Who is Bob Daniel Slominski? Karlee Rybarczyk’s Hit-and-Run Suspect arrested

Bob Daniel Slominski
Bob Daniel Slominski who was involved in the Karlee Rybarczyk hit and run accident


Bob Daniel Slominski was arrested by the Racine County police for the hit-and-run incident that injured Karlee Rybarczyk. Let’s see more about the accident and the suspect Bob Daniel Slominski in detail.

Hit and run accident:

A We Energies flagger, Karlee Rybarczyk was struck in a hit-and-run collision and subsequently taken to the hospital with serious injuries. 

The accident happened in the Town of Burlington on Tuesday at around 11:41 a.m. when a vehicle struck the flagger, We Energies worker Karlee Rybarczyk, near the intersection of South Honey Lake Road and Spring Prairie Road, then reversed and fled northbound on Honey Lake Road.

The victim was transported to a hospital via Flight for Life, according to a statement from the Sheriff’s Office. Rybarczyk’s family members have created a GoFundMe website to raise money for her medical bills since the accident.

What happened to Karlee Rybarczyk?

Karlee Rybarczyk, the victim of hit and run incident was seriously injured. Her family says she requires surgery as she has two fractured legs, an arm, and a broken rib, as well as numerous cuts and bruises.

The accident occurred early on Tuesday morning in the town of Burlington, close to South Honey Lake Road and Spring Prairie Road.

We Energies spokesman Brendan Conway has released the statement, that reads,

“Our thoughts are with her and her family. This avoidable incident is a stark reminder to slow down around construction crews” 

Who is Karlee Rybarczyk?

Karlee Rybarczyk was the victim of hit and run incident. Karlee Rybarczyk, 28, of South Milwaukee, was the utility worker, according to family. She was a flagger for We Energies.

According to relatives, she was flown to Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee where she is receiving treatment for severe wounds that include two broken legs, a broken arm, a broken rib, cuts, and bruises. 

Alyssa Tucker, Rybarczyk’s cousin, said, “She’s in a lot of pain. She’s having a pretty hard time, but she’s stable”

Tucker said that she started working as a flagger for We Energies only a month before. “I don’t think I’ve met many people with as good of a work ethic as her,” Tucker said.

She’s looking at a long road to recovery. “It’s going to be long. It’s going to be hard,” Tucker added.

Karlee Rybarczyk accident suspect Bob Daniel Slominski
Karlee Rybarczyk


A GoFundMe campaign has been established for Rybarczyk to help pay for her medical treatment. According to the GoFundMe statement, she suffers injuries that made it impossible for her to return to work in the near future.

“As a family, we are doing everything we can to support her during this difficult time. We appreciate all the love and support for friends, family, and the community.

“That’s why we’re reaching out to you for help. We are asking for any amount you can donate to assist with Karlee’s medical bills, rehabilitation, and living expenses during her recovery period. Your generosity will go a long way in helping her get back on her feet and return to a normal life.

“Thank you for your support, and please keep Karlee in your thoughts and prayers during this challenging time.”, the statement added.

Who is the suspect?

Police asked for public assistance in finding the suspect Bob Daniel Slominski on Tuesday. According to the Racine County Sheriff’s Office, they have gotten several tips on the potential driver. 

A 41-year-old male was there when deputies arrived at the house where they had been tipped off. The guy admitted to hitting Karlee Rybarczyk, a flagger for We Energies. 

A suspect was detained on Wednesday in connection with a hit-and-run that occurred in Racine County on Tuesday and severely injured a We Energies flagger. 

“It is clear. It is undeniable that they were highly visible. I mean it literally was a flag,” Racine County Sheriff Lt. Michael Luell stated. “It does not appear that this truck and the driver in that truck slowed down at all.”

Bob Daniel Slominski arrested:

Bob Daniel Slominski, the suspect involved in the hit-and-run incident was arrested .

In the backyard of the house, a tarp-covered Chevy Silverado owned by the guy was discovered. He reported that at the time of the mishap, he was en route to a meeting about alcohol and other drug abuse. He claimed that he “panicked” and ran away. After being detained, the man was brought to the Racine County Jail on a $30,000 bail.

The Racine County District Attorney’s Office was charged with felony hit-and-run causing injury as well as negligent operation causing great physical harm.


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