Who is Billy Adams? Tampa rapper and murder suspect of Alana sims arrested


Who is Billy Adams Tampa rapper and murder suspect of Alana sims arrested

Rapper from Florida Charged with Murdering Pregnant Mom Days After Murder Case Was Acquitted. Detectives claimed to have identified Billy Adams, 25, as the homicide suspect. The 22-year-old Alana Sims was found shot to death outside her car in the 10700 block of Pictorial Park Drive, according to the police, and the arrest happened nine days later. Let’s see who is Billy Adams and this case in detail.

Who is Billy Adams?

According to the Tampa Police Department, a rapper who was recently exonerated of two counts of murder was detained on Wednesday for the death of a pregnant woman in New Tampa.

Three days after he was declared not guilty in a 2020 double shooting, Billy Bennett Adams III allegedly shot and killed a pregnant lady in Tampa.

Ace NH, a hip-hop performer who goes by Billy Bennett Adams III and was cleared of all charges in a fatal double shooting last month, was detained once more on Wednesday on suspicion of murder in the death of a pregnant Tampa woman on January 27

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What was Billy Adams motive to kill Sims?

According to the investigators, Adams and Sims were dating. Sims was reported to be five months pregnant with Adams’ child at the time. Before being fatally shot, detectives claimed Sims thought Adams was going to a party to celebrate the verdict of not guilty.

According to the police, Adams’ motivation for the shooting was his desire to be free of Sims and the baby. Detectives believed Adams’ original comments were incorrect after speaking with him. They said that further witnesses did not support his alibi either.

Despite Adams’ denials that he was anywhere near the homicide scene, investigators said that video showed Adams’ automobile close to the incident. According to the police, Adams later told them he had murdered Sims. At his parents’ New Tampa home, he was taken into custody.

“Our homicide suspect did the unspeakable when he killed an innocent mother and her unborn child just days after he was cleared of a different crime,” said interim chief Lee Bercaw.

“I sincerely hope that the victim’s family, who is grieving the loss of two dear ones, may find some comfort in this arrest. To make sure the suspect is prosecuted to the greatest extent of the law, we are collaborating with the State Attorney’s Office.

Murder case: Explained

According to the Tampa Police Department, on January 30, Alana Sims, 22, was slain by 25-year-old Adams, who then left her body next to her parked SUV in the Easton Park neighborhood of New Tampa. Her young boy was discovered in the car, dozing off uninjured.

Adams is accused of first-degree murder once more. According to authorities, he is also accused of killing an unborn child by harming the mother. She was discovered at around 10 p.m. in the 10700 block of Pictorial Park Drive, laying by the side of the road.

In a shooting, Stout claimed. The pregnancy was five months along. Adams’ paternity has not been confirmed. Adams didn’t want to be a part of Sims’ life any longer, according to the police, Stout said.

Adams initially told detectives that he hadn’t seen Sims in a while, didn’t know whether he might be the father of her child, and hadn’t heard that she had passed away, according to Stout.

He swore he was not present when she was shot. Police, however, claimed they had CCTV showing his car close to the homicide scene. He reportedly confessed to the shooting to police later. There were no immediate updates about the probe.

How did he kill Alana Sims?

The murder took place three days after a Tampa jury acquitted Adams of murdering two men in a Lutz recording studio in 2020. A panel of six men and six women deliberated for almost four hours before finding Adams not guilty of both first-degree murder charges. They believed the claims that Trevon Albury and Daniel Thompson’s deaths by Adams were committed in self-defense.

The trial had lasted a week, and the judge at Hillsborough Circuit Court, Christopher Sabella, described it as “at the very least a tight call” after its shocking end.

Sabella said to Adams following the jury’s decision: “The jury did determine that you are not criminally guilty for anything, but I sure hope that you find yourself in the future never in a scenario that may involve anything like this.” Adams was warned by the judge to avoid disturbance.

He remarked, “I don’t want to see you back here in this courthouse ever.”  Adams’ testimony on the witness stand, where he calmly stated why he killed Albury and Thompson, was a turning point in the trial.

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He told how he overheard the two discussing robbing the studio’s owner, Joseph Meeks, during a late-night music session in a small Lutz recording studio. He claimed to have seen Albury draw a gun and point it toward Meeks, who was seated and unaware of the threat.

Adams claimed that he shot Mr. Albury after pulling his revolver out of concern for Mr. Meeks’ or his safety. Adams said Thompson then reached for his revolver. Adams struck him in the face twice.

Adams recalled, “I was afraid he would have shot me or Mr. Meeks.” I, therefore, shot Mr. Thompson twice. For the majority of the two years that the earlier murder case was in court, Adams was out on bail; nevertheless, he was unable to leave his parents’ New Tampa house and his activities were being electronically tracked.

He had to surrender his concealed weapons license and was prohibited from owning any weapons. When he was declared not guilty, these limitations were lifted.

Billy Adams’ Detention

Adams would have had to serve a mandatory life term in prison if the jury had found him guilty. Instead, he left court that day accompanied by his attorneys and under the protection of sheriff’s deputies.

On February 1, Adams, who has more than 30,000 Instagram followers, released an album titled “Underground Icon.” Its cover featured a screenshot of the headline of a news article concerning his prior murder trial.

His Instagram page had been set to private as of Wednesday. Susan Lopez, the Hillsborough State Attorney, was reported in a news statement from the Tampa Police Agency as adding that her office has partnered closely with the department ever since Sims’ dying night.

Although we respected the jury’s decision in the previous case, Lopez stated in the statement that “we disagreed with it and that is why we prosecuted him.” To hold him accountable for these most recent acts, “we will continue to engage with (the Tampa Police Department).”


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