of his 16 defeats.

“He loves to swing, making him the toughest opponent I’ve ever encountered.

He can take blows, and he moves his head well,” KSI said of his opponent. Also, he is a professional boxer and is aware of how to keep safe.

Why the hell am I doing this? His boxing record is 3-16-2, in case you were curious.

Despite having three victories and 16 defeats, Jake Paul still has more victories than all of his rivals combined.”

Ivan nikolov boxing record

Ivan nikolov boxing record is 3-16-2.

In 2017, Ivan Nikolov started boxing.  As a result, he has been actively boxing for around five years.

He began boxing at the incredibly unusual age of 38.

At that age, boxers typically retire. Despite having a delayed debut, he has shown himself to be a capable boxer.

He hasn’t had the best boxing record to date, though. His record in boxing is 3-16-2.

This could be considered a rather dismal record for a boxer.

He managed to win two of his first three boxing battles, but following those first three fights, he only managed to win one match.

He last defeated a boxer making their debut in 2019 when he triumphed in a boxing match.

At the O2, London, Ivan Nikolov will take on KSI on August 27, 2022, as part of a DAZN pay-per-view event.

The YouTube celebrity will be seen competing against Swarmz, another opponent, in the same event.

For the first time, a boxer will compete twice in the same event.

Will Ivan defeat the nightmare to get his first boxing victory in more than three years? We must wait until the actual conflict takes place before we can learn this.

Latest Updates: Ivan Nikolov Tattoos, Nikolov’s reply to criticism and people reactions to his tattoos

Why was Ivan Nikolov accused of being a neo-Nazi with a “white power” tattoo?

After images of Ivan Nikolov’s purported racist tattoos surfaced, fight fans accused him of being a neo-Nazi.

When KSI returns to the ring on August 27, he will face two opponents the same night, according to a statement released on Wednesday.

The rapper Swarmz, who has never entered a ring at any level, replaced Alex Wassabi, who was originally supposed to face the YouTube celebrity. Wassabi withdrew due to a concussion.

After receiving harsh criticism for the opponent switch, KSI decided to take on Nikolov the same evening that they took on Swarmz.

Nikolov is a professional boxer from Bulgaria who has lost three of his 21 fights and has several tattoos that some fans believe to be Nazi emblems.

When Nikolov was photographed shirtless at a football game in Bulgaria, apparently with other football hooligans, his tattoos were also made public.

One image of Nikolov with his arms at his sides and more Nazi paraphernalia visible on a wall behind him demonstrates his neo-Nazi tattoos.

What did Dos Santos express about Nikolov Tattoos?

In addition, Nikolov has a tattoo on the top of his head called “white madness” that is not visible when looking directly at the camera.

One of Nikolov’s former opponents, Daniel Blenda Dos Santos, brought attention to Nikolov’s neo-Nazi tattoos when the two squared off in April.

Dos Santos said following his first-round knockout victory: “I wanted to harm him when I saw his tattoos, some of which were racist.

I’m not sorry I got into [a quick fight].”


Ivan Nikolov and his tattoos

Does Ivan Nikolov’s tattoo express racism?

Nikolov’s body is covered in various disciple symbols aside from the tattoo that reads “white energy” on his abdomen.

Nikolov has “Blood & Honour,” the name of a skinhead group of Hitler Followers that was founded in England in the 1980s, tattooed on his left forearm.

The group’s symbol, the triskele, a three-pointed swastika, is positioned between the phrases.

Another common white nationalist tattoo is an arm tattoo of a Celtic cross encircled by a circle.

Nikolov has added the Schutzstaffel logo to his body art on his right arm.

Members of the Schutzstaffel, a police and navy force connected to the Hitler Supporter Celebration, were expected to swear allegiance to the late German dictator Adolf Hitler.

After Nikolov was photographed shirtless at a soccer game in Bulgaria, allegedly with other soccer hooligans, his tattoos were also made public.

In a single photo of Nikolov with his arms at his sides and more Hitlerite paraphernalia visible on a wall behind him, his disciple tattoos are visible.

What did Nikolov reply to the criticism?

The tattoo, according to Nikolov’s response, “has absolutely no relevance to an old opinion and simply speaks to my conviction in my strength and power as an athlete.”

I don’t have a criminal history or any interactions with the police related to racial concerns, he continued.

Nikolov tattoo response

I now recognize how the tattoo may be misunderstood, but I strongly reject any other interpretation in which it would stand for anything other than my power as a rival.

At the time of writing, KSI has not yet responded to the controversy, but his supporters are undoubtedly alarmed.

They have taken to his subreddit to call attention to several other allegedly racist tattoos on the fighter’s body, including some ink that reads “white madness” on top of Nikolov’s head.

Until more details are made public, it appears like KSI vs. Nikolov will still take place at the end of the month.

What did people’s reactions to Nikolov Tattoos?

vinzcruciax Posted,

Bro is maxed out on racism stats.

Escobar976 posted,

Lmfaoo, On the other hand, I would like to point out that the Celtic cross has nothing racist at the base, just like the Hyperborea, unfortunately, it is used with a background of hatred today, just like the White power. It’s still fucked up that those mfs used WP to mark the hatred of others, it’s a pity that we can no longer even be proud of our race of our culture because of disturbed pose

KindOfEpicc  said,

I ain’t expect that many tattoos

NefariousnessBusy402 commented,

Lmao, he was probably given the assignment “Depict Racism”

nigerianasian said,

He’s still getting paid alot for it, also it will be kind of weird of jj if he goes ahead and says this is even more reason to beat him up when he’s literally giving a nazi his biggest paycheck and broadcasting it to millions

SnooOnions9632 posted,

Regardless if he gets knocked out, the point is that he is getting publicity and money from the fight.

RashedAlbaker said,

Oh you’re bulgarian? Nice I really want to visit sofia but Im too afraid people don’t speak english there 😢

Who is Ivan Nikolov?

On March 31, 1979, in Sofia, Bulgaria, Ivan Nikolov was born into a Bulgarian family. He goes by the moniker Ivan and is an Aries by birth.

At an unidentified private school in Sofia, he completed his education. On the other hand, there are no specifics regarding his educational background.

By both nationality and ethnicity, he is a Bulgarian. We haven’t yet been able to learn anything about his family, though.

Although he is legally wed, the identity of his wife is unknown. He might have had at least one romance in the past.

Ivan Nikolov Body Measurements

By 2022, Ivan Nikolov will be 43 years old.

His height is 5 feet 8 inches (174 cm), and he weighs about 72 kg (158 lbs).

Brown eyes and light brown hair are Ivan’s defining features.

His shoe size is 9.5, while his body measurements are unknown (US).

Ivan Nikolov Biography

Real NameIvan Nikolov
ProfessionProfessional boxer
Age43 [as of 2022]
Date of Birth31 March 1979
BirthplaceSofia, Bulgaria
HometownSofia, Bulgaria
Zodiac SignAries
CollegeNot Known
HobbiesGoing to the gym
Famous ForFighting KSI


Nikolov Net worth

The wealth of Ivan Nikolov is $100,000. (estimated). Boxing is his main source of revenue.

He receives a set salary as a boxer, which changes from match to match. He would be compensated in the five figures for this next fifth game against KSI.

The precise figures, however, are not yet accessible to the general public.

KSI vs Ivan Nikolov

When YouTube boxer KSI returns to the ring on August 27, he will face two opponents the same evening.

The Londoner was originally scheduled to battle Alex Wassabi in London, but Wassabi withdrew due to a concussion, and Swarmz, a rapper who has never fought before, took his place.

Ivan Nikolov, a professional boxer from Bulgaria who has won three of his 21 paid fights, will also take on KSI, it has now been disclosed by KSI.

“In YouTube boxing, it’s never been done before,” he declared.

“I don’t believe it has ever happened in pay-per-view conventional boxing.

We questioned Bryce Hall, Dax, Vinnie Hacker, and Taylor Holder, but they either didn’t want to or weren’t able to do it. “To defeat all of the individuals I just described, we chose to battle.

On the same night, I had my second battle against a professional boxer. Also, On the same night, Swarmz and a boxer from Bulgaria will compete against me. Am I crazy? Probably? Am I insane? Probably?
Is this illogical? Probably.


Twitter reactions on KSI vs Ivan Nikolov Boxing challenge


Dexerto tweeted,

While the boxer currently holds a 3-16 record, the YouTuber did not hold back from taking shots at Jake Paul’s previous boxing opponents

KSI revealed that this fight is his attempt to improve the event after the internet took by storm to roast his new matchup Swarmz, after his original opponent, Alex Wassabi, pulled out due to medical concerns

Happy Punch tweeted,

The Nightmare will be fighting TWICE on August 27th  Pro boxer Ivan Nikolov will join Swarmz as KSI’s opponents on fight night.

KSI NEWS tweeted,

KSI will be have 2 fights on the same night on August 27th  First time in youtube boxing history 💪

Curly_Shogun_XL tweeted,

Not to sound like a hater but 2 fights 1 night 1 being a pro boxer. @KSI you setting your self up here GGs

DAZN Boxing tweeted,

ONE NIGHT, TWO OPPONENTS @KSI will fight  @Swarmz_ AND Ivan Nikolov on Aug. 27. Watch the MF & DAZN X: SERIES 001 live on DAZN worldwide & DAZN PPV in the U.S., Canada, UK and Ireland @misfitsboxing

Darren tweeted,

What’s the point? 2 fights is too much. Only needed to do 1

Nana Kwabena Anobah-Manteaw tweeted,

if u live in the U.S or UK you will have to get it twice 1 for the full ppv including him vs swarmz and then another for JJ against Ivan
Ethan Payne tweeted,
KSI is a lunatic
MisfitsBoxing tweeted,
🔥@KSI will have 𝗧𝗪𝗢 fights in one night! Alongside taking on @Swarmz__ he’ll face pro boxer Ivan Nikolov at the O2 Arena 
olliefn tweeted,
This is the “pro boxer” he’s fighting and he says Jake hand picks his opponents
Ayo @KSI @EddieHear if what I’m hearing is true y’all are real goats!!!!



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